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Piaget Polo S Stainless-Steel Watch

Piaget Polo S Stainless-Steel Watch Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Piaget Polo S Stainless-Steel Watch Review
Piaget Polo S Stainless-Steel Watch
The Polo S from Piaget is an attractive offer. Besides the new in-house movement it uses, the stylish watch also has a more affordable price tag than most quality watches available. It is also available in three options for the color of the dial. The watch affords its wearer versatility despite its sporty appearance.
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The world has no shortage in high quality watches. In Switzerland alone, where a rich watchmaking tradition began centuries ago, brands are competing for the top spot. And yet, a model that turns out to be a classic, charming and groundbreaking years later as it was in the beginning, do not come by as often as you’d think, not even for those at the peak of the hierarchy among luxury brands. But when they do, they solidify the position of a company in the horological field, and even define their direction in the times to come.

That is what happened for Piaget when they had their iconic Polo watch in the 1970s. It garnered a following through the years and earned the company a reputation for manufacturing top quality and complex timepieces, besides being an established jewelry brand. The lasting appeal of the Polo is partly responsible for the great publicity Piaget received when they announced that they will be reissuing the model and rebranding it into Polo S. The 2016 Polo S turned out to be leaps ahead of the original, beginning with the new in house movement, the Piaget 1110P, that is showcased on the watch.

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Release date: 2016
Price: US$9,350.00 – US$12,400.00

Although the reissue bears the name Polo, there is little resemblance between the two models. The Polo S, marketed as an entry-level watch for Piaget, was made with stainless steel. It maintains the sporty vibe of the 1970s though, and is available in three face colors: blue, slate gray and silver.


  • Movement: automatic
  • Caliber: Piaget 1110P
  • Strap material: Stainless Steel
  • Case diameter: 42mm
  • Case material Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistant: 100 Metres
  • Watch Thickness 9.5mm


The new feature in the Piaget Polo S is also its major selling point. The new movement developed in-house is smooth and precise, and can be seen through the caseback made with crystal sapphire. Its display is impressive in that there would be no trouble reading off time from the watch. For connoisseurs strapped for cash, the Polo S is a great buy as it is considerably cheaper than most models from other luxury brands yet still adheres to high quality standards.

Besides the display, the stainless steel it comes in is remarkable too, a feat worth noting because the Polo S is the first all-stainless steel line of watches for Piaget. Assembled by hand, the stainless steel bracelet makes the change from formal to casual, and day to night seem so easy. The watch will look stunning on your wrist on almost every occasion.


The release of the Polo S led to a dialogue about how the supposedly game-changing watch for Piaget was more similar to Patek Philippe’s Nautilus than it is to the 1970s Piaget Polo watch. Looking at them side by side, one cannot deny the similarity. This runs the risk of the Polo S being overshadowed by one of the most iconic models there are. However, Piaget’s fans are quick to defend that the blue color, among the options for the face for the Polo S, has always been a part of the company’s colors. Still, it won’t do the Polo S any good for it to be considered a lesser version of the Nautilus; it already is cheaper. There have also been comments that the watch is uncomfortable both due to its size and the rough finish of the stainless steel.

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