Top 9 Minimalist Balenciaga Men’s Backpacks in 2018

Top 9 Minimalist Yet Extremely Luxurious Balenciaga Men’s Backpacks

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Have you ever noticed that there are more and more people carrying backpacks all around especially men? Why is this bag becoming too popular too fast nowadays? Even people who work at the office can be easily spotted sporting this bag. Why?

In a world that is already fast paced and people are always in a hurry, a backpack is a convenient pick. It is a grab-and-go-bag: literally a bag you can just grab, stuff with all your things, and wear over your shoulders. It’s easy; you can leave and just forget everything else while keeping your hands free for some other stuff like checking out the latest news on your phone or texting someone while you’re on  queue to get tickets or a meal. We’re pretty sure you’ll only remember that you have a bag on your back when you need something that’s inside it, that is.

Maybe because we were so used to carrying backpacks when we were in school that we have a special affinity to the item. We all have firsthand knowledge on how comfortable and convenient it is aside from how roomy backpacks could be with all the books and school stuff we used to carry. But like any other things, backpacks are also now becoming a fashion piece. Look at the travel photos on social media and there would surely be a traveler wearing a backpack, with the most beautiful scenery as background. The allure of the photo won’t only be because of picturesque view, but by how that person put on an sported the backpack, perfect with his outfit and man accessories. Makes one want to travel right away, huh?

Anyway, here are some Balenciaga backpacks to take with you on your next #travelgoals.

  1. BALENCIAGA Explorer Printed Nylon Backpack


Price: US$1,050.00
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Don’t you just want to go to Rio in this bright red backpack from Balenciaga? Its red and white nylon material makes it waterproof, great for when you go to the beach. And do not forget to enjoy the Carnival with its wonderful and colourful parades; surely you can keep your hands free to take lots of photos and selfies with your dependable ‘Explorer’ backpack.

  1. BALENCIAGA Bal Wheel Backpack

BALENCIAGA Bal Wheel Backpack

Price: US$1,050.00
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Take this black Balenciaga backpack with you when you go visit LA. The white printed logo on the top panel adds a noticeable contrast to the overall dark colour of this bag. You will surely walk comfortably or ride a bike (with your belongings secure in your backpack) along the Boardwalk at Santa Monica Pier.

  1. BALENCIAGA Explorer Embroidered Canvas Backpack


Price: US$1,050.00
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Visit New York with Balenciaga’s ‘Explorer’ embroidered canvas backpack. The front zipped pocket is a way to secure the souvenirs you bought while the inner zipped and internal pockets keep your wallet and phone within easy reach. Now you can enjoy your bagel and cream cheese while getting confused at the number of people at Times Square or you can walk a bit and finish it at one of the benches in Central Park.

  1. Balenciaga Political Campaign Explorer Backpack

Balenciaga Political Campaign Explorer Backpack

Price: US$895.00
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Take this nylon/polyester Balenciaga backpack on your cruise. Its embroidered “Balenciaga 2017” logo adds a delightful touch to this bag. Pair it with your Balenciaga white sneakers, shirt and ripped jeans and you’ll be more than ready for your adventure at the next Port of Call. Always remember to pack your camera into your bag!

  1. BALENCIAGA Nylon Logo Backpack

BALENCIAGA Nylon Logo Backpack

Price: US$995.00
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This black nylon Balenciaga backpack is just right when you decide to go to a provincial park for a day when you just want to be outdoors as well. Pair it with running shoes, joggers and tshirt layered under a flannel shirt to protect your skin from the sun. Activities like hiking and kayaking with this backpack in tow is perfect to stow your day’s worth of snacks and change of clothes. Additional advice: wear sunscreen!

  1. BALENCIAGA Explorer Printed Ripstop Backpack


Price: US$825.00
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This Balenciaga ripstop in black is for lazy days when you are in your sweatpants and hoodie. All you might want is just to grab coffee at your favorite cafe and watch movies on your laptop or read your favorite novel while sipping your mocha, and here’s your perfect buddy. This bag has a 34 liters capacity which is more than enough to lug your laptop and books while you hangout at the coffee shop.

  1. BALENCIAGA Explorer Embroidered Canvas Backpack


Price: US$1,050.00
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Who says you have to reach far just for your travel goals? You can easily hop on a bus going to the city beside yours and visit the museums available there. This black Balenciaga canvas bag with its red and gold embroidery deserves to be flaunted and taken into places! It is roomy enough for all the souvenirs that you may want to get for your friends at different parts of the world.

  1. BALENCIAGA Balenciaga Bb Mode Backpack

Balenciaga Bb Mode Backpack

Price: US$778.67
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Wear your Balenciaga baseball cap along with white shorts and printed polo shirt and have fun at the amusement park. Of course, do not forget to take this Balenciaga BB Mode backpack with you. It’s very convenient when you have to wait in line for that new rollercoaster ride. Pack a water bottle in it too and the front zip compartment is a convenient way to stash your phone and wallet without digging for them in the main bag.

  1. BALENCIAGA Explorer Backpack

BALENCIAGA Explorer Backpack

Price: US$1,050.00
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This strikingly colourful logo printed black backpack deserves a tropical adventure at the beach. Wear your palm printed shorts and white t-shirt and stow away your sunscreen, googles, swimwear and towels in this backpack. A perfect bag to keep all your must-haves while on a boat ride for an island tour.

As you can see, using a backpack can give you utter convenience while traveling to various places. It is only convenient for work and daily errands; it is essential in making your travel and daily grind more convenient and enjoyable. And what better way to lug around in style with Balenciaga—a class of its own in men’s fashion and style. One more thing that you would love about these Balenciaga backpacks: their functionality and no-frills practical construction that can withstand any manly (or not-so-manly) activity.

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