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6pm 2019 Review

6pm home page screenshot on April 15, 2019

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6pm 2019 Review
6pm is that online discount shopping site you’ve always asked for, with their pieces following the newest styles from authentic brands but are sold for just a portion of their original price. We feel like their website is the real haven for deals and bargains, with a promise of trusted sources and getting great value for every cent that you pay. They’ve got stuff for women, men, and kids, so you can have the coolest whole family shopping experience with them, too.
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Great collection of authentic pieces from known brands
Items are offered for really cheap prices
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Cases of damaged and used items that were delivered to shoppers
No solid return policy that leaves shoppers frustrated

6pm is the discount sister website of Zappos, and that already says a lot about this website. They offer some of the most covetable pieces of shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories for amazing prices. We already reckon that for such amazing deals, 6pm always run out of stock, and apparently, they do! So if you happened to stumble upon a fashion gold, make sure to add it to your cart and buy it right away, before another fashion-addict gets a hold of it. But with 6pm, you actually need not to worry about not getting something great, as they add more and more pieces to their collections to provide a huge variety of pieces that would cater to different tastes and styles. The downsides to this website though, include the many complaints of shoppers for used and damaged items, plus a lot of instances of wrong delivery and terrible return policy.

Save at 6PM

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Introduction to 6PM

With online fashion retail sites continuing to pop everywhere, there is no doubt that in today’s digital age, shopping is no longer considered a tedious job. Whether you are looking for a day-to-night outfit or for the latest running shoes from your favorite brand, it helps to know which pieces are worth the investment and which ones can provide as much satisfaction when you get them for a much cheaper price. If you’ve got a passion for savings like we do, smart-shopping habits such as visiting during store sales or using discount coupons are highly encouraged.

Thankfully, you don’t need to exert much effort to find the best deals on your most coveted items. Just visit before you checkout items in your online shopping cart, and who knows—this money-saving retail site may have all the pieces you are eyeing at discounted rates.

Save more with less effort

6pm Sport Girl

Formerly known as Shoedini, 6pm used to be an online shoe retailer until it was acquired by Nevada-based online retail giant Zappos in 2007. Initially, the acquisition was made to expand Zappos’ footwear merchandise and increase its sales. However, later on, 6pm transitioned to become a separate retail site to house Zappos’ branded bargains. This successfully lessened the sale items on Zappos’ main site and maintained it as a premium shopping site for its high-end clientele.

As a subsidiary of Zappos and as an outlet for its discounted products, you’ll get the same exceptional service and guaranteed genuine products on featured brands such as Asics, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Nine West, and Tory Burch. At present, 6pm offers daily deals in seven categories such as clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, kids’ section, and of course, a clearance sale section that features items on further price reductions.

Shopping with confidence

Thanks in large part to the advancement of technology and e-tailers, shopping is made easier and more convenient. Anyone with a smartphone and a connection to the internet can shop and find the best bargains and mind-boggling selection of merchandise online. But of course, there are still some people who may say that shopping online is a tad alarming when it comes to payment and shipping. Let us stop your thought right there and assure you that there is no need to be worried, especially when you shop at familiar and trusted sites like 6pm.

With 6pm, you can be assured of a safe, fail-proof, and secure shopping all day and all night. Through its Safe Shopping Guarantee, everyone can shop with confidence at 6pm. Using a credit card for your online transactions? 6pm got you covered with their secure socket layer (SSL) software, the commerce industry’s standard and best software available in the market, that makes every credit card transaction secure and protected. Through SSL, your data and credit card number will be encrypted, making your details practically invisible while travelling over the internet. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Manage your account with ease

More than a secure shopping, 6pm lets you shop worry-free and with ease by allowing you to manage your account and keep track of all your orders, including current and past transactions, and active and pending orders.

With the help of the site’s Order History, you can effortlessly keep a record of your orders from the very beginning to your latest splurge. It lets you keep all important details of your transactions—payment details, shipping updates, and delivery. The site’s Order Status, meanwhile, will tell you all you need to know about the stage of the order process your purchased item is at – whether it is already shipped, returned, or cancelled.

Every buyer can also live track their orders with no fuss through 6pm’s Track My Order feature. Just key in the unique identifier given to you upon checkout to trace your order. No need to contact the customer support team just to check where your purchased item is. However, in the case that you will need customer support, 6pm’s customer service will swiftly assist you in any way you need.

Thrift shop treasure

All the site’s features and functionality, plus its unbelievable discounts and promos, contribute to a convenient and satisfying shopping experience that exceeds your normal in-store shopping, clearly making 6pm your premier online retail destination.

Keep your eyes on and in no time, you’ll experience the glorious feeling of finding that thrift shop treasure—only it is unused and branded—that seems like it was waiting for you all this time. With discounted price for brand-new authentic branded items, hassle-free online shopping, and great customer experience, 6pm gives you a reason not to pay the full retail price of most products. So if you find yourself looking where to get the best bang for your buck, don’t hesitate to check out 6pm. You can thank us later.

6pm catalog page screenshot on April 15, 2019 6pm product page screenshot on April 15, 2019

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