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Balenciaga Race Runner Sneakers Review

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Balenciaga Race Runner Sneakers Review
Balenciaga’s Race Runners are not to be ignored, despite being more subtle in appeal than the Triple-S and classier in construction than the Speed Runners. They are comfortable in contrast to other fashion sneakers that sacrifice your feet’s happiness for the sake of style, and they come in many options so that you can personalize and even save more than one slot should you find yourself loving them more than expected.
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In recent years, fashion house Balenciaga has mixed luxury in the equation of what makes a great sneaker. Speed Runners and Triple-S have dominated fashionistas’ and influencers’ Instagram pages, and sneakerheads have a new brand to look out for when it comes to their sneaker fix. Balenciaga is no stranger to avant-garde designs, and that also made them viable contenders for the so-called ugly sneaker race. With a new established following of their own, the luxury maison isn’t stopping at the aforementioned trendy Balenciaga-stamped sneakers, producing another that deserves the same attention given to these successful releases: the Balenciaga Race Runners.

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Price: US$695

The clamor for the Race Runners may be influenced by other models from Balenciaga, but the kicks prove to be head turners on their own. They can be found virtually everywhere now—on runways, the streets and even your red carpet events, as sneakers are slowly creeping in onto more high profile, celebrity-studded, formal gatherings. Offered in many options, the Race Runners mesh different materials seamlessly into one. They are also distinguished for the stretchy band on the middle that comes in a myriad of colors.


The Balenciaga Race Runner positions itself quite nicely between the Speed Runner and the Triple-S; it is classier and more sophisticated than the Speed Runner, but the style is noticeably dialed down compared to the loud Triple-S. Still very unique in construction, it has attracted many sneaker wearers who want to wear something a little fancier than usual. Other fashion sneakers have been criticized for their discomfort, but not the Race Runners—your feet can be in them as much as you want without pain and sweat, thanks to the sock-like fit, breathable material and the adequate cushioning. The materials are at par with the other Balenciaga items, that is, high quality and well-made. If you’re looking to maximize your shoes by matching them with pieces available on your wardrobe, you definitely can. The shoes also have the added benefit of elevating you and making your legs appear longer with its soles.


The price remains a consideration for most, but that’s already given with the Balenciaga label. The colors are aplenty, but the sizes are only limited to whole sizes. They also aren’t the best fit for those with wide feet.

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Balenciaga Race Runner Sneakers Review

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