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Louis Vuitton Archlight SS18 Sneakers Review

Louis Vuitton Trainer SS18 Sneakers Review

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Louis Vuitton Trainer SS18 Sneakers Review
Louis Vuitton Archlight SS18 Sneakers Review
The Louis Vuitton Trainers SS18 is the French house’s stylish take on the chunky sneaker trend. With an arch that is attention-grabbing even when compared side by side with other ugly sneakers, your feet are sure to shine. The price is what you would expect from the luxury brand, so if you’re strapped on cash, other options may be preferable.
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The chunky (or ugly, if you prefer) sneaker trend is showing no signs of dying down in the foreseeable future, especially since high fashion brands are putting their own versions out on the market. This time around, Louis Vuitton is seeking to shine with its trainers that first saw light during its unveiling of its SS18 collection, being strutted around by models wearing frock coats and athleisurewear. The sneakers deviate from the maison’s usually conservative and classic style code by fusing different technical fabrics together and creating a futuristic look.

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Release Year: 2018

Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquièrere was said to take inspiration in both the basketball trends during the 1990s as well as his love for science fiction, with Louis Vuitton particularly citing hit flicks Star Wars and Stranger Things. It is a meeting of both the past and the present, available in different colorways and was intended to fit right in for many occasions, whether on the street or on more formal settings.


The traits that indicate an ugly sneaker are all present on the Louis Vuitton Trainers SS18: the chunky sole, mixture of different colors and textures, as well as a vintage-inspired appearance. What sets it apart from the others though is immediately noticeable in the exaggerated arch of the shoes that gives it quite a form. The lacing system as well as the tongue and the heel are befitting of the oversized and exaggerated style. Louis Vuitton offers many colorways for the sneakers, so there are plenty of choices and moods to go for. The materials are top quality as one would expect from Louis Vuitton, and the shoes are true to size.


Bulkiness is already a given considering that the Louis Vuitton Trainers SS18 are chunky sneakers, but that is a factor to consider when picking clothes from your wardrobe; its exaggerated style may be limiting to you. As this is a Louis Vuitton creation, you can also expect the shoes to sell at a more expensive price point, with the amount going for one grand or even more.

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