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Urban Outfitters 2019 Review

Urban Outfitters home page screenshot on April 11, 2019

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Urban Outfitters 2019 Review
Urban Outfitters is the cool, hipster, retro, stylish, and bohemian fashion destinations all rolled into one website. It appeals more to the younger generations, especially as they have the most interesting pieces that can often attention-catching and utterly on-trend. The website has a whole lot of collections for men, women, home, and even beauty, proving its indeed a shopping haven where people can spend hours and hours browsing.
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Urban Outfitters‘ brick-and-mortar shops as well as their online website are must-visits for stylish and on-trend people, as the company itself knows which among the current pieces are worthy of being styled with. The awesome collections of the website are categorized by type, which was done in a minimalist way by the website. From across those categories, you’ll find items that would match every need you have and every purpose you might require. There are casual pieces and formal wears, then cute accessories and stunning shoes to complete your ensemble. While many laud the store’s hip and chic theme, many aren’t pleased with their customer service. There have been unfulfilled orders, delayed deliveries, and unreimbursed returns, and a lot of the customers who experienced these things felt no concern from the customer service staff of the website. Many, however, still stand by their trust in the style selections and fashion-forward thinking of the Urban Outfitters styling team, making their pieces still among the most sought after for the young and cool generations.

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How to use Urban Outfitters Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Urban Outfitters
  2. Enter your personal information  on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area below the price breakdown.
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How to add promo codes on Urban Outfitters

Introduction to Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has come and go as much as fashion trends. Established in the 1970s, it has formed a reputation as a top brand for collegiate shoppers. Despite the dips in sales in recent years, Urban Outfitters is still around and occasionally emerging at the forefront of hot styles. With this comes reinvention by widening its target market to include the fashion and digital savvy millennials as well as exploring designs that will stick longer than just being trends.

Influencing American youth fashion for decades, Urban Outfitters has the complete mix of men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, shoes, and activewear as well as skin products, cosmetics, music and housewares to draw you in. The store is still known for its casual, higher than average clothing as well as ironic novelty items, but the appearance has been slightly modified to fit into the hipster aesthetic.

A peek at Urban Outfitter’s past

Urban Outfitters New York

If we consider how influential Urban Outfitters has become to the youth, it would be hard to believe that it started out as a small space from across University of Pennsylvania. The store was a college assignment for an entrepreneurial course Scott Belair was taking. Together with roommate Richard Hayne, Belair sold second-hand clothing, affordable furniture and jewelry for those belonging to the same demographic. The shop was called Free People, apt for the decade.

Since that first store, Free People rebranded into Urban Outfitters, and marketed to college-aged customers by selling products (brand new, this time) with emotion-inducing designs. Clients are envisioned to find the merchandise relatable and representative of their feelings or their generation. The store expanded into a corporation that included other brands namely Anthropologie, Free People and Vetri Family. However, a separate label for Urban Outfitters remained, still aiming to connect to the youth with its apparel.

Today, the stores in the USA, Canada and Europe are pegged at over 200. Each store is an experience to go into, as the buildings are maintained in their original state. This effort that became a brand signature was also recognized outside its demographic as Urban Outfitters was awarded with a National Preservation Honor Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation back in 2007. Offices and stores were added with Urban Outfitters’ distinct displays and fixtures instead, producing an engaging and fresh vibe that their target market can feel at ease with when shopping. The retailer website provides a unique experience as well, with its aesthetics in line with the overall vibe of the store.

What you’ll find inside its stores

Urban Outfitters at King of Prussia, PA, USA.
Urban Outfitters at King of Prussia, PA, USA. 

For years, Urban Outfitters has been the go-to destination for garbs that a college kid might use. They were often unisex clothing that featured edgy designs meant to shock and impress. After a lowering in its profit for years and some controversies wherein the company was accused of cultural appropriation and general insensitivity, it made changes to its course.

Today, you’ll still find a curated display of men’s and women’s clothing that can help one show his or her personality. Whether one categorizes as punk, goth, preppy or boho, there is something for the customer in an Urban Outfitter store. Other wardrobe staples such as denim, undergarments, and footwear are also sold in Urban Outfitters. But the items for shock value which were seen as juvenile were let go, replacing them with clothing of quality fabric that are ideal for college students and recent grads. Some of the trendy had to be tossed for more sustainable items, as there have been environmental drawbacks for items that are sold for the sake of fast fashion.

Urban Outfitters is also a great place to be for those just starting out their own places. The stores carry home decor, bedding and furniture so customers can really own and personalize their spaces. Music lovers can also find a haven in the store for its collection of vinyl records, record players, as well as modern listening equipment. Recently, the retailer has made maintaining skin more convenient and fun by adding beauty products from Asia, especially from Korea, to its collection. It became the first company to distribute hard-to-find organic Korean brands all at once in the US.

Changing, but still true to its vision

Urban Outfitters may be established decades ago by two then collegemen who have eventually grown beyond their youngster persona, but the company they began still remains faithful to its vision. Whether it’s with their collection of chic boho skirts, pop culture-inspired tops, home ware or the offices adhering to hipster standards, Urban Outfitters is determined to build emotional bonds with its fans and represent the lives that they lead.

Urban outfitters in London, UK.
Urban outfitters in London, UK. 

Urban Outfitters catalog page screenshot on April 11, 2019 Urban Outfitters product page screenshot on April 11, 2019

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