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Kirna Zabête 2019 Review

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Kirna Zabête 2019 Review
Kirna Zabête is all about the concepts of mixing women’s luxury fashion and streetwear. It brought into the world a concept store that branched out into boutiques and a global online shop. It offers the best of accessories and ready to wear items from famous designer brands, among them are Saint Laurent, Chloé, and Gucci, plus other up-and-coming hip designers.
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Kirna Zabête started from a chic high-end boutique that catered some of the most influential names in fashion, as well as not-so-known personas that loved fashion as much. It eventually grew and established an online website to allow people from all over the world experience its unique concept of giving the best selection of pieces from both famous designers today and tomorrow.

Such concept is the core of the collections within the Kirna Zabête website. Bearing their mission “The Best Edit of the Best Designers,” the website has an exclusive selections of women’s fashion items ranging from clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories. It also offers a separate selection of different curated edits by the website, allowing its shoppers to know the hottest styles and trends of today.

The balance between having well-established high-end labels and fresh indie labels within the website makes Kirna Zabête a shopping haven for women of style, as they keep their online store fresh with new pieces to entice more and more audience.

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How to use Kirna Zabête Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free account on Kirna Zabête
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area below the product.
  5. Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Kirna Zabête

Introduction to Kirna Zabête

Today and tomorrow. For some, the only difference between these two words are their calendar dates; while for others, say fashion, these two can have a whole world of difference. This is what modern fashion has brought into the world—styles that fade in just a quick second; famous brands that are forgotten after a few years; and styles that shift as if one is just flipping through pages of a magazine.

This trend has rendered many fashion retailers clueless of the market’s behavior, some even failing to keep up with the quick pace of fashion transformation. But among those that slow down or fail, there are real winners in the fashion industry, too. One of them is a store that’s able to determine the staying power of designers, one that can determine the pieces that will have a good traction in the fashion scene from today to tomorrow: Kirna Zabête.

Store origins

Kirna Zabête is a product of a partnership between college bestfriends: Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley. Wondering how the Kirna Zabête came to be? Well, it is a combination of the nicknames of the co-founders: Kirna for Sarah, and Zabête for Beth. Their goal to have a store was powered by their want to provide innovative and avant-garde options for fashion hungry consumers, hence their opening of the Kirna Zabête, which instantly became a SoHo hotspot just a bit after its opening in 1999.

But not only was their selection too magnetic that customers flocked around their store—they had a glamorous location and a wonderful staff to keep the customers’ visits enjoyable. The two founders worked hard together to establish the Kirna Zabête brand and store as a luxury shopping service and a multimillion-dollar venture; and although they had to separate ways down the road, the two were a great pair that cultivated the stores growth into its current state. In fact, some of the well-known fans of the store include Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow who can’t help but love the vibrant selection of the store. Other fashion lover clients, on the other hand, commonly head on over to the racks of the store to find themselves the best pieces from Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Jason Wu, and Thakoon.

More on the two ladies

Both Sarah and Beth have amazing qualities that contributed to the creation and success of Kirna Zabête. Sarah remembers to have entered the fashion industry when she started working for Christian Dior’s corporate office at the age of 21. She wasn’t directly working in the manufacturing, designing, or selling of fashion items, but she learned whatever she can in the industry she was in. Beth, on the other hand, already got connected to the fashion world in college, through an internship at Barneys New York, where she was assigned to the personal shopping department. It allowed her to witness how it is was to work in the luxury fashion realm, and she loved every second of it.

More mature fashion experiences came to the two as the years went by. Sarah finally learned how to pick the perfect sales team and lead them to successful merchandising of a collection. Beth got more hooked into fashion through her various jobs at magazines, especially her stint as New York Magazine’s Fashion Editor. Her observation of the lack of awesome shopping places in downtown New York eventually sparked her interest in creating one with her bestfriend.

Kirna Zabête’s secret to success

Aside from being one of America’s first concept stores, Kirna Zabête had already been an established store in the country when Dover Street Market of London started entering the New York market and Joan Shepp revamped into a concept store her new Chestnut Street boutique. The mix of items offered by Kirna Zabête was too appealing for fashion and non-fashion oriented crowds, especially as they offered even dog accessories and candies back then.

Shopping with Kirna Zabête is always a great experience as their goal is always to give customers exactly what they want. They also offer pieces that people can’t normally get from any other site. But how can the store do it? Simple—they envision modern muses and the common situations they are in, and in that process, they can properly determine the possible and ideal outfits that would match possible customers. It’s an arduous creative process, but a successful one, so Ki rna Zabête retained such method everytime they edit their collection.

Kirna Zabête Today

The strategic methods of Kirna Zabête led to its world fame, especially with the success of its global online shop. In the US alone, Kirna Zabête was able to launch four boutiques, one in each of these states: Pennsylvania, Florida, Soho, and New York.

Although the original founders split ways in 2016, Beth stayed as the sole head of the store and continued the uphill climb of Kirna Zabête. Currently, the online shop offers online stylists with topnotch expertise to advice customers of the perfect wardrobe for their needs. All these fashion magic happens in just a few clicks… and voila! You got yourself the best pieces from prestigious luxury brands like Chloé, Saint Laurent, and Gucci, among others.

Kirna Zabete catalog page screenshot on April 2, 2019 Kirna Zabete product page screenshot on April 2, 2019

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