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Aromatics in White by Clinique Review

Aromatics in White by Clinique Review 1

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Aromatics in White by Clinique Review
Aromatics in White wants to achieve quite a daunting feat in replicating the praise given to a Clinique classic, Aromatics Elixir, but for us it does not quite get to that point. We feel that it comes off as generic, although it is not without its merits: it is wearable and inoffensive, clean and offers a little bit of musk, and even wear time is average. It even has some warmth when applied that one could benefit from during colder days. But it just does not have the personality that elevates it to the status of a classic and may give the impression of being slightly juvenile.
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The patchouli mixed in with florals is comforting
Perfect for use in most days and occasions, inoffensive
Ideal for layering to give it more character
Not the most exciting of the bunch
We think this isn’t for everyone; it might be better suited for younger perfume wearers
Very linear fragrance, no observed development
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When perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu composed Clinique’s Aromatics in White, what he had in mind was a more modern version of the brand’s classic fragrance, the Aromatics Elixir. While Aromatics in White did not end up touching the level of the scent it is trying to challenge, it succeeded in becoming a wearable scent that can be applied in many occasions. Released in 2014, this one is a combination of violet leaves, labdanum, Sichuan pepper, orange blossom, roses, patchouli, musk, amber, vanilla and benzoin. It is housed in a white bottle that is a call back to earlier Clinique releases but this time with a white cap.

Aromatics in White by Clinique Review 2

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