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Best-selling ALAÏA Bags, Dresses & Footwear in 2018

17 Extremely Elegant And Simple ALAÏA Dresses Worth Investing

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When talking of the  Parisian fashion elite, it would be difficult not to mention the genius Azzedine Alaïa, dubbed “The King of Cling” for his designs that celebrated the female figure. The icon, who passed last year, is responsible for bringing to the limelight body-con dresses that are far from shy and remain popular to this day.

ALAÏA bags

  1. ALAÏA Alligator bucket bag

ALAÏA Alligator bucket bag

Price: US$22,610.00
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Didn’t we promise that this would be a list of the best? Well, that promise is already fulfilled with this utterly divine crimson red Alligator bucket bag. Made from authentic alligator material, not only does it exude an alluring beauty that would make you drool, but also ensures you of a durable item that you can flaunt from your 30s until your future granddaughter’s wedding. And believe us—it only gets better in time.



Price: US$1,302.39
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An heirloom vibe is what we’re getting from Alaïa’s mini clutch bag, complete with the label’s signature laser cut design all over the piece. With its burgundy leather adorned with geometric patterns, this cute and compact clutch will surely get you noticed by lady bag-lovers and intrigued men alike. The elegant look of this bag is perfect for dinner dates and evening events when you’re all glammed up in a beautiful designer dress.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote

ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote

Price: US$2,390.00
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White leather has this mesmerizing quality to it, exuding a classy and well-organized woman sporting it. This quality, paired with the artistry and craftsmanship of Alaïa, brings us this exquisite leather tote. Finely detailed with the iconic laser-cut design of the label, a plain white piece has never looked this good. We know you’d love to organize your stuff especially with the unlined design of this bag, so we know the bonus pouch will come in handy.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut leather bucket bag

ALAÏA Laser-cut leather bucket bag

Price: US$2,470.00
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A charming piece that captures the handcrafting magic of Alaïa, this bucket bag will be your instant favorite for your brunch dates with your girlfriends. Its beautiful light pink hue will easily adapt to your outfit, a nice accessory detail to complete your styling. Petal cutouts gracing this piece will leave you in trance, and honestly, will force you to keep your daily essentials neatly in place more that you usually do. Now, who wouldn’t want a sophisticated bag that keeps you well-ordered, right?

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote

ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote (2)

Price: US$2,910.00
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We already know it, every woman has a classic black tote as her go-to piece for any look. But Alaïa’s version of it is so much more than just a black tote. It is a standout piece that reflects the modern creative look that every laser-cut bag from the brand shows off, made even more interesting by the contrasting beige interior of the piece. The open-top design lets nothing get in the way of easily reaching for your stuff, adding convenience to the list of positive points we love about this bag.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut leather pouch

ALAÏA Laser-cut leather pouch

Price: US$860.00
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Quick runs outside or just a no-huge-bags-please kind of days call for a dependable pouch to keep your cards, cash and mobile phone safe. Why not make it a fashion statement still? With this Alaïa pouch, that’s easily attainable. Designed with the captivating laser-cut detailing, this piece will complement the classy laid-back look you aim for with your shirt dress and flats.

  1. ALAÏA Two-tone laser-cut leather tote

ALAÏA Two-tone laser-cut leather tote

Price: US$2,740.00
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If you’re a little too conscious of exposing what’s inside your bag, then this two-tone laser-cut tote is perfect for you. In contrast to the popular Alaïa bags that let others peek into your items inside your tote, this one uses black and white leather to cover the entire surface of the bag, while still designed with the well-loved geometric pattern of the label. It is a gorgeous piece that allows you to switch up your look from casual to formal without the hassle of changing bags in between.

  1. ALAÏA Small laser-cut leather tote

ALAÏA Small laser-cut leather tote

Price: US$2,660.00
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Another beauty from the brand is this small laser tote that has been handcrafted to the the standard of perfection. There’s no doubt that this bag will lift your style into a more sophisticated one, so it’s perfect for your favorite office wear: black pants, cute top and a dashing black blazer.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote

ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote (3)

Price: US$2,910.00
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Feeling like you haven’t got enough black tote to instantly grab to match a monochrome sweater and skirt ensemble or tone down a loudly printed dress? Alaïa always has another one for you, another piece that keeps the intricate-detail tradition of the label that emanates from its highly-celebrated founder. This bag comes with a pouch, to save you time from a possible bag-ransacking experience just to find your hair clip or lipstick. This was conveniently added with a leaf-shaped mirror for your quick touch-ups.

