Best-selling Ankle, Chelsea & Laced-up Boots for Men in 2018

Top 8 Designer Casual Ankle Boots for Men in 2018

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Boots can be a handsome accompaniment to any man’s wardrobe. No matter the type, they can make you look classy, manly, edgy, or all of the above. There’s one for every season too, as well as for every occasion. But for a beginner, the abundance of choices can be daunting. If you’re confused on where to begin, here is a list of the best-selling boots in 2018.

Ankle Boots

  1.  BRIMARTS lace up ankle boots

BRIMARTS lace up ankle boots

Price: US$216.00
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Boots are typically made in black and brown, but if you’re shooting for some variety, then go for Brimarts’ blue lace-up ankle boots. That’s not the only unique thing the pair has going for it. There’s plenty of tasteful perforations on the toe and the sides as well as metal accents on the lace. Great for a western look without going all the way.

  1. DIEMME Suede Ankle Boots

DIEMME Suede Ankle Boots

Price: US$340.00
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These boots sure look snug around the ankles, no? The Diemme boots are the perfect urbane choice. Taking a stroll, chilling with your buddies at a bar, or doing errands? Irrelevant. Go about your day, be blasé, and let your shoes take care of your fashion statement.

  1. Paul Smith buckled ankle boot

Paul Smith buckled ankle boot

Price: US$298.00
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The beauty of ankle boots is that they mostly can go any way. Whether you’re feeling fancy or just aiming for a casual look, they can still cap your whole outfit. This probably looks ornate than most, but pairing them with skinny jeans does the trick if you want to keep it casual.

  1. AMIRI Suede Ankle Boots

AMIRI Suede Ankle Boots

Price: US$597.00
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What did we tell you about ankle boots satisfying every desired look there is? These tan suede boots with perfect folds look luxurious, and the weathered attitude of the suede and the silver-top zips on the side of the boots both make strong statements.

  1. Hogan lace up ankle boots

Hogan lace up ankle boots

Price: US$382.00
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Hogan has only been around for a few decades compared to other brands famous for their boots, but what it lacks in age it makes up in carefully-crafted, high quality footwear and expertise in handling leather. Want rugged-looking boots? Wish granted.

  1. LUDWIG REITER Suede Ankle Boots

LUDWIG REITER Suede Ankle Boots

Price: US$279.00
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Dress up like a man who knows where he is going with these brown suede shoes from family-owned Ludwig Reiter. Aside from giving your feet a suave makeover, the shoes are also comfortable and designed to prevent mishaps. Certainly worth every penny spent.

  1. N.D.C. Made By Hand Janko ankle boots

N.D.C. Made By Hand Janko ankle boots

Price: US$352.00
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If you want your products labored with great care and thought, those that aren’t manufactured on a whim, then you found your sole mate in n.d.c. It is gutsy in its designs, willing to take risks which eventually sway the trends in one way or another. This pair in tan suede is a perfect addition for the nonconformist’s shoe rack.

  1. VALENTINO Ankle Boots with Suede

VALENTINO Ankle Boots with Suede

Price: US$515.00
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These Valentino ankle boots that seem to employ different textures for a unique design… smooth, and smoother. Step out in style with this standout pair in blue, black and white that will turn heads everywhere.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots

Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots

Price: US$150.00
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Go all-American with a truly American treasure such as Tommy Hilfiger and these ankle boots to make an impression. The leather in a color the brand dubs as dark blue shadow is lustrous, beautiful, and strong to endure harsh conditions. The bold shoes have gunmetal-tone hardware and a chunky sole that will look fantastic with jeans.

  1. A Diciannoveventitre ankle boots

A Diciannoveventitre ankle boots

Price: US$2,300.00
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A Diciannoveventitre, led by artist Simone Cecchetto, is a daring choice for a boot. Sure, his iteration of the ankle boots hardly have any ornaments, and to the untrained eye, it would even look worn out. Its appeal lies on Cecchetto’s ability to source materials, put them together, and make them out to be a piece of art and of fashion, such as these booties in black horse leather.

  1. Timberland ankle boots

Timberland ankle boots

Price: US$109.00
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Timberland used to be a brand relied upon not for their style but for their function, thanks to the company’s commitment to produce sturdy and dependable shoes. Its widespread use and unshakable reputation soon led to its undeniable recognition, but now it also became a name synonymous with fashion-forwardness thanks to celebrities opting for them in their daily outfits. The brown ankle boots made out of leather is beautiful, and the padded ankle will be snug on the area to make you feel warmer and more secure.

  1. ALYX ankle boots

ALYX ankle boots

Price: US$521.00
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Get ready to enter the scene with some attitude. Doning these ALYX ankle boots is an invigorating experience every boot lover deserves to have. It’s in strong and bold black, and comes with buckles instead of your usual laces. Stud details are not only visible on the toe but also on the rear, making you stand out all over.

  1. Moma woven-detail ankle boots

Moma woven-detail ankle boots

Price: US$443.00
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It’s undeniable that an item tagged as “Made in Italy” implies many other things aside from a hefty price tag. Among them are high quality, fine taste, and artisanal products. You can see all these three in these ankle boots made by Moma. Even more impressive is the fact that the high-end footwear made in brown buffalo leather with woven details is actually handcrafted.

  1. Buttero lace-