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Saks Fifth Avenue 2019 Review

Saks Fifth Avenue home page screenshot on March 29, 2019

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Saks Fifth Avenue 2019 Review
Saks Fifth Avenue is a household name in the luxury department store world, but clients and fans also love its online presence. Their website’s main advantage over many online retail industry sites is their collection of a wide variety of items, that range from men and women’s apparel, beauty products and jewelry, kids essentials and toys, and homeware. Their pieces also come from top tier names in the fashion world, all authentic and highly fashionable.
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All fashion items for men, women, and kids are available in the website
With an extensive homeware selection
Tabs for designers, trending pieces and sale are easily accessible
People prefer its physical store over the online because of delay in processing of orders and delivery

Saks Fifth Avenue has long established a respected name as well-known luxury department store. It has its headquarters in New York City, but its global presence is found online, through its sleek and well-organized website.

Just from its homepage, Saks Fifth Avenue already suggests the best selection to its clientele based on the what’s new, what’s in, and whatever would fit hip scenes of the fashion world today. From all its categories, you’ll find a separate selection for women’s apparel, men and kids, with further selections inside of the different types of items. This allows a simple and straightforward navigation for anyone visiting their website, without all the fuss.

Beauty items with complete selection for skin care, wellness, fragrance, make up and gift sets are available as well, along with a huge collection of accessories and fine jewelry. The home section is another shopping experience for anyone on the hunt for great home design items, as it offers every single item you can think of, from bed and bath, home organization, home decor, kitchen and dining, as well as travel essentials.

We’re always blown away by the vast choices Saks Fifth Avenue has for its customers, but not all of their clients are thrilled with their experience with the online store. There were instances of suddenly cancelled orders, delayed processing of orders, as well as delayed delivery.

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How to Use Saks Fifth Avenue Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Saks Fifth Avenue
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your ‘Saks bag’ (shopping cart).
  4. When you go to your Saks bag, add the promo code on the area below the product.
  5. Enjoy the discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Saks Fifth AvenueIntroduction to Saks Fifth Avenue

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York City, there is one place you surely would never want to miss for all your fashion needs. The Fifth Avenue in New York is the shopping street cut straight from the pages of the glossiest magazines, beaming with all the prestigious brands everyone seem to covet. The illustrious Saks Fifth Avenue, one of the impressive shops along the Fifth, is one fashion haven that is as iconic as the famed street. In fact, with its exceptional retail pieces, fancy designer brands, exclusive offerings, and attractive rewards programs, Saks Fifth Avenue will make you think, “This is the only way to shop.”

Meeting Saks Fifth Avenue

Coming to you from the city that never sleeps, Saks Fifth Avenue has been providing the best luxury shopping experience for men and women since 1867. The Saks Fifth Avenue that we know today is a product of mergers and acquisitions, hence quite a complicated series of management changes over the decade made it what it is today – a reliable shopping sanctuary that puts quality and service above all.

Saks Fifth Avenue started as a seasonal resort store with branches in Florida and New York. It was only in 1929 that it launched its first branch in Chicago which offers a full-line merchandise and was open all year round. Less than ten years since, Saks expanded to having 10 stores, even extending to the West Coast. Among these stores were resort shops located in New Port, Rhode Island and Sun Valley, Idaho as well as full-line store locations in Michigan and Pennsylvania, expanding slowly but surely over the years. More expansion followed in the year 2000 as Saks branched out to international locations in Bahrain, Canada, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

Hopping in to a Digital Platform

The summer of 2000 proved to be a new era for Saks Fifth Avenue as it decided to hop on the digital platform with the launching of its very own online retail shop,, which later on renamed to The retailer, through its website, has been offering in-store categories, as well as exclusive and limited products, and carefully edited content for its customers worldwide.

Although operates in the digital realm, the same legendary customer service that Saks Fifth Avenue stores are pretty known for, is provided as well. In addition, the site will deliver a shopping experience unlike any other – personalized and exceptional.

Rediscovering the Saks Brand

Coinciding with the ongoing three-year restoration of its flagship store in Fifth Avenue in 2015, Saks started to seek its own identity as a luxury fashion retailer. It conducted its very own research to improve its market appeal and to set itself in the right strategic direction. To address these issues, Saks knew it has to set itself apart from its counterparts and make its own name for itself. Recognizing the lack of availability of luxury products from its merchants, the company knew they could fit in between a mid-tier department store and an upscale retailer, making it a top fashion house that caters to a broad array of customers.

Launching Saks Beauty and Venturing to a New Market

For the skincare and make-up enthusiasts out there, there is a beauty wonderland ready to welcome you in. Saks Fifth Avenue just recently opened its very own beauty boutique that includes 15 spa rooms, an apothecary, and a FaceGym, a gym studio just for the face. Aside from this, true to its luxury roots, the beauty floor will offer exclusive and complementary services from trusted international brands including Chanel, La Mer, and Dior. 100 beauty brands, 35 of which are new, will also be featured in the highly anticipated beauty floor. Plus, its SaksFirst Reward Program offers you free deluxe-sized samples of luxury products you can try at home. All you have to do is become a SaksFirst credit card holder. How convenient is that?

Saks Fifth Avenue, like most of its fashion competitors, has tapped the potential of the younger market as a part of its continuous efforts to raise its standards and to broaden its appeal as a fashion retail boutique. To reach out to the young-ins, Saks started to provide more contemporary offerings in its merchandise while being innovative in enticing young shoppers at the cost of the affordable luxury which they seek.

Moving Forward

Needless to say, the excellent service and legendary style of Saks Fifth Avenue is its competitive edge over millions of other luxury department stores vying for market share from high-class modern men and women. Finest designer collections for him and her complemented by its renowned tradition of unparalleled excellence and luxury, Saks remains aligned to its vision of providing its clientele the highest quality fashion and beauty collections while delivering the overall Saks experience – luxury at its best price. What are you waiting for? Step into a luxurious new lifestyle at the Saks Fifth Avenue stores worldwide or head on to

Saks Fifth Avenue catalog page screenshot on March 29, 2019 Saks Fifth Avenue product page screenshot on March 29, 2019

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