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Selfridges 2019 Review

Selfridges home page screenshot on March 25, 2019

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Selfridges 2019 Review
Selfridges can be described as a store that has it all, as it has proven true when it was voted the best department store in the world. It has a wide collection of items extending from the trendiest and newest designer collections, up to the most coveted gifts for family and friends, as well as toys for children.
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One-stop shop for items ranging from clothes, food, beauty and jewelry
Has items for men, women, men and children
Physical stores can serve as a backup for the online site
Many reported mishaps on delivery (e.g. wrong item and no delivered package)
Customers experienced really bad customer support including slow processing of requests and refusal of refunds

Selfridges, also popularly known as Selfridges & Co., is known for its famous shop windows and is considered a national institution in the United Kingdom. Its online shopping site collates the fabulous offers its chain of high-end department stores has, allowing people to easily access, choose from, and buy different items from “London’s Greatest Store,” as the shop has been called.

The fame of the shopping site reflects the store’s role as both social and cultural phenomenon in the UK, especially as it sells extensive selections of fashion, food, beauty, and home items. They ensure a continuously stocked collections that are the total must-haves of today. They aso boasts of unique items that aren’t easily available in other store.

Selfridges has been lauded over and over again for selling not just an array of items, but a whole lifestyle altogether. But with that arose different issues as well, including delivery mishaps and delays, poor customer service, and refund refusals. With such issues, many customers deem it better to visit the physical stores themselves to avoid the hassles that delivery may bring.

Save at Selfridges

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How To Use Selfridges Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Selfridges
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your (shopping) bag.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code beside the price of the item.
  5. Enjoy the discount and happy shopping!

How to add Coupon Codes in Selfridges

Introduction to Selfridges

Across the pond, few names stand out when it came to the ultimate shopping destination, Selfridges being among them. But it is not your ordinary department store, as it provides an experience like no other. It is where you go not because you are in dire need of something, but because you want to shop for pleasure. While it would be great to buy something (of course), you’d come out feeling a little more cultured than before.

How Selfridges came to be

Selfridges borrowed the name from a rather interesting fellow from the US, Harry Gordon Selfridge. At the beginning of the 20th century, the founding father made his way to London which he found to be abound with culture and has commercial potential, but at the time just couldn’t compete with stores from other European cities, and even the US. He thought of establishing a store he dreamed of, where people indulged in the pleasures of retail and let themselves be amazed with the theatrics of the presentation. He also wanted everyone to feel welcome.

In order to do this, Selfridges had to do something rather different during the time—putting displays by the window. When before you’d have to stop and enter the shop to know if they have what you’re looking for, this time it’s right there at the window. You could also find the latest offerings that would make you want to check out what’s inside even more.

Harry Gordon Selfridge’s vision still lives today and his legacy is not lost on the present owners, W. Galen Weston and his family. Although the department store has established itself as a leader for luxury shopping, Selfridges has also served as an opportunity for budding designers to launch their brand. Today, there are four Selfridges store in England all with architecturally-relevant homes, but of the four, the oldest store which is also in the UK’s capital is the company’s flagship location.

Shopping with Selfridges, online or offline

The emergence of online retailers have posed a problem for department stores because of the reach the former could afford customers compared to those who limit themselves within the confines of their physical stores. No matter the number of their spaces, nothing quite compares to the power of the Internet in reaching even the most far-flung of places, provided they have access to the World Wide Web.

At this development, Selfridges has changed its perspective to rid itself of the limitations that those who cannot think outside the box have subjected themselves. It now sees itself as a multi-platform business, providing more options to its patrons and potential customers on how to go about their purchase. They can check the item online and see it in person or find something to their interest on the store but decide to buy it a later time and still have a smooth process all throughout. Selfridges has already rejected the notion of the traditional store, although theirs still exist.

Offline, Selfridges still aims to give a memorable experience to its consumers, something that would arouse fascination through a theatrical presentation. The store is often a venue for showcasing talent as well as forming partnerships with high end designers. It finds itself very involved in the presentation, editing so that only the new, the exclusive and the best would be on display, pretty much what an average Selfridges customer would wonder about and want. It also is welcoming to new talent with a potential to make it big in the world of fashion.

One would find the store surprisingly complete with other services: restaurants should you feel tired and want to eat in style, an information bureau where you can consult for your inquiries, even a psychic service, if you can believe it, and more!

Selfridges catalog page screenshot on March 25, 2019 Selfridges product page screenshot on March 25, 2019

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