Top 21 Men’s Boat Shoes That We Love in 2018

Boat shoes are the bearers of the “Goldilocks principle” in footwear, particularly summer footwear. They are not too open that your feet go unprotected, but they are also not too bulky and enclosed that your feet will be gross by the end of the day; they are just right.

These babies have the name because they are essentially made for sailing. The material will not cause you embarrassing slips in a glamorous yacht party, or while enjoying the view of the sea. But if you prefer spending your summer days somewhere else rather than by the sea, boat shoes work fine too. And that’s an understatement, they’re MORE than fine.

One concern you might have: “Will this go along with my usual outfit? Will it look good with most of my pants?” We hear ya. But just because they are touted versatile doesn’t mean that you completely throw effort out of the window when styling with them. If what you have in mind is a pair that can maximize with the clothes you already own, keep on reading, we have you covered. *wink*

  1. Visvim Brown Folk Trainer Moccasins

Visvim Brown Folk Trainer Moccasins

Price: US$820.00
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Rock the boat (and summer!) with these tan moccasins from Visvim. Sure, it seems undecided if it’s going for a laid-back look or a more athletic one, but that’s its selling point. If you want to be both but your sneakers are a hassle on summer, this one is perfect for you.

  1. Timberland classic boat shoes

Timberland classic boat shoes

Price: US$243.00
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Timberland promises that they are your preferred choice should you “take on the elements.” They really are, with these classic boat shoes that are still stylish even when you consider the possibility of them becoming wet (and boat shoes are designed with that in mind, so don’t fret).

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Perforated Grommet Boat Shoe

Salvatore Ferragamo Perforated Grommet Boat Shoe

Price: US$260.00
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We know that some boat shoes are deceiving, looks-wise. They can’t feel as airy as they look, can they? Well, these Salvatore Ferragamo boat shoes show breezy upfront with the perforations on the design. They come in blue, too, a color that is easy to match with most pants.

  1. Tod’s boat shoes

Tod's boat shoes

Price: US$411.00
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Grab these snazzy boat shoes from Tod’s and have fun mixing and matching them with vibrant chinos or even shorts. The shoes deviate from your typical design, but they are just as functional with the leather, calf suede and rubber material. Plus, they’re in a lovely moss color, and while moss may not be your idea of glamour, the color certainly is and will add some variety in your collection.

  1. Eastland Yarmouth USA Leather Boat Shoe

Eastland Yarmouth USA Leather Boat Shoe

Price: US$310.00
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Eastland, which debuted more than 60 years ago, brings back this classic from their collection. The neutral color and the earthy accents make these boat shoes very flexible. Perfect for your boat escapade or even for just a chill time in the city.

  1. Ugg Men’s Everton Rivera Emboss Boat Shoe

Ugg Men's Everton Rivera Emboss Boat Shoe

Price: US$150.00
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You wouldn’t use your boat shoes for a black tie event, but if the occasion is not too formal but still calls for classier clothing, then go with these shoes. Ugg is best known for their quality boots, but they sure did give the same effort in this breathable and anti-microbial pair. Dressier than most of our options, but still good-looking in a casual environment.

  1. Tod’s classic boat shoes

Tod's classic boat shoes

Price: US$565.00
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Tod’s gets another turn to showcase its take on classic boat shoes. The handsome suede and leather pair will get you that casual but still respectable vibe. Also available in blue if you’re into a cooler shade.

  1. Church’s classic boat shoes

Church's classic boat shoes

Price: US$345.00
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Make boat shoes a staple in your wardrobe by incorporating this blue pair from Church’s. It’s simple, sleek and classic that can be your go-to on a lazy day. This classic will pair nicely with your shorts.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Granprix boat shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo Granprix boat shoes

Price: US$466.00
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Walk as if you own a boat with these shoes from the Italian emissary of luxury, Salvatore Ferragamo. The pair comes in a luxurious ‘marrone’ designer color that will surely be the subject of envy by even actual yacht owners.

  1. GUCCI Boat shoes

GUCCI Boat shoes

Price: US$650.00
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Instantly look posh even when wearing your most drab pair of pants with Gucci‘s boat shoes. Not only are you assured of quality (it’s Gucci, obviously), you’ll be captured by the aesthetics of the combined polished black leather, iconic webbing of the brand, down to the tiny stitching details.

