Top 14 Burberry Designer Men’s Coats in 2018

Top Burberry Designer Men’s Coats

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When it comes to men’s outerwear, the rules for wearing them are usually less strict. There’s no such thing as a seasonal coat when you can wear it in the spring and not sweat everything out. Less strict rules means more freedom to become as fashionable as you can be, yet that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make great styling decisions every time.

It’s not a walk in the park to make basic masculine outfits look interesting and new but if you want to up your fashion game, these coats aren’t the shabbiest choice. Make the best of these Burberry coats and embrace the classic Londoner look. 

  1. BURBERRY laminated check trench coat

BURBERRY laminated check trench coat

Price: US$2,792.00
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This check print is an age-old design that’s been lining Burberry trench coats and flashing through bags and clothes since the beginning, but it takes a more contemporary approach through lamination in this glossy version. Forget contrasting textures, this makes your outfit literally shine. 

  1. BURBERRY wool cashmere trench coat

BURBERRY wool cashmere trench coat

Price: US$2,039.00
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Buttoned up, this trench coat makes you look as prim and as polished as an English officer, thanks to the double-breasted front, belt, and stand collar. But when you open up the logo-embossed button fastenings, the coat easily transforms into a casual day outerwear. 

  1. BURBERRY Camden trench coat

BURBERRY Camden trench coat

Price: US$1,824.00
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The Camden trench coat was made specifically to put on top of your suits. Whatever color they may be, this sand-colored coat will complement it and protect from external elements, like from the weather, that might ruin it. The front buttons are hidden once closed and the two front pockets will keep your hands warm. 

  1. BURBERRY tape detail gabardine trench coat

BURBERRY tape detail gabardine trench coat

Price: US$2,362.00
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This trench coat features a traditional construction that captures the perfect British vibe but it adds a playful and interesting tape detail of the neon yellow trim along the collar and down the front opening. It pops from the honey-colored coat which guarantees it will pop from the dark hues of your inner layers. It’s in the little details and this was the best addition to the classic coat. 

  1. BURBERRY The Brighton car coat

BURBERRY The Brighton car coat

Price: US$2,039.00
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It’s called a car coat for specific use in the car but it’s almost a crime to the fashion gods not to parade this coat outdoors. This coat was inspired by the seaside town south of London, Brighton, so make sure to pair this deep blue shade bordering on black with clothes that copy the colorful cabins you can spot by the pier. 

  1. BURBERRY Plymouth duffel coat

BURBERRY Plymouth duffel coat

Price: US$1,178.00
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Carrying on the theme of English town inspirations, this duffle coat is named after Plymouth, a city with a deep maritime culture. The navy-blue color of this coat will fit right in with the oceanic views as will the unconventional wooden canine tooth button fastening with the city’s cobbled streets. 

  1. BURBERRY Chelsea long trench coat

BURBERRY Chelsea long trench coat

Price: US$2,039.00
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From countryside to city center, Burberry expands its influences to the more urban settings of England. Chelsea, one of the areas in London rich with culture and close to some high-end streets, is the inspiration for this trench coat. The double-breasted and belted construction gives an easy-peasy solution to your lack of styling abilities, if you ever have that struggle. 

  1. BURBERRY Down-filled Sleeve Wool Blend Duffle Coat

BURBERRY Down-filled Sleeve Wool Blend Duffle Coat

Price: US$1,931.00
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Just by its looks, this coat already guarantees warmth and comfort. Burberry’s regular duffle coat gets an upgrade in the puffer sleeves and wool-blend combo. This includes a thick hood and two deep front pockets which earns it extra points. Let’s see if you still don’t feel especially royal with the Modern Stewart Royal tartan lining, which is the official tartan of the Queen. 

  1. BURBERRY Sandringham short trench coat

BURBERRY Sandringham short trench coat

Price: US$1,824.00
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This simple short trench coat is in itself the contrast to its name, Sandringham, taken from the Queen’s extravagant private home. For the simplicity of the camel color and traditional construction, this coat balances it out with the formal double-breasted front, epaulettes, and collar that turns from a stand collar to lapels. 



Price: US$995.00
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The best times fashion has worked for us is when it delivers on style and convenience at the same time. Wearing a coat this time of year still requires a bit of sacrifice but this shirt-like duffle coat gives the best compromise. It actually gives the same amount of style as a traditional coat, if not more, because the rope and toggle fastenings offer something new to the eyes. 

  1. Burberry Technical Coat with Gilet

Burberry Technical Coat with Gilet

Price: US$1,157.35
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After months of needing to layer clothes every day, who still wants to do it when the weather allows less clothes? This technical coat only gives the illusion of layers so you don’t have to go through the hassle anymore. The gilet lining features an oversized collar while the external coat boasts of a detachable hood, so whatever the weather is, you’re all set. 

  1. Burberry Hawksley Tailored Coat

Burberry Hawksley Tailored Coat

Price: US$1,885.25
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Hawksley is a tailored coat that doesn’t really answer to seasonal trends but is more like a universal suit that you can wear all-year-round. This simple, structured, camel-colored coat is a much-needed investment when you want to show off in the office. It features two flap front pockets and lapel collars. 

  1. Burberry Cashmere Puffer Coat

Burberry Cashmere Puffer Coat

Price: US$2,613.14
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Unpredictable weather only calls for this puffer coat filled with goose down and feathers for ultimate protection from the cold. It acts as a shield and also a pillow if you’re in desperate need of the zzzs while on-the-go. It’s spun from pure cashmere and has extra cozy raccoon fur trim on the large hood.  

  1. BURBERRY Sketch Print Car Coat

BURBERRY Sketch Print Car Coat

Price: US$2,362.00
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At Burberry, there’s something for everyone, not only for the formal and professional men but also the street and artistic crowd. This car coat boasts of doodles and portraits on stone-colored gabardine fabric. This can only mean it’s good protection from the draft indoors (or inside your car) and outdoors in the rain or humid weather.

Europe seem to be doing everything right when it comes to anything fashion-related. From Italy to Paris, we see where the clothes are crafted in and then where they’re paraded down the runway but we rarely look to London or England in general for style musings. After perusing through these coats, Burberry will turn your attention to fall-appropriate looks from Englishmen that will wow people even in the spring.

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Featured image credit: Man with Burberry rain coat before Emporio Armani fashion show during Milan Fashion Week in February 2018. andersphoto

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