  1. ALAÏA Ultra mini eyelet-embellished leather tote

ALAÏA Ultra mini eyelet-embellished leather tote

Price: US$2,390.00
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This mini leather tote is a bold piece with the coolest finishing touches of eyelet embellishments for the ultra modern and fashionable look. If you are looking for that perfect bag to channel the strong and independent woman that you are, look no more as this tote aptly captures that, while also revealing your true fashionista self. This bag will truly shine against your default ensemble of all-black shirt and leggings.

  1. ALAÏA Leather shoulder bag

ALAÏA Leather shoulder bag

Price: US$1,820.00
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Keep it classy with Alaïa’s shoulder bag that agrees with your minimalist choices in accessories, to perfectly complement your bold options in clothing and shoes. If your wardrobe is like the permanent residence of a unicorn or a rainbow, you badly need this sophisticated straight-to-the-point shoulder bag as your complementary piece.

  1. ALAÏA Mini laser-cut python tote

ALAÏA Mini laser-cut python tote

Price: US$4,770.00
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Another wow-worthy piece from the brand is this python tote that makes use of the beautiful combination of the natural mushroom, brown and cream hues to style up your dolled-up look. The pattern of the python skin was made even more intense by the meticulous cut-outs added to the entire bag, a creative combination of a nature’s masterpiece and current fashion’s technological infusions to modern designs.

  1. ALAÏA Studded leather pouch

ALAÏA Studded leather pouch

Price: US$860.00
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Alaïa’s black pouch is another mini piece that can give a big impact on how you look, even on days when you don’t want to put in too much effort. With its classic and ageless look, there’s no wonder this envelope-style pouch has been around for decades now, having been released in the 90s and still styling up women all over the world today. The captivating ‘Arabesque’ design of the cut-outs add to the glamour of this piece. Go ahead and pair it with your cut-out top for that cohesive look.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote

ALAÏA Laser-cut leather tote (4)

Price: US$2,650.00
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A straight-up divinely beautiful bag is what Alaïa gives in this lase-cut leather tote with a perfect heavenly white hue. Having both a handle and a shoulder strap, this bag gives you carrying options, while the versatile hue makes it a go-to bag for basically any look and style you want.

  1. ALAÏA Studded textured-leather wallet

ALAÏA Studded textured-leather wallet

Price: US$1,100.00
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Ending off our list is a beautifully designed wallet, still with the captivating pattern that is unmistakably Alaïa’s. The beauty of this wallet is enough for you to style with it alone. I mean, who would hide this masterpiece inside a tote, right? Both its design and hue deserve to see the light of the day; and with this wallet, you’ll most likely to always leave your bag behind in the car to just carry this baby out to where you’re headed (read: lunch meetings or quick catch up with friends).

ALAÏA Dresses

  1.  ALAÏA Malte jacquard-knit mini dress

ALAÏA Malte jacquard-knit mini dress
Price: US$3,150.00
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Ordinary is not Alaïa’s idea of fashion. This bright red mini dress is anything but—it is pretty and decorated with flowers and dots, seamlessly woven with women’s comfort in thought. It is snug and beautiful, and definitely flattering, so don’t wonder if people would be mesmerized to find you flitting in this red number.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut knitted mini dress

ALAÏA Laser-cut knitted mini dress
Price: US$3,340.00
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Why not add some variety to your collection of LBDs by getting yourself this knitted number? You can feel confident in the color black in more ways than one. This mini dress hugs the body in a flattering way, and the flared skirt with a hem embellished with diamond shapes will especially look great against your legs.

  1. ALAÏA Guipure Lace-Paneled Cotton-Blend Fabulous Maxi Dress

ALAÏA Guipure Lace-Paneled Cotton-Blend Fabulous Maxi Dress

Price: US$3,120.04
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I think we can all agree that maxi dresses are a marvelous trend in women’s fashion. It gives you an option to cover more of you if you’re not particularly in the mood for short shorts and tank tops while still keeping you breezy and comfortable. In the warmer months, be especially angelic and fresh in this pristine white Alaïa number with see-through guipure lace paneling. Look closely… they’re petals just apt for the season!

