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Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers Review


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Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers Review
These shoes look odd and are way expensive (as one would expect from a Balenciaga item) than other chunky shoes out there, but if you need a reason to purchase them, think of them as a spa to the feet: they are bouncy and comfortable, fit like a sock and are made of premium materials, definitely a change from other formal yet more uncomfortable shoes.
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When fashion tastemakers caught a whiff of the so-called sock sneakers, the reception was rather lukewarm. Some voiced their ambivalence about the odd look of the sneakers, others put them down outright by saying that they are ugly and would not catch on. What happened afterwards still baffles many people as the style became trendy, with supplies not lasting for long, and both fast and high fashion taking on the sneakers that look just like a sock. Balenciaga’s version, the Speed Trainers, are not the first, but are probably the most (in)famous of them. Despite the high price tag that comes with the Balenciaga label, the demand has been considerably high for a long time.

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Release Year: November 2016
Retail Price: US$750.00

The luxury house Balenciaga first launched their Speed Trainers in November 2016, with most pairs sold at an average of $700. And yet, for months, they have remained on the wish list of many people, especially since they have been spotted on many celebrities that include the likes of Kylie Jenner and Jhene Aiko. Although mostly pictured with neutral colors, the shoes come in many options and has spawned much anticipated collaborations. The silhouette and thick rubber sole remains largely unchanged though, as can also be seen with versions from relatively cheaper retailers such as Zara and H&M.


There’s no denying that the Balenciaga Speed Trainers are trendy, although their shine will definitely waver as is often the case in fashion. When that day comes (and some argue that it already has), what will make you want to own a pair? The main thing about these sneakers is that they are comfortable, almost similar to walking on pillows, which may make them a refreshing choice after wearing blister-inducing heels or constricting leather shoes. The silhouette is unique than most so it will definitely grab attention, although nowadays it is more likely to find a sneaker buddy. As expected from the hefty price and the house these come from, the Balenciaga Speed Trainers boast of premium quality. The shoes are breathable too, so your feet can be happy the whole time you have them on.


The trendy Balenciaga Speed Trainers became highly in demand, and it may be hard to cop a pair as retailers often had their stock of all colorways and sizes immediately sold out. These are real expensive too, and there are cheaper although non-branded options if you’re short on cash. Other complaints include Balenciaga limiting these on whole sizes and the sneakers running small.

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