Our Favorite 15 Hat Brands for Men in 2020

Top 15 Most Reliable Best Hat Brands for Men

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Protection from the beaming but unbearable sun? Check. Adding a few inches to your stumpy frame? A shameless check. Practical and aesthetic reasons aside, hats have been intertwined with history, a wardrobe staple worn everyday by aristocrats and the working class alike since time immemorial. It may have been sensible to wear a hat as a protection for the head, but back then it was also considered a part of any honorable man and respectable lady’s outfit.

Although the wearing of hats became unpopular in time, it is now making a steady return to fashion. And while we’re on our way to another glorious era for hats, it would not hurt to know the basics of hat-wearing and to learn who the very best hatmakers and where they are on the map.

From fedora hats, Panama hats, all the way to baseball caps, we got you covered with the most reliable brands there are that could be found in the land of fashion.

  1. Borsalino

Borsalino in galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan's fashion district.
Borsalino in galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan’s fashion district.

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When one mentions Borsalino, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic fedora hat. Established since 1857 in Italy, this hat brand produces the most recognizable fedoras that are handcrafted with high quality felt materials. If you’re looking for a premium fedora, either a wide-brimmed Panama or a short-brimmed Alessandria, this brand can surely deliver.

  1. Bailey

Bailey Hats
Men’s Bailey Hats. Left: Clements, Right: Vinton Western Hat. Credit: baileyhats

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Keep that true American heritage alive with Bailey hats designed for modern cowboys of today. Hollywood celebrities have been spotted wearing headwear produced by this brand. Turn some heads donning Bailey hats whether you’re out on the ranch or at your favorite bar in the city.

  1. Lock And Co. Hatters

Lock And Co. Hatters
Credit: Lock And Co. Hatters

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Lock and Co. Hatters has been around in London since the 1600s, and with that long a time to master the craft, there’s no doubt why they shouldn’t be renowned as one of the best there is around the globe. The world’s oldest hat shop comes with a hefty price tag, but you’d understand that it is priced reasonably once you lay your vision and hands on one. Packed with its rich heritage, you can expect to find the finest headwear with a variety of styles including those that have been worn by the likes of Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin. While this brand still continues to produce traditional styles, it strives to be up-to-date as well by offering headwear with contemporary designs.

  1. Nick Fouquet

Nick Fouquet Men's Hats
Credit: Nick Fouquet & Shane McCauley

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Nick Fouquet, known for being the modern mad hatter, started a hat brand named after himself which can be found in no other than the Golden State, California. Although relatively new in the hatmaking industry, this brand is  promising as every hat it produces is custom-made by Foquet himself and is crafted with the finest care and respect every gentleman deserves. If you need reference, just google Pharrel Willliams and Jared Leto.

  1. Horisaki

Horisaki hats
Credit: Jonas Lindström

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Another hat brand that makes it into the list is Horisaki, a brand established in the heart of Sweden. Its labor-intensive craftsmanship and avant-garde aesthetic make it a beloved label by celebrities like standout ladies like Lady Gaga. Here’s one for the tastemaker who wants to be easily identified in a crowd.

  1. Fallen Broken Street

Fallen Broken Street
Credit: Dale of Monster Children

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We’re going all the way down to the Land Down Under with Fallen Broken Street, hatmakers with a wide array of street styled hats. Their timeless vibe is currently taking center stage, not a surprise since the brand is known to only use the best quality of materials while ensuring the finest attention to detail. Anyone who is not afraid to let loose, be carefree, and stand out will likely find a pair at the Fallen Broken Street.

  1. Akubra

Akubra hats
Credit: Fon Hodes / Shutterstock

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Another hat brand from the outback is Akubra. A manufacturer of bush hats made from rabbit fur, the brand has been known to the world since 1870s. Handcrafted by the same process, with the use of old machines and experienced hands, the iconic Akubra hats are forever to stay.  

  1. Camilo

Credit: The Versatile Gent

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To have a Camilo is to have a piece of the truly exclusive. Mr. Camilo Haffar, the eponymous founder of the hat store, maintains a small operation but ensures that the items that come out of their workshop is perfected with every inch. His company is responsible for bringing to the world the Panama Hat, meticulously woven together by hand in Ecuador and finished with a dainty French ribbon. The luxury hats are prized by both men and women with refined tastes.

  1. Larose

Larose Hats
Credit: blend\bureaux

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Don’t miss out on some of that Parisian charm; check out French Larose that produces quality hats made right in the City of Lights. Besides selling hats with their own label, Larose is also the go-to company of other European luxury brands for their headgears. Their hats feel heavenly, thanks to their insistence to use only the best of fabrics. Larose makes sure that it remains relevant through the years by using silhouettes that will outlast most fashion trends and adding minor details to refresh their collection.

  1. Helen Kaminski

Helen Kaminski Men's Hats

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Helen Kaminski is one of the best stories for a brand that came about out of necessity and soon became a globally recognized name. Australia’s summers are quite the pain, and hats made out of raffia were the Sydney-based company’s answer to make them a little tolerable. Soon enough, the label branched out to make headwear for every season. From the packable and simple to the most chic and elegant, Helen Kaminski’s got the raffia-bearing hat you need.

  1. Stetson

Stetson hats

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There’s only a single name that comes up when you speak of cowboy hats. The name? The US of A’s very own Stetson. Stetson has a long history before it, being established in 1865, but the company still employs the very same techniques in making their hats. The quintessentially American headgears are made to last through the times, thanks to Stetson’s dedication to producing hats that are of top quality and just get better with time.

  1. Goorin

Goorin hats
Credit: Goorin

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If you truly are a mad hatter, then you would have heard of Goorin, without a doubt. The American-made hats got their humble beginnings in Pittsburgh but has now grown into a company uncompromising in quality. A century and a half later, the family-owned brand has made quite a name for itself, lending its iconic hats to the boob tube all the way to the silver screen, and becoming a must-have for hat wearers and lovers everywhere.

Christys’ Of London

Christys’ Of London
Credit: and lookbook

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Give a hat aficionado an offer he can’t refuse—an exquisitely made headwear from Christys’ Of London. The UK brand is Don Corleone’s preferred hat, and has been tapped plenty of times to provide headgears for many Hollywood celebrities. Christys’ owes its unmatchable reputation not only to its resolve make the best for every occasion, but also to champion to the world the finest British taste in headwear.

  1. Maison Michel

Maison Michel
Credit: Pinterest and Trend Hunter

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Women everywhere go to Maison Michel for a taste of the Parisian chic, and it’s not difficult to see why. The French millinery that made their very first items back in the 1930s and is now under Chanel, a fellow respected French label, has produced some of the most memorable and even ingenious of hats in history. An exclusive group of hatmakers come up with Maison Michel’s designs and put them together. From straw hats to kicky berets, the brand’s got something dainty for the fashionable lady.

  1. Jacaru

Jacaru Hat

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If you pledge allegiance to Jacaru, the Australian brand promises to give you a hat that will survive the harshest of conditions and is truly one of a kind. Jacaru does not take the Land Down Under’s weather lightly, and aims to give customers not only a shield against the sun but also a hat that they can keep for a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? It is time to reinvent your look with one accessory that will surely get you noticed in the best way. A hat can capture the much needed elegance or street style to complete a look. Be sure to keep a reliable and stylish hat ready in your closet to make an already modish look stand out even more.


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