  1. ALAÏA Knitted Women’s Adorable Antique-Rose Mini Dress

ALAÏA Knitted Women’s Adorable Antique-Rose Mini Dress
Price: US$2,700.75
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Couldn’t help but get yourself some lovely, old-timey collections? Match your mood with your outfit by getting yourself this mini dress in antique rose. Vintage chick may be what you already are, but give yourself a little more push by shooting for vintage chic. The dress also lends a touch of femininity to your OOTD without showing too much skin while clinging beautifully on your body, so it wouldn’t be discomforting when you’re shopping for antiques.

  1. ALAÏA Two-tone jacquard-knit wool-blend midi dress

ALAÏA Two-tone jacquard-knit wool-blend midi dress
Price: US$2,387.48
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Everyone’s idea of floral may be a splashing of colors, but not you—you can go monochrome AND floral, the combination which unexpectedly makes for a sophisticated dress. Appear effortlessly modish with this dress that is fitted at the bust and the waist, and slimmer because of the flared silhouette and folds of this black-and-white number. Made in Italy, this dress has a concealed zipper and hook which teases with a little view of your back.

  1. ALAÏA Pleated cute jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress

ALAÏA Pleated cute jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress
Price: US$2,652.75
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Few outfits could cast a spell on passersby as strongly as this Alaïa mini dress in a geometric jacquard pattern. The combination of off-white and black succeeds in giving us a number that can be simultaneously elegant and casual, you’d give yourself a second look in the mirror. This dress in opulent, stretchy wool allows breathability despite its form-fitting structure. You can absolutely look forward to feeling the soft fabric under your skin.


  1. ALAÏA Pleated lovely two-tone knitted mini dress

ALAÏA Pleated lovely two-tone knitted mini dress
Price: US$2,269.12
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Be as subtle as white and striking as red with this lovely two-tone mini dress from Alaïa. The design with a pleated skirt brings to mind costumes of cheerleaders, but this one is more appropriate for other events while still being as playful. It combines function with form exceptionally well, being a delight to wear while simultaneously being a stylish throw that your friends would wish they had. The structure of the dress is also body-hugging, allowing the viscose-blend to emphasize your curves.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut knitted cute white mini dress

ALAÏA Laser-cut knitted cute white mini dress
Price: US$2,577.44
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If you want a dress you can maximize more than usual, why not go for one that can make the transition easier from work to leisure? This white mini dress fits the bill, and is especially ideal for the summer thanks to its lightweight material of blended viscose and polyester. With the fit-and-flare structure, you can feel sexy and fresh even when you’re wearing an all-around garment.

  1. ALAÏA Tiered embroidered cotton-poplin white mini dress

ALAÏA Tiered embroidered cotton-poplin white mini dress
Price: US$3,058.39
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Look like a goddess with this white mini dress that’s most appropriate before Labor Day. The frock full of pleats will make you feel beautiful and innocent, or even like a modern version of a Greek nymph. You’ll be graceful with this beauty, thanks to its tiered design, and the waist is also embroidered with floral patterns, which is extremely feminine. Made of quality cotton, the dress will keep you fresh even if it is long-sleeved.

  1. ALAÏA Jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress

ALAÏA Jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress
Price: US$2,122.21
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Whether you want to take a peaceful stroll on the park or run your errands before another workday, this wool-blend mini dress will make sure that you’re looking your best while dealing with mundane matters. The lovely dress with floral patterns all over will cling to your body and highlight some of your features, making you look extra special. The wool is also a delight to the skin, that we won’t blame you if you repeat this several days in a month.

  1. ALAÏA Jacquard-knit mini dress

ALAÏA Jacquard-knit mini dress
Price: US$3,460.00
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Only a designer such as Azzedine Alaïa who pays attention to every detail can produce a dress as perfect as this. With your comfort and esteem in mind, the frock not only allows you to move with ease in it, it also bring your style to another elevel. The flit-and-flare style is already expected to flatter the female form, while rhe navy jacquard-knit with scalloped sleeves and hem give a hint of playfulness.

  1. ALAÏA Delphinium jacquard-knit mini dress

ALAÏA Delphinium jacquard-knit mini dress
Price: US$3,420.00
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Alaïa dresses are famed for their fit that appear as if it’s second skin. While the intentional narrowness in the waist area is already slimming, the panels on the dress also enhance the impact. If it looks like a work of love, there’s no need to wonder, because it really is. This Alaïa dress took more than 300 hours to finish by hand.

  1. ALAÏA Jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress

ALAÏA Jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress
Price: US$3,840.00
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Alaïa is beloved and admired by models, celebrities and female icons everywhere, thanks to his thoughtfulness in designing a dress that would make patrons feel beautiful and confident. The alluring dress made in off-white wool blend is an easy choice for a classy lady confident in her form. The A-line skirt makes the number look feathery and the already elegant neckline is enhanced by the signature scalloped lining of Alaïa.

  1. ALAÏA Jacquard-knit Cute Crimson wool-blend mini dress

ALAÏA Jacquard-knit Cute Crimson wool-blend mini dress
Price: US$2,525.88
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Radiate power and poise with this crimson red number made from spongy jacquard-knit wool blend that fits nicely on the bodice and is casual elegant through and through. This dress, made in Italy, is embellished with floral patterns that give it more character. The nonrestrictive fit allows for ease in movement and more confidence with each step.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut knitted white dress

ALAÏA Laser-cut knitted white dress
Price: US$3,009.05
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Add more pizzazz to your wardrobe by getting yourself this woven white dress that fuses comfort with style. This is perfect when you’re seeking comfort in your wardrobe but just cannot let yourself just go and dress with little consideration for style. The details in the sleeveless dress that are of zigzag pointelle inserts and soft flares in the skirt area were made by using a thorough laser-cutting technique, preventing the dress from looking flat.

  1. ALAÏA Pleated jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress

ALAÏA Pleated jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress
Price: US$2,918.03
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It’s hard to imagine all the work that was put in handcrafting a dress as elaborate as this. The patterns alone would be time-consuming to achieve as the upper half of the dress varies from the ones on the skirt. It, however, gives the dress an illusion of depth, making it a captivating frock to don even on an uneventful day. The fitted waist highlights the female form and the pressed in pleats make the design even more interesting.

  1. ALAÏA Jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress

ALAÏA Jacquard-knit wool-blend mini dress
Price: US$3,650.00
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Nothing quite boosts the confidence of a lady than a black number that is exquisitely made and fits nicely, such as this jacquard-knit mini dress. You can easily identify this as an Alaïa piece from the scalloped collar and hem alone, but what truly sets it apart is the attention to detail that was given in order to achieve some semblance of perfection. The black wool blend fits tightly on the bust and waist area, but the flared structure of the skirt balances the design by giving the lower half of the body more freedom to move.

ALAÏA Footwear



Price: US$1,268.71
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Azzedine Alaïa was exposed to art from a young age, and if we have the right to say, we’d claim his creations are art itself. In this black snakeskin stilettos, we’d see a reference to art with the painterly white dots covering the entirety of the shoe, probably done without intention because we reckon art just manifests naturally in his work.



Price: US$1,118.76
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Practicality is not lost on the production of Alaïa shoes, no matter how creative or trendy it gets. This ankle boots combines the warmth of boots and the sassiness of heels. The cushioned leather trim at the back of the shoe and lace-up fastening are adopted from hiking shoes, so it’s truly made with the intention of comfort. You might just have met the most comfy boots you can ever have.



Price: US$863.24
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At first look, this may just be like any other strappy sandal, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see the alternating circle and diamond shapes and cutouts along the straps. This design creates an interesting scalloped-like detail against the skin of your feet, and those who notice the difference are people you know do have the same eye for fashion as you do.

  1. ALAÏA Laser-cut leather sneakers

ALAÏA Laser-cut leather sneakers

Price: US$1,050.00
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We’re seeing a pattern (pun intended) with the labyrinthine laser-cut details that grace almost every Alaïa pair. Sneaker-obsessed women who still want that feminine touch to their sporty footwear will be delighted to see this fairly-feminine white laser-cut sneakers. Clean-cut, neat, and not too much for the eyes.



Price: US$1,260.00
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Alaïa’s signature Bombe sandals are generally some of the most sumptuous heels for women in the market, but this burgundy velvet sandals are the most tempting to get. We don’t know about you but we can’t get enough of pom pom details. That and the gunmetal studs popping out from the sides are the exact picture of seduction for women.

  1. ALAÏA Studded leather ankle boots

ALAÏA Studded leather ankle boots

Price: US$1,520.00
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Combat boots are not the style of shoes you’d think would fit a lot of outfits, but you’d be wrong. Try it with flowy dresses, jeans, skirts, or with tights and you’ll just end up with a different vibe on familiar clothes you’ve always worn. These Alaïa boots are embellished with silver studs on the ankles that form their Arabesque pattern, which makes it more feminine to reverse the masculine shape of the shoes.



Price: US$980.36
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Unlike clothes, shoes are more flexible to wear regardless of the switching seasons, but there are some styles that just mirror the vibe of a certain season. Flat sandals are for the balmy spring and summer weathers. This metallic gold Bombe sandals with the same pom pom-like details running the length of your feet will be your go-to shoes these coming months.



Price: US$832.43
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It’s totally not weird to feel conscious about your feet. There are little things about them that we sometimes notice in ourselves, and it’s not obsessive to be aware of them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear the shoes you want. These white suede heels will come to your rescue. The cage silhouette and lace-up front will be distraction enough to point focus on your feet without feeling that self-consciousness at all.



Price: US$1,038.03
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You’ve probably been smitten by the burgundy Bombe sandals, but these midnight blue velvet sandals are equally mesmerizing. It’s the perfect marriage of color and material. The slimming effect of the design is already an indulgent bonus, but that’s Alaïa for you!

  1. ALAÏA Shearling-lined suede platform ankle boots

ALAÏA Shearling-lined suede platform ankle boots

Price: US$1,630.00
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Ever wondered how other women could manage 5-inch heels? The key is platforms. Don’t be fooled by the height of these boots because the added platform on the toes lessens the strain on your feet and the heels are thicker than your average stiletto. This is lined with shearling, both for warmth or style if you cuff it.

  1. ALAÏA Embellished leather sandals

ALAÏA Embellished leather sandals

Price: US$1,550.00
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Are these gladiator sandals or strappy slides? Both, apparently. You have the option to wear the lace up cuffs above the ankles or not, depending on your mood for the day. If you’re guilty of having way too many shoes for one person, this is your chance to have 2 even if it takes up space of only one pair.

  1. ALAÏA Appliquéd cutout leather ankle boots

ALAÏA Appliquéd cutout leather ankle boots

Price: US$1,830.00
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Flat ankle boots incorporate the comfort of sneakers, but packs an extra punch with a masculine shape. This particular pair is contrasted with the flowery studs, the cutouts, and complicated straps that go in, out, and through on the ankles, so there’s more to adore than just your overall character when you wear them.

  1. ALAÏA Embellished suede sneakers

ALAÏA Embellished suede sneakers

Price: US$1,000.00
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With the number of white sneakers out there, they’ve all begun to mesh together and look like one and the same every time we see them, even on different people. But we’ll bet this Alaïa sneakers are nothing like you’ve seen before. The silver embellishments were applied by hand, adding abit of a glamorous sparkle, but are not too loud of a design for the shoes to be easy on the eyes.

  1. ALAÏA Studded leather ankle boots

ALAÏA Studded leather ankle boots

Price: US$1,410.00
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There’s really no formula to achieve a Parisian chic, but we’re almost certain that ankle boots are never not in a French girl’s closet. These rose-colored Alaïa boots are a score because of their immaculate shape that’s made for walking and they’re embellished all over with the brand’s signature Arabesque pattern, which is surprisingly discreet like a true modest Parisian.

  1. ALAÏA Studded suede slides

ALAÏA Studded suede slides

Price: US$1,070.00
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It’s not that slides are the last option, but if all else fails, you can always count on them to save the day. They’re the easiest to wear, but definitely not the least in making a statement. The band on these slides are embellished with the flower-patterned studs — a mark of Alaïa that is everything you’ll really need for a simple pair.

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