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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watch Review

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watch Review

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watch Review
Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watch Review
The Vacheron Constantin Overseas is a stunning timepiece with many things to offer: an admirable design, legible dial, and gorgeous finish, among others, which makes it at par with other prized sports luxury watches. It will set you back thousands of dollars, but you can expect to have the treatment one can only have from an elite Swiss watchmaker.
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As part of the Holy Trinity of luxury watches, Vacheron Constantin certainly has a pull among watch enthusiasts. It has a long and established history in horology and has produced some of the most coveted but generally unreachable timepieces. Among its most memorable releases is its Overseas collection, a watch considered to be at par with Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak and Patek Philippe’s Nautilus. While the two mentioned are Gerald Genta masterpieces, Overseas sets itself apart by being a non-Genta creation but still equipped with a luxurious design and admirable features.

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Release date: 1996

Vacheron Constantin was late into the luxury sports watch game, only having released the Overseas in 1996. Still, the execution of everything by the Swiss manufacturer, from the choice of straps down right to the mechanics, is impeccable. The Overseas is not something that’s instantly breathtaking, but for those in the know, the work behind the masterpiece will surely fascinate. The Overseas is a manifestation of the Genevan trait that focuses on the intricacies of a timepiece instead of the pizzazz, something Vacheron Constantin is especially good at.


  • Case measurements: 11m thick, 41mm diameter
  • Case material: stainless steel,sapphire crystal on both sides
  • Water resistance: 150m
  • Movement: Calibre 5100, in-house, automatic
  • Power reserve: 60 hours
  • Functions: Date, hours, minutes, seconds
  • Bracelet: interchangeable steel bracelet, rubber strap, leather strap


Vacheron Constantin Overseas is a timepiece exhibiting balance—it is not too straightforward that would leave one wanting of more features to flaunt, and yet not over the top in elegance that it is already bordering on desperate and tacky. There is very little on the watch that only holds cosmetic purposes alone. The timepiece’s legibility is something to write home about as the dial shows balance and the markers and dials are luminous, making it a watch you can wear without having to consider lighting conditions. It offers a bit of personalization in the form of its straps; the Overseas is equally handsome although in different ways in both the stainless steel and the leather strap. You don’t run the risk scratching the watch when changing with its button conveniently located between the lugs that will release the strap from the case. There is nothing ostentatious about the way the in-house caliber 5100 is presented on the caseback, and yet, it is packed with a power reserve of 60 hours and is made out of 172 seamlessly working parts.


For a watch of Vacheron Constantin’s caliber, there is already one daunting consideration: the price. There aren’t many drawbacks to the latest iteration of the Overseas, except perhaps its size which can be troublesome, but that is still subject to preference, and the limitation on the straps you can use. The Overseas can only be worn with OEM straps.

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