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Description is a German-based luxury online retailer that has a worldwide influence and customer base. It prides itself with an extensive collection of menswear and womenswear products, from the latest to the most popular during the season, and all things in between. The website also has a great deal of collections on sale, giving its clients amazing pieces for just a fraction of the original price.
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Website is fairly easy to use, especially with the separate collections for men and women
They offer on sale items with considerable discounts
The search feature helps a lot in narrowing down options and finding specific products
Many customers reported a great experience with its customer service
Shipping and return policy can be a bit confusing, especially from shoppers outside Germany
Ratings might be viewed as just another European website by Americans, but it is one of the very few that does an excellent job in catering to its clientele in the US and other parts of the world. While other online retail shops find that hard to do, Stylebop is able to attain a great relationship with its US-based clients. Although there are a few exceptions on this, in general, the website gained a positive feedback from its clients.

It’s easy to shop within the website as well, especially as the items are categorized by gender, category and style. Offers for the best pieces for the season are available too, giving the audience an idea of the hottest trend that they may want to purchase. And among the collections, we have seen men’s suits with great quality and amazing price, even comparable to luxury suit retailers.

When ordering from Stylebop, expect your package within a few days, contained in the signature shopping box of the retailer. While this doesn’t happen smoothly 100% of the time, it does in general. And in cases where it doesn’t, Stylebop’s customer service has been reported to be reliable enough to help the shoppers. In fact, they have a New-York based customer care program that is available from 4am to 1pm.

With the combination of an excellent website, good track record in delivery and quality of items, plus a generally good customer support, it’s not a surprise that Stylebop is enjoying a huge growth rate in terms of website users and customers.

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  1. Register a Free Account with
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area below the product.
  5. Enjoy the discount and happy shopping!

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Introduction to

So much has changed when it came to how people got their dose of retail therapy, and even today, we’re astonished at how quick the transition happened. In a matter of years, the shift has been made from visiting a physical store to relying on the Web for purchases. At the time when change was impending, which is almost two decades ago now, entrepreneur Mario Einmuth had the good foresight on how customers will come to shop and decided to launch a project to address that. In 2003, was published online, and paved the way for luxe goods to be just one click or tap away. Today may just be one of the many online markets competing for customer loyalty, but it definitely is one among the elite in today’s online retailers for luxury fashion. Although many have tried to hop in the bandwagon, plenty have failed and have fallen off the face of the Internet. But not the company based in Munich, Germany, no. Its stats are impressive, noting a yearly growth that averages from 40 to 50 percent since its founding. Three million users from all over the globe have visited the site, and an estimate of 300,000 products are delivered to patrons, even in the most far-flung of areas. It continues to reap the benefits of the digital revolution it has started in the past decade. The company owes this continued success to three things: quality service, dedicated content and a wide array of items available to its customers.

A Promise of Quality Service

The company may not offer its service in a brick and mortar way, but what it lacks in physical presence it makes up for quality customer assistance on its website and programs.

For starters, returning and potential customers with different devices and operating services are all covered: there’s the usual site that’s available for desktop users, and applications for clients with either or both Android and Apple devices. Different payment methods are also available for your convenience; Whether you pick wire transfer, Paypal, credit cards or cash on delivery is up to you, as accepts all of these. It is also set up in a way that you can be secured that your money will go through, and the site also ensures utmost privacy.

If you’re concerned about how it would reach you once you decide to seal the deal, rest assured that you would not have to be at your wit’s end waiting for your items to arrive from the German-based company. For European customers, next-day deliveries are available. Meanwhile, clients from America, Australia and Asia can also enjoy express deliveries.

And if you need help with the process or perhaps are at a loss with how to mix and match items, a team of representatives especially designated for customer care as well as online stylists are available for contact on six out of seven days a week, all for the sake of an incomparable shopping experience.

Engaging Content

The content you see on the site is carefully curated by a dedicated team to highlight the trends as well as the timeless. It’s part of its aim to reach not only the already modish but also the clientele who needs help with finding his or her own style. Besides its on-call stylists, also has an editorial team that gives insight to the latest trends to hit fashion, interviews top designers for introduction to their latest or famous selections, and content that’s exclusive for visitors to the site.

Heaps and Heaps of Products

Since 2003, the number of brands that entrust their products with is pegged at more than 250 international designer labels, which include fashion veterans Balenciaga and Burberry. Newer names and avant-garde designers such as Raf Simons, Off-White, and Vetements also form part of the collection. It is expansive, with almost 15,000 products from its partner brands, and pieces for both men and women. If you’re a fan of accessories though, no need to worry since footwear, bags, jewelry, among others are also on the site. certainly is a force to be reckoned with even for its partnerships alone.

Still Not Resting on its Laurels

The company has a remarkable accomplishment when it comes to its fan base, as it claims that its rate of returning customers is almost as high as 70 percent. Still, it continues to learn more about the evolving Internet shopper that is also growing in number, and adapting the best way it can. The developments on the landscape could mean easier shopping in the future, even for those who may have the means to afford high fashion but do not have the luxury of time. But because the experience is completely new to the retail business, it expects a few surprises along the way.

Regardless of what challenges may arise, remains committed to providing not only the best of products but also the top shopping experience online. Compared to other companies, the whole matter is arguably handled with more ease given that it still is a privately-owned, family-run business, even after more than a decade. This is what they claim to be the key to having the liberty to experiment and choose the best items for purchase. Trusting their instincts boded well for the site since its inception, and remains so far to be good for business.

Stylebop catalog page screenshot on March 28, 2019 Stylebop product page screenshot on March 28, 2019

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