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Harvey Nichols 2019 Review

Harvey Nichols home page screenshot on April 1, 2019

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Harvey Nichols 2019 Review
Harvey Nichols is a name known throughout the department store world, and in terms of fame, their online shopping site is no different. Wanting to make luxury designer labels at the reach of every customers, the site curated a vast number of items from hundreds of brands, together with pieces more apt for daily use. Included in their selections are men and women’s fashion pieces, food, beauty items, and wine.
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Coming straight from London’s highly exclusive and fashionable districts, Harvey Nichols is considered as one of the expert department stores in the fashion scene. After they branched out into the online retail world, they started meeting the fashion needs of people from all over the world, especially those wanting the best luxury pieces.

If you can imagine the vastness of Harvey Nichols’ Knightsbridge flagship store, you’ll have an inkling of how huge their online collection is. From across different exclusive brands, the website carries known labels such as Valentino, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Versace.

You wouldn’t have to jump from one online store to another when you come across their website too, since they offer a lot of items that range from clothing to bags, shoes to accessories, activewear to beauty pieces, and food to wine. Harvey Nichols simply has it all.

Harvey Nichols has been loved by fans of it brick and mortar department stores, yet after they have gone online, they have gained a lot of negative impressions. From their lack of solid return policy to their bad customer support, it seems like the website still has a lot to improve on making online shopping convenient and hassle free for their customers.

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How to use Harvey Nichols Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Harvey Nichols
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout.
  5. On the Checkout page, scroll down and add the promo code on the area provided.
  6. Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Harvey Nichols

Introduction to Harvey Nichols

Even though a department store has everything you might ever need, the shopping can sometimes be more about the total experience you get from being inside its premises than just the items you end up bringing home. Take for instance the British luxury department store Harvey Nichols. If you decided to indulge yourself by splurging, head over to the store to finally purchase the product you’ve had your eyes on for forever, linger around the sections to see if there is anything good that might be hiding, and come out feeling happy and satisfied. Even though you have an item on hand, the feeling exiting the store can also be attributed to its overall atmosphere. It is an experience.

And certainly, Harvey Nichols is ‘the place to be’, as it dubs itself, because it offers a premium fashion experience. There are selections catered to people with specific needs, particularly that of the exclusive and the lavish. What’s best about it is that upscale as it may be, the department store does not require a membership. You can enter and exit as you wish, and bring with you a spree worth remembering.  

Rooted in Knightsbridge

Harvey Nichols UK

The Harvey Nichols on the exclusive Knightsbridge district is also the very first for the luxury retail store. It was founded in 1831 by Benjamin Harvey, initially as a linen shop that soon expanded into neighboring properties. The other half of the store’s name came from James Nichols who Harvey employed in 1841 and was married into the family through Harvey’s niece, Anne Beale. When Harvey died in 1850, he passed the business to his wife Anne, who would soon partner with Nichols, then already promoted to management.

Although Harvey Nichols was in Knightsbridge since the beginning, the red brick building it is known for today was constructed a few decades after. CQ Stephens was responsible for its design, and the construction took place in batches from 1889 to 1894. By the turn of the century, Harvey Nichols had a change of address, becoming 109-125 Knightsbridge. When 1920 came, Debenhams acquired the store.

More and more offers through the years

More decades into the new century, the department store became known for its mixed collections, which was not usually practiced as stores preferred dividing their stores into departments. The apparel by designers Max Mara and Nicole Farhi were among those showcased by Harvey Nichols. While most of its floors were dedicated to fashion, Harvey Nichols opened a restaurant it called Harvey’s in 1975, which received warm reception from shoppers.

Ten years later, the store was then bought by the Burton Group. However, the management did not last long enough because by 1991, the ownership of Harvey Nichols was transferred from the Burton Group to the Dickson Concepts, owned by Hong Kong businessman Dickson Poon. The store went through a major transformation with architects from Wickham & Associates redesigning the fifth floor.

By 1992, a new restaurant, coffee shop, market and bar in addition to its fashion collection on lower floors opened in Harvey Nichols. Operational even after the closing of the main store, the fifth floor became synonymous to luxurious living and fine dining. Harvey Nichols also ventured into beauty products on a later store in Liverpool called the Beauty Bazaar.

Experience Harvey Nichols in person

If you want to experience Harvey Nichols, said to be frequented by Princess Diana when she was still alive, you can do so even beyond its Knightsbridge location. After being bought by Poon, Harvey Nichols became public and eyed on expanding beyond London. Leeds was its first location after Knightsbridge in the UK, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was the destination for its first international store.

Currently, there are seven stores dotted in the UK and Ireland, five of which are large-format stores. These can be found in London, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham, plus two relatively smaller stores in Dublin and Bristol. All stores in the the UK have restaurants, cafes, brasseries and food markets. Harvey Nichols also operates the OXO Tower Overseas, Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie in London.

There are also Harvey Nichols in Asia including the very first in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, Hong Kong and Kuwait. Turkey has two stores, one in Ankara and another in Istanbul.

Taking shopping online

The experience Harvey Nichols can afford a client is not limited within the spaces of its physical stores. Since 2010, the department store has taken its collection online where 10 percent of its sales are now coming from. With its partnership with Borderfree, the store ships to many international locations.

As part of its endeavor to explore technology to enhance the shopping experience, the British department store has also recently signed a deal with online retailer Farfetch. It is a first department store partnership for Farfetch, which is already working with more than 800 brands and boutiques worldwide but is still looking to increase the number of partners. Meanwhile, Harvey Nichols sees it as an opportunity to increase online sales as well as exposure for its apparel and accessories.

Harvey Nichols catalog page screenshot on April 1, 2019 Harvey Nichols product page screenshot on April 1, 2019

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