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Zara 2019 Review

Zara home page screenshot on April 9, 2019

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Zara 2019 Review
Zara is all about that fashion that doesn’t break the bank, and people definitely are living for such a trend. The online shopping store magnets people from all over the world, with their magazine-like homepage already showing off the refined taste of the people behind the website. The pieces in the online shopping destination are grouped into men, women, and kids, all offering stylish pieces that are within a sensible price range.
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Just buy shortly skimming through the different parts of Zara’s website, one can already conclude that they have such a fresh vibe that definitely entices shoppers, especially the younger ones. Although they have been focusing on women’s fashion for years, they have expanded their collection to menswear and kids fashion as well, even more packing fun browsing times for any customer’s shopping experience. It’s such an experience to shop within the website, as the edit on the items being sold have an impact as they are presented in quite a visually pleasing manner. The categories are also neatly stacked on the left side of the website, making it easy for your to narrow down the categories of the items you’ve been looking for.However, despite all the positive things we can say about the website, there are a few things we definitely think the website should improve on. First, their customer support can do much better, especially in handling customers’ complaints and returns. And second, the instances of delayed shipping should definitely be lessened or much better, totally erase.

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Introduction to Zara

The world has been rotating on a fast-paced way of life even since 21st Century brought people into experiences of fast foods, bullet trains, high-speed internet…and fast fashion. This retail concept of speedy selling of fashion pieces from the catwalk to store shelves, and fast changing of goods to capture the ever-changing fashion trends has been pioneered by the biggest names in retail fashion today. One of the fast-fashion giants that pioneered such concept is a name most Pinterest, Quora, and Instagram generation knows so well: Zara.

How Zara rose to success

Zara Home Outlet in Guangzhou, China.
Zara Home Outlet in Guangzhou, China.

Any world-known brand doesn’t just pop out of nowhere like wild mushrooms, people get them there. In Zara’s case, to understand how it became one of the biggest international fashion retailers, one should know the story of how it rose to fame from the humble place of La Coruna, Spain. A curious man in the persona of Amancio Ortega wanted to see how his fashion merchandise would sell into the global market, and his curiosity really made his brand a world-wide sensation.

Ortega also built Inditex, the parent company of the brand where all pieces distributed to Zara’s stores are made. Along with Zara, Inditex also manages other shops and brands, like Massimo Dutti, Bershka, and Pull & Bear. It is a strategic controller that takes care of designing, manufacturing, and distributing of all apparel, accessories, and footwear for the brand, taking the bar higher with its fast fashion technique.

With Inditex as the corporate center, Zara is able to properly focus on investments, business systems and expansion. Spain is where the earliest stored of Zara sold millions, yet as years go by, demand for fast fashion were met by the brand in various parts of the world, including America, Asia, Europe and Middle East.

Style, affordability, and fast fashion

Zara has a consumer-centered business model, and within its core, is the goal to provide average quality, affordable prices, but stylish pieces. How does Zara keep it that way all the time? Simple. They do quick responses, have small batches of products, offer a wide variety of items, and have a lot of hands on their information technology. This way, after the designers trace what are customers’ preferences for an entire year, the production of pieces can be distinct per small batches, featuring different fabrics, colors and sizes.

It only takes about 4-5 weeks for goods to arrive, even less is its just altering of the existing designs. And in the true fast fashion manner, the success of Zara has a speedy momentum, as well. They reached Russia by 2013, had a total of 120 stores all over the globe, and earned 66% of Inditex’s sales for 2012 with a whopping among of or €10.5 Billion ($13.6 Billion).

More reasons why we love Zara

Zara Clothing

With Zara, you get what you paid for…and more. Visuals are supreme in the Instagram age, and Zara got it down in every single design. No wonder it’s gone global so easily—its style and quality is up to the standards of the cool and trendy fashion, while remaining fashionable for all seasons all year round.

You may think Zara has only charmed its way to the heart of the money-saving teenagers and hip youngsters, but people can’t help but swoon over the brand even more upon knowing that Kate Middleton is such a Zara fan, too. In fact, she has recorded appearances wearing the brand’s pieces, making all of us feel like she’s one of us, too—and we have Zara to thank for.

Zara has a modish website that impresses all its visitors. All product shots and look books of the brand have an air of sophistication in them, not only making shopping easy for the customers, but a pretty fun experience as well. It’s a total plus for people who love to purchase pieces at the comfort of their own home.

It has the most fashionable store staff who are young, relatable, and very much into fashion themselves. These “trend-spotters” ensure that the retail end of the brand is properly manned with people. These people are part of the 78,000 employees of Inditex, all benefiting from the special ‘profit-sharing’ of the company.

Heart for fashion, brain for service

People go crazy over Zara’s pieces, and it has gone a long way from its conception up to this day, partly because of this mother company, Inditex. Not only did Inditex bring Zara at the forefront of the fashion scene, continuously pleasing crowds of fashion enthusiast, but it also intelligently helped a whole nation in crisis. With numerous fashion giants sending clothes to the Haiti earthquake victims, they unknowingly killed the local clothing industry in the country. Zara, on the other hand, sent an amount totalling 2M euros to help reconstruction and recovery of the country.

To take care of the environment, Inditex also has a zero discharge of chemicals that pose great hazard, a part of its Environmental Strategy Plan from 2016-2020. Because of this, the company was recognized both by Greenpeace and Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

The might be a few challenges for fast fashion brands such as Zara, yet it remains immovable on the top of the fashion web. Zara’s strategy has worked wonders, not only for the brand but also for the fashion industry. As it aims to give people the style and quality they deserve, Zara surely is well-deserving of the success it has gained and heights it has reached throughout the years.

Zara catalog page screenshot on April 9, 2019 Zara product page screenshot on April 9, 2019


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