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Tiffany Metro 3-Hand Watch Review

Tiffany Metro 3-Hand Watch Review

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What makes a timepiece so luxurious? Sometimes it’s the innovative functions a watch has to tell the time. Other times, it’s the materials used to conjure up that one of a kind piece. Through the years, haute horology has become a vital facet of the luxury retail business, one that has catered to a variety of consumer bases. Oftentimes, the most luxurious piece of the moment are timepieces, and one such example is Tiffany’s Metro 3-Hand watch.

Release Date and Price

Release Date: September 2017
Price when reviewed: $5,450 – $16,000

Tiffany’s Metro watch collection debuted last September of 2017, including its special 3-hand model. A line of ladies’ timepieces, each item is decidedly feminine and refined. Upon its release, a number of prominent fashion publications have referred to the Metro 3-hand timepiece as one of the best new releases from the renowned American jewelry store. Its price ranges from $5,450 to a whopping $16,000, depending on the material and design one purchases.


  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water Resistant: 50 meters
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours
  • Strap: Stainless steel or alligator skin
  • Buckle: Pin buckle


Tiffany’s Metro 3-hand watch is one of the brand’s most beautiful new items to date. It’s no wonder why fashion and horology critics and enthusiasts alike have all raved about such a sophisticated and dazzling timepiece. Whether one chooses the more pristine stainless steel or the extremely refined 18-carat rose gold finish, it’s shimmer shines just as brightly. A crown of eye-catching diamonds increases the price tag tenfold but makes for a dazzling dial that will leave everyone else green with envy.


Precious is the perfect word to describe Tiffany’s Metro 3-hand watch, especially if one purchases one of the diamond-crowned selections. With that said, this particular timepiece is perfect to be looked at, but not necessarily to be worn for every day. Such an expensive piece, with all its fine finishes and details, is vulnerable to external elements that will leave it less refined than when it was bought. Utmost care is vital to maintaining this majestic an item, which makes owning it that much more difficult than simply wearing it.

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Tiffany Metro 3-Hand Watch Review 5Image Credits: Singapore Tatler (feature image), Edgar Jiang, World Wrist Watch, Tiffany’s (article images)

Tiffany Metro 3-Hand Watch Review
Tiffany Metro 3-Hand Watch Review
Beauty may be on the eye of the beholder, but no one can deny the majesty of Tiffany’s Metro 3-hand watch. From its fine stainless steel or rose gold metals to the sparkling diamonds that make up its crown or numerals, this timepiece is a feast for the eyes. The watch’s elegant silhouette emphasizes its finery while its shimmer and shine help catch one’s eye from a mile away. There are many reasons why Tiffany’s is such a beloved brand, and this watch will no doubt be one of them.
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