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Marc Jacobs Beauty Finish-Line Coconut Setting Powder Review


Marc Jacobs Beauty Finish-Line Coconut Setting Powder Review
Product Description
The Finish-Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder by Marc Jacobs Beauty overcomes being merely an expensive luxury product, and actually strives to be a unique loose setting powder. The powder formula of this product is fine and creamy, and imparts a soft matte finish, while extending the wear time of products beneath it. While it’s definitely not the most mattifying powder out there, it keeps itself comfortable to wear for those long days. We can definitely recommend this product to anyone seeking an alternative from the more traditional ultra-mattifying setting powders we’ve grown accustomed to.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Creamy powder formula
Soft matte finish
Extends makeup wear time
Very pricey
No coverage
Oil seeps through

The Finish-Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder is a relatively new product by Marc Jacobs Beauty, but has carved out space for itself in many hearts—even the hearts of people who don’t really care for loose setting powders.

The formula for this loose powder is a little bit creamy to the touch, and definitely not as chalky as many loose powder products out there—quite the opposite actually. It’s very finely milled and notably lightweight, which makes putting it on the skin so comfortable. The powder sets into a very subtle matte, the kind of matte that doesn’t make the face feel stiff or delicate. And yes, in terms of setting, it does help extend wear time for makeup by a significant amount. Think an hour or two more before makeup usually begins to get oily.

On the other hand, despite claiming that it’s “perfecting” it doesn’t really have a significant amount of coverage, so it doesn’t really get to do much to smooth out the complexion. Also worth considering is that even if it does manage to hold back oil for a little bit, once the shine comes through, it really comes through.

But generally, this product justifies its own price tag. So rare is it to find a loose powder that manages to balance out its mattifying with a good amount of creaminess. If you’re a fan of loose powders, this is definitely a product worth looking at, and even purchasing.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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