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Tiffany CT60 Watch Review

Tiffany CT60 Watch Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

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If you found yourself a few years ago wondering whatever happened to Tiffany watches, you certainly weren’t alone. A while back, the company started a promising partnership with Swatch to create luxurious timepieces, but this has since been dissolved and both moved on towards opposite directions. The reputation of Tiffany & Co. as one of America’s most luxurious brands has been upheld, and indeed it still is one of the first names in people’s minds worldwide when it comes to purchasing beautiful stones linked together with precious metals. Its manufacture of watches has been stagnant, however, until it entered the scene once more in 2015 with a collection that is a nod to its past: the CT60 collection.

Release Date & Price

Release date: 2015
Price: US$6,750.00 – $7,250.00


  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Case: Round, brushed, polished stainless steel
  • Glass: Sapphire
  • Water resistance capacity: 100m

The CT60 collection is reminiscent of the Tiffany watch Franklin Delano Roosevelt has worn during his presidency. It became the company’s most famous timepiece, which makes this move towards bringing back a familiar-looking timepiece on Tiffany’s part understandable, besides the demand for designs that bring to mind simpler times. In case you’re wondering about the origin of the limited edition watches’ name, CT60 is taken from Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany’s initials, as well as the time—that’s 60 minutes in an hour, and in turn, 60 seconds in a minute.


Despite its being a new collection, the CT60 watches reflect the classiest of Tiffany’s releases, especially considering that its retro design is a nod to its most famous timepiece belonging to a prominent political figure, no other than FDR. The vintage design is also very fashionable currently, which means buyers who have not a single idea about horology would still find them appealing. With its focus on the essentials, the CT60 timepieces are legible, actually delivering what is expected of a watch, and exhibiting an understated beauty in design. It has a balanced and symmetrical dial that is still achieved with Tiffany’s penchant for a bit of glitter and shine, just like their most precious jewelry pieces.


The traditional design may be stylish but it is certainly not something that would appeal to everyone, especially those who veer away from hoity-toity pieces. Its conservative appearance is probably best reserved for dressier events too, albeit the straightforward design that should make it a versatile timepiece. Taking away from the dial’s readability is Tiffany’s preference for non-luminous markers in the CT60. The price can be what is usually expected from a Tiffany piece; still, with its decent movement, there are other options that may give you more for what you’re willing to pay.

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Tiffany CT60 Watch Review
Tiffany CT60 Watch Review
Tiffany’s modern but still conservative take on its classic watch from the last century is of an enduring design, and indeed a fancy piece to adorn your wrist. The price is steep for its decent features though, and it won’t hurt to search elsewhere if you can get more value for your money.
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