Protect Yourself with These 23 Durable Designer Gloves for Men

Protect Yourself with These 23 Durable Designer Gloves for Men - Updated

Gloves are underrated fashion accessories—they cater to many of our needs, and yet we don’t talk about them enough. They can be fashionable or utilitarian (or both!), and the choices are aplenty: dress gloves, casual gloves, functional gloves. Save for the last type, wearing them can all boil down to personal preference.

Some days it may be easier to forgo them, but should you decide to wear one, get a pair that would both enhance your style and provide enough protection to your hands and digits. Still searching? Here are some of our designer suggestions that would be functional as they are durable:

  1.  Valentino Garavani camouflage panelled gloves

Valentino Garavani camouflage panelled gloves

Price: US$545.00
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Valentino Garavani gives a very sleek product in the form of these camouflage paneled gloves that utilize a hook and loop strap to securely fasten them on your hands. We may take the design in camouflage to mean as elegance hiding in plain sight. Definitely for the man who has his act together.

  1. Moncler Grenoble Black Canvas & Lambskin Gloves

Moncler Grenoble Black Canvas & Lambskin Gloves

Price: US$565.00
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You’ve got a lot of things going on with these gloves—embroidered logo patch, tricolor stripes, Velcro cinch tabs, nylon underlay, and bungee-style drawstring—but they seem to be working rather nicely. They’re sure to keep your hands warm with the fleece lining and the lambskin. You can count on these bad boys to keep your hands dry too, as the gloves are water-repellent.

  1. Thom Browne striped rib cuff gloves

Thom Browne striped rib cuff gloves

Price: US$370.00
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If you want to spoil yourself, we’re not going to stop you. Do it with this incredibly soft and luxurious cashmere gloves from Thom Browne. It is a welcome alternative to the usual leather material employed in gloves, and the stripes is a way to add some fun to your hands.

  1. Prada Black Leather Logo Gloves

Prada Black Leather Logo Gloves

Price: US$360.00
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Something to keep in your collection for a long time are these exquisitely made black leather gloves from Prada. Besides the logo and the pin-tuck seams, it is pretty clear-cut, but your hands will still feel rich in them. It’s a perfect example of simple sophistication.

  1. Paul Smith colour block gloves

Paul Smith colour block gloves

Price: US$200.00
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Want to test the waters before trying color blocking that’s been making the rounds again? Begin with the gloves. Make your hands look a little special by covering them with these classic-looking cashmere and lambskin gloves from Paul Smith.

  1. Gucci Blind for Love Embossed Nappa Lambskin Gloves

Gucci Blind for Love Embossed Nappa Lambskin Gloves

Price: US$600.00
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For the man who has no time to mess around, these leather gloves from Gucci would be perfect. The phrase Blind for Love now synonymous with the label is embossed on the gloves, but otherwise it is a no-frills, impeccable pair that would keep your hands warm and comfortable. Also available in black.

  1. Dell’oglio press-stud fastening gloves

Dell'oglio press-stud fastening gloves

Price: US$122.00
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Brown gloves are a good pair to invest in for the very same reasons you would choose black: they’re timeless and they can go with almost everything. Indulge in the lush feel of leather and cashmere and be ensured of a good grip, thanks to its press-stud fasteners.

  1. Y-3 logo print gloves

Y-3 logo print gloves

Price: US$99.00
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What happens when revered Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and sports wear-slash-athleisure-wear big name Adidas join forces? You’ve got Y-3, a unique and fashion-forward collection not afraid to test the limits. These gloves are made of cotton, so they’re ultrasoft and breathable, and come in ribbed knit for added warmth. The logo emblazoned in gray on the black cotton is slick and easy to spot should you lose them.

  1. Bottega Veneta Cashmere-Lined Intrecciato Leather Gloves

Bottega Veneta Cashmere-Lined Intrecciato Leather Gloves

Price: US$420.00
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It takes a person with refined taste to identify an item that’s legitimately high fashion. Connect with fellow luxury lovers through these handsome Bottega Veneta gloves in black. From the fine Italian leather and the generous cashmere lining, to the intricate Intrecciato weave that’s a house signature, these gloves are something fashion lovers everywhere would appreciate. Don’t worry about calluses on your hands, it wouldn’t take much to get used to these babies in supple leather.

  1. DSQUARED2 zipped gloves

DSQUARED2 zipped gloves
Price: US$510.00
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It might come with a heftier price tag than usual but don’t you worry, the return of investment is worth considering. Much effort and thought are put into the pair to make them the ideal gloves to don when you’re enjoying the winter wonderland. Although a Canadian brand, DSQUARED2 had these especially made in Italy for that expert leather craftsmanship and meticulous lining of rabbit fur. And while you’re admiring its practicality, it also is modish; take note of the frilled details and side zips.

  1. Hestra Shearling Gloves

Hestra Shearling Gloves
Price: US$225.00
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All it takes is one glance at these gloves and your weather concerns will be put at bay. Swedish brand Hestra’s shearling gloves already lend a sense of security and warmth with appearances alone, can you imagine how ecstatic you’d be putting your hands in these? No need to shove your hands in your pockets to make ‘em toastier, too, even if your hands will have no problem fitting in.The gloves are expertly cut from plush shearling and thoroughly sewn together to ensure maximum comfort.

  1. Maison Margiela striped panel gloves

Maison Margiela striped panel gloves

Price: US$181.00
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If you want to veer away from the conventional without compromising comfort, then French luxury house Maison Margiela is the way to go. The brand had fun with the fabric by injecting an asymmetrical design for more character. These gloves are sartorial pieces that could also work as a piece of art; notice how the combination of the red, white and gray wool can effortlessly put you in a more comfortable state of mind.

