Top 6 Supremely Classy Balenciaga Coats for Men in 2018

Top 6 Supremely Classy Balenciaga Coats for the Masculine Souls

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Tell me, who does not get sick even for once in their lives? Even the most masculine and toughest guy in town will get sick if he does not wear a coat, jacket or any protective clothing in cold and rainy weather. Those living in a city miles away from the equator know that sweater weather lasts longer than the shorts and shirt kind of season.

People are all ready to bare themselves outside during summer which only lasts for less that we want it to (we sometimes never want it to end, right?). Spring, Fall and Winter are all seasons where we bundle up to protect ourselves from the cold. Nobody wants to get sick with cold and flu during chilly weather—and we depend on our layers and layers of clothing, especially our  coats and jackets. Of course, one added perk to this is that a simple coat or jacket is one easy way to boost your style and confidence even in the worst kind of weather.

So men, there’s no need to be miserably sick because we have just found these classic and trendy Balenciaga coats to keep you warm and dashing during cold and rainy days.

  1. BALENCIAGA Classic Double Breasted Coat

BALENCIAGA Classic double breasted coat

Price: US$2,395.00
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One can instantly imagine a night stroll along the romantic streets of Paris in this Balenciaga wool double breasted coat. The knee length of this coat even protects the upper legs for a warm leisurely walk and star gazing outside. The coat itself is synonymous to masculine elegance, class and romance.

  1. BALENCIAGA Oversized Trench Coat

BALENCIAGA Oversized trench coat

Price: US$1,650.00
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This Balenciaga oversized trench coat is reminiscent of being wrapped in a warm tight embrace. This beige piece is held together by rows of buttons in front and fabric belt. You can for once try to commute to work in style without worrying about getting cold in this coat and of course just to flaunt to warm-looking coat.

  1. BALENCIAGA Long Carcoat


Price: US$3,200.00
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Drive around town looking effortlessly elegant and dapper in this Balenciaga carcoat. The structured style of this wool coat in tan and red plaid is perfect for fall. The burnt-orange and brown leaves of the trees during the season really complement the design and hue of this coat.

  1. BALENCIAGA Red Oversized Logo Parka

BALENCIAGA Oversized Padded Windbreaker

Price: US$1,990.00
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This oversized padded windbreaker from Balenciaga in red is something even dads would love to have. It is a no-brainer that it will keep you warm and dry whatever the season may be. The stripe details at the sleeves really go well with Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers, a cool pairing if you really care for a cohesive outfit.

  1. Balenciaga 2017 Padded Raincoat

BALENCIAGA Balenciaga 2017 Padded Raincoat

Price: US$1,595.00
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Any man would definitely pray for rain to come just to be able to wear this royal blue padded raincoat from none other than Balenciaga. The vintage-look logo print at the back and front left panel is something any man would be proud to exhibit especially when people are busy carrying umbrellas just to keep out of the rain. You will definitely be the trendy standout, for sure.

  1. BALENCIAGA Printed Raincoat

BALENCIAGA Printed Raincoat

Price: US$1,595.00
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Pack this raincoat along with the rest of your gear when you go for a trail walk or hike just in case. This Balenciaga Printed Raincoat in blue has a very interesting texture and look to it that anyone would dare to take a second look. Its long length is sure to keep the body dry and it also features a hood that can be smartly concealed by a zip. Looks great with any Balenciaga sneakers too.

It is not so surprising to see brands like Balenciaga, famous for its leather bags, to come up with stylish yet functional clothing pieces for men. These are items with simple and classic lines that are just right for “normal” daily life –  everyday pieces that create a fashionable impact without being too flashy and embellished. Just perfect for picky men out there like you.

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