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La Mer The Powder Face Powder Makeup Review

La Mer The Powder Face Powder Makeup Review
Product Description
The Powder is part of the luxury brand La Mer’s Skincolor de la Mer collection, which promises “beauty beyond skincare,” so it’s basically a beauty collection with skincare still front and center. What could possibly go wrong? This product arrives in a very heavy frosted glass jar, just in case you forgot that the product you’re purchasing is a full-on luxury product. The powder is probably one of the most finely milled powders we’ve ever encountered, also making it very, very light on the skin—almost like you’re not even wearing anything on your face. With this product, one can use a brush, makeup sponge or the provided fluffy powder puff to smooth out imperfections you may be wary of on your skin. Also, unlike other loose setting powders out there, this product does not dry out skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and comfortable instead. The best part is that with this product, you get a dose of the famed skincare properties of the La Mer brand. But then, on the other hand, we do very much have to point out just how horribly, hilariously overpriced this product actually is. While most popular loose powders out there retail for less then $50.00, this jar of powder is priced at an astounding $95.00, making it a true luxury to behold. Furthermore, this product is only available in one “universal” shade, which also affects the product’s coverage. All-in-all, it shocked us how expensive this product is. While we do think it is a great setting powder, the price alone is enough to make one absolutely weep before they can think about even using this setting powder.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Ultra lightweight
Smoothes out imperfections on the skin
Doesn’t dry out skin
Skincare properties
Horribly overpriced
Only available in one shade
No coverage

Among the beauty world, La Mer is synonymous with luxury, with their high-end skincare products (and the matching price tags). The Powder (yes, it’s called The Powder) is part of La Mer’s venture into makeup products, a collection called Skincolor de la Mer. While this product performs very well, even overcoming the drying out that most loose powders would do to skin, overall, it’s still way overpriced in terms of value. If you’re looking to invest in a product like this one and you have the cash to burn, go ahead and consider this one. But if we’re talking value? $95.00 is not the kind of price to pay for a loose powder, especially when there are so many good alternatives out there now.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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