  1. Dents Shaftesbury Touchscreen Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Dents Shaftesbury Touchscreen Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Price: US$185.00
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If you hate wearing gloves because you have to remove them every now and then in order to use your mobile devices, we assure you, you are not alone. The lovely people at Dents had this very concern in mind when they came up with their Shaftesbury gloves. These can be used to scroll through touch screens without much fuss, and without sacrificing comfort and warmth.

  1. Addict Clothes Japan bicolour gloves

Addict Clothes Japan bicolour gloves
Price: US$317.00
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If black and brown have bored you out of your mind, then this pair of gloves from Addict Clothes Japan might be a breath of fresh air. The bicolor gloves are made in a combination of polyester so they’re strong, less prone to wrinkling and wrinkles, and quick to dry, and sheepskin to keep your hands toasty. Take note though that the pair is snug in fit. If you’re more comfortable in something looser, choose the next size up.

  1. Hestra Shearling-Lined Leather Mittens

Hestra Shearling-Lined Leather Mittens

Price: US$200.00
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Swedish Hestra won’t allow itself to be a runner-up in the game; take a look at these mittens just so you have an idea how seriously it takes matters of winter clothing in its hands. There are so many things to say about these imported accessories: they are hand-sewn to ensure seamlessness; the outer part is made of luxurious brown leather and the inside is lined with cream-colored shearling for coziness, and; the collection where these mittens come from take inspiration in nature. Can we just say wow?

  1. Canada Goose ribbed cuff gloves

Canada Goose ribbed cuff gloves

Price: US$140.00
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You shouldn’t need any convincing when we say that Canada Goose is an expert in urban cool garments, but if you’re in doubt, then have a look at these black gloves. The construction is sensible but the design also keeps them from being a frumpy accessory you’d hate to wear. Use these modern and plush gloves made in goat skin and merino everyday, everywhere, we really won’t mind. The ribbed cuffs are also convenient so you won’t lose them easily, besides them being snug.

  1. Anderson & Sheppard Shearling Gloves

Anderson & Sheppard Shearling Gloves

Price: US$265.00
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Anderson & Sheppard’s pair of gloves is different from the rest of the list in that its main selling point is its fashionability. The tan gloves can be give your outfit much needed oomph regardless if you’re lounging in the city or staying with folks in the countryside. They have a bit of Parisian flair to them too, having been made in France. But don’t worry, it still does its job of shielding your hands from the cold, thanks to the shearling material. You can turn the edges up to see for yourself some more of the lining that will make your hands toasty, and keep them there if you want to add some style to your gloves.

  1. Emporio Armani leather gloves

Emporio Armani leather gloves

Price: US$201.00
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Emporio Armani is not only a king in menswear, it is a budding name in men’s accessories, too. Take these leather gloves as proof—the marine blue color is soothing to the eyes, and the lamb skin is generous enough that it would feel plush on your hands. The insides are lined with 100% wool to give you more of the luxurious feeling, and to insulate your hands, of course.

  1. Gucci GG Supreme debossed gloves

Gucci GG Supreme debossed gloves

Price: US$523.00
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Even though the branding is bordering on excessive, we can’t help but admire these gloves that are distinctly Gucci, exceptional and opulent. These black gloves are made out of 100% Italian nappa leather, a proof that the reign of the Beautiful Country as a fashion capital still isn’t over. It’s hard to keep ourselves from gawking at the GG supreme-debossed leather gloves’ seams, which are just flawless.

  1. Burton AK GORE TEX 3L Hover Mitt

Burton AK GORE TEX 3L Hover Mitt

Price: US$227.00
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If you’re wondering what top snowboarders like Terje Haakonsen‘s preferred glove makers are, then look no further because it’s Burton. The GORE TEX is suitable for the man who keeps an active lifestyle, with four justifications: one, the technology promises to safeguard your hands so they’re dry the whole time; two, Burton promises that the mitts can afford warmth that multiple gloves can provide; three, they permit supple grip with the leather palm, and; four, you can customize depending on preference, and one option even allows for touch screen compatibility. You can’t lose.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Heraldic Sicilia gloves

Dolce & Gabbana Heraldic Sicilia gloves

Price: US$254.00
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Dolce & Gabbana gives you a classic pair in these gloves that feature an embroidered crest. We know you’re already feeling regal, but there’s more: the green gloves are made in a plush blend of virgin wool and cotton, and is made in the fashion capital, no less. Go ahead, indulge yourself.

  1. DSQUARED2 padded checked gloves

DSQUARED2 padded checked gloves

Price: US$500.00
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The Canadian luxury brand dubs its gloves as ‘glunge’, and rightly so, as it combines glamour and grunge in this big and loud checked gloves. Italian-made, the pair are padded sufficiently to provide incomparable warmth to your digits. The straps designed to secure the gloves are also embellished with the brand’s logo, just so people know you pick pros.

  1. Fendi bicolor appliqué gloves

Fendi bicolor appliqué gloves

Price: US$349.00
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We’re fascinated at Fendi’s adeptness in fashioning high-end garments without taking itself seriously; these bicolor gloves are a great example. The black and white mohair is luxurious, and the ribbed detail makes it a sensible choice. Still, Fendi injects the Bag Bugs eyes to keep it from becoming too hoity-toity, and to our wonder, it works.

Take good care of your hands and bank on these gloves that would give you the protection you need as well as improve your style. You may have to spend more than your typical knit pairs, but trust us—these luxurious gloves would be something you’d want to keep in your collection forever.

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