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Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient™ Lighting Finishing Powder Review

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient™ Lighting Finishing Powder Review
Product Description
There’s no way we’re even going to pretend we don’t absolutely love the Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient™ Lighting Finishing Powder. Despite its seeming sheerness, this product just beautifies skin in ways that very few other products (even other finishing powders) can. Besides a gorgeous, healthy glow (that looks totally different from a highlighter glow), it also beautifies the skin by diffusing any harshness in one’s makeup, and smoothing out the blurs and imperfections of the skin. It’s quite expensive for a product that’s not really essential to a beauty routine per se, but it’s fantastic nonetheless, and definitely justifies a good old splurge.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Good variety of “shades” to choose from
Leaves the skin with a healthy level of luminosity
Diffuses any harshness
Smoothes and blurs imperfections
Very expensive

If Mary Poppins were a finishing powder, she would be the Ambient™ Lighting Finishing Powder because just like our favorite singing English nanny, this finishing powder is “practically perfect in every way.” We’ve come to expect a certain level of precision and polish from Hourglass Cosmetics, but this product just takes that thought to a completely new level. Even before we get to what makes this product great, we already want to declare how much we fell head over heels in love with this finishing powder.

One of the great things about this powder is the number of “shades” it’s available in. We say “shades” because it’s most definitely a sheer powder so you won’t be noticing the color per se, but each of the “shades” does help address different concerns about the way skin looks and feels. Plenty of brands are content creating a one-shade-fits-all product or even a product available in three shades (usually light-medium-dark). But we were pleasantly surprised (and impressed) that this product had this going for it.

In general, no matter which shade you’re using, this finishing powder leaves your skin with a good, healthy level of luminosity, which is especially great for if you’re wearing more mattifying makeup formulas. Sticking the landing is just as important in makeup as it is in, well, everything else, so having this to top off your routine is a great addition. Speaking of how your makeup looks, this powder is also able to diffuse any harshness in your makeup whilst simultaneously smoothing and blurring out imperfections that you may want to hide.

Truthfully, the only real downside we were able to discern is the price tag. We’re not going to pick at hairs here or anything; $48.00 is a lot to pay for a product that is honestly a non-essential in a makeup routine. It’s basically ornamentation.

That said, we’re still of the opinion that this product is totally worth the splurge because of how well it can punch up an ordinary makeup look. A little bit here and there makes you not only look fresh but like a god or goddess, glamourous and glowing.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient™ Lighting Finishing Powder is available in six shades: Luminous Light (Champagne Pearl), Ethereal Light (Cool Translucent), Diffused Light (Warm Pale Yellow), Dim Light (Neutral Beige), Radiant Light (Golden Beige), and Mood Light (Sheer Lavender Pink).

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