  1. ARPENTEUR + Paraboot Malo Leather Boat Shoes

ARPENTEUR + Paraboot Malo Leather Boat Shoes

Price: US$329.00
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If you haven’t got a pair of Arpenteur shoes in your closet, then what are you doing with your life? These are the boat shoes that reign supreme over others, not only because of their classic style and fancy look, but the practicality of the chunky and serrated soles. No doubt these will come in handy for any adventure-seeking man.

  1. JUST CAVALLI boat shoes

JUST CAVALLI boat shoes

Price: US$315.00
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Just Cavalli wows us with this sleek pair of boat shoes, a nice and modern rendition of your father’s favorite pair. The blue hue of the leather breaks away from the norm, while the square toe design and tie fastening gives a familiar vibe that feels almost like you’ve had the same pair before.

  1. QUODDY Downeast Nubuck Boat Shoes

QUODDY Downeast Nubuck Boat Shoes

Price: US$180.00
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Get a bit out of your comfort zone of blacks and browns with Quoddy‘s Downeast Nubuck Boat Shoes, a sure stunner for men of all ages. While the trend is about retired men sailing their luxury yachts, this pair would undoubtedly look dashing on a young newbie just learning the ropes of sailing.

  1. SEBAGO Dockside boat shoes

SEBAGO Dockside boat shoes

Price: US$178.00
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Sebago‘s precious brown leather is the key component in the beauty of these boat shoes. Known for their pieces with nautical inspirations, the label sure knows how to create a true sailman’s pair of dependable shoes. This pair is a reflection of a classically sophisticated pieces that are still well-loved in this day and age.

  1. SPERRY TOP-SIDER Authentic Original Burnished-Leather Boat Shoes

SPERRY TOP-SIDER Authentic Original Burnished-Leather Boat Shoes

Price: US$85.00
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Sperry is quite well-known for their boat shoes for the modern mn. These top-siders are a proof of their artistic technique of merging the past and the current styles, captivating a look that goes so well with any style, any age—and yes—any pair of pants.

  1. CAR SHOE Daino boat shoes

CAR SHOE Daino boat shoes

Price: US$381.00
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Roberto Rossellin and JFK are only two of many Car Shoe wearers, but they’re enough to prove the utmost qulity and style of the brand. These boat shoes back that up too, with their design captivating what a true gentleman should look like, yet still look awesomely cool with just some casual clothes.

  1. TIMBERLAND + Engineered Garments Suede And Nubuck Boat Shoes

TIMBERLAND + Engineered Garments Suede And Nubuck Boat Shoes

Price: US$150.00
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We get it, you know Timberland and you know what they create: awesome boat shoes. And they do it excellently. Just take a good look at these boat shoes, and you already know the brand is a master of its craft. An interesting mix of nubuck and suede give this pair an interesting texture, a true mark of the label’s craftsmanship.

  1. MONCLER classic boat shoes

MONCLER classic boat shoes

Price: US$395.00
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These classic-looking boat shoes from Moncler invites you to put them on, with their calf leather material that looks so comfortable. The green hue might not what you are used to, but trust us, this color matches many outfits you plan to wear with these pieces.

  1. Swims Mesh & Rubber Braided-Lace Boat Shoe, Navy/Red

Swims Mesh & Rubber Braided-Lace Boat Shoe, NavyRed

Price: US$159.00
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Don’t worry about getting your shoes wet with Swims Braided-Lace Boat Shoe, designed to accompany you through the land and into the sea, or wherever you deem to go on an adventure. Not only does this pair look fashionably modern, but its features are quite advanced, too! It used a 3D-molded TPU for its structure, while the mesh liner has antibacterial properties. Talk about cool, huh.

  1. PRADA logo plaque boat shoes

PRADA logo plaque boat shoes

Price: US$645.00
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Of course fashion house Prada would be included in this list. Known for pieces that are highly-sophisticated, expect these boat shoes to pick up your fashion style and parade it with grace around town. It doesn’t need much of a design, with the logo plaque at it center-front already establishing its fashion authority among other pairs.

  1. BOTTEGA VENETA woven boat shoes

BOTTEGA VENETA woven boat shoes

Price: US$690.00
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If you are such a fan of the intrecciato pattern like we are, you’ll be itchy to get these woven boat shoes. Made from luscious brown calf leather, you’ll surely find it easy to style these shoes with anything from your closet.

Even though they were produced out of necessity, boat shoes are a welcome addition to any man’s dresser. The very versatile pairs can be stylish casual or semi-formal, but for whatever purposes you may have, there’s always a match for every trouser.

Top 9 Men’s Boat Shoes That Will Accommodate Most Pants

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