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Boohoo 2019 Review

boohoo home page screenshot on April 11, 2019

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Boohoo 2019 Review
Boohoo is an awarded UK-based online bargain shopping site that offers some of the best deals in fashion pieces—mostly under the hundred or fifty dollar mark. The website has created such an impact in internet shopping, while they aim to keep up in delivering what their clientele demands, including the best pieces that match the current fashion trends and can feed the fashion-hunger of people with different styles. However, the quality of items and their customer service seem to not keep up with the website’s goal, as relayed by Boohoo’s clients themselves.
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Some clients complained about the quality of the items they received
Customers have shared frustrating encounters with unhelpful customer service

Boohoo’s one major advantage over their competitor is that they offer great prices for goods and items, with many items costing less than $50. It’s 24/7 service to its customer base all over the world ensures that fashionistas get the best deals online anytime of the day, wherever they are. The website even has high-end pieces that are offered at unbelievably low prices, with a clearance section feature that makes it easy for customers to find the best priced items within the website. Aside from the huge discounts and marked down prices, the huge selection within the website can keep both of their men and women shoppers busy for hours. Browsing items in the website is less of a hassle, because items are categorized within the dropdown menus that open further into more subcategories. But while we laud the the website’s great discount deals, we don’t ignore various complaints of shoppers about the website. Some of them are the bad quality of items they have received, wrong shipping of orders, and their awful encounters with bad customer service.

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How to use Boohoo Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Boohoo
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout.
  5. Fill out all the pages needed. (Shipping details, Payment method, etc.)
  6. On the Payment method page, Click “Promo Code”.
  7. Type in the code on the area provided.
  8. Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Boohoo

Introduction to Boohoo

Gone are the days when girls that grace our fashion magazines all look alike. Today, we find the industry embracing variety, making inclusivity and individuality a priority so that everyone can feel beautiful in their own right. Truly, beauty is not limited to certain characteristics; it comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.

The British brand Boohoo is among those who support this, dubbing itself an inclusive brand and possibly your next fashion best friend. The team is made up of young members and people who understand the youth, holding themselves in the same standard: being comfortable in their own skin. It aims to be the go-to destination for girls who want to explore their style without conventions getting in the way, and that includes prices. Who said shopping had to be agonizing and inaccessible?

It all began in 2006

Boohoo may be relatively young compared to its other competitors, but it is still standing strong, available to customers all hours of the day and adding more than 100 items daily for its market.

The duo Carol Kane and Mahmud Kamani founded the online retail company based in Manchester in the middle of the 2000s. The former was a designer while the latter was a businessman who harbored an interest in fashion since his youth as Kamani’s father once sold handbags. Prior to Boohoo, his other ventures included a textile business which previously supplied Primark and New Look.

Six years later, the business grew that it was able to expand to Australia and the US, and a year later, it opened its office in the Big Smoke and another fashion capital, London. It went public in 2014 and launched boohooPLUS. Meanwhile, 2015 saw the company release mobile apps for Android and iOS as well as boohooFIT. And oh, a big move that came in the form of an office in New York City.

As of last year, it has already £300m in sales, definitely a long way from the humble shop that it was in 2006. boohooPremium and boohooBeauty soon joined the family. The company has stakes at both the UK and the US, as well as France. And while some problems are plaguing retail as of this writing, it continues to charge forward in order to deliver to its market.

What makes it different

If you’re looking for more reasons to shop with Boohoo, it might be this: Boohoo offers own-branded items, with 9000 clothing lines, including boohooMAN, PrettyLittleThing and NastyGal.

As part of the younger generation, Boohoo takes advantage of the reach of social media when it comes to marketing. To date, Boohoo has 2.6 million followers on Facebook, 490 thousand on Twitter, and 3.3 million on Instagram. It has also sought the help of celebrities and influencers to wear their products and make it marketable to its target demographic. An online magazine it calls The Fix is also available for viewing where you can get the latest scoop on the styles that celebrities are wearing.

The one rule

Retail therapy may already be appealing in itself, but Boohoo makes sure you enjoy the experience of shopping with them by abiding with one rule: not taking fashion seriously.

By saying that it doesn’t mean that style can go out the window. What it means is that the act of choosing items and purchasing them doesn’t have to be the opposite of fun. In fact, it should always be fun. It knows very well how the right articles and accessories can pick you up when you’re feeling down, which is why it  has plenty of options one can work with.

Boohoo has concerns that go beyond income; every purchase from its customers has a portion that goes into the company’s charity program for causes that they support. It may be indirect, but by shopping with the online retailer, your money goes even farther to give help to those who need it. Boohoo occasionally partners with charities and local initiatives to make more of a difference.

If other options seem to fail you, Boohoo is the site you should go to. Not only does it have the latest trends ready to shipped to you, the options available are bountiful that there will almost always be something suitable for your style and needs. Even when you’re limited in time, you can go to Boohoo so that you can spruce up for a party or a getaway, enjoying every stop from dressing up to attending the event.

boohoo catalog page screenshot on April 11, 2019 boohoo product page screenshot on April 11, 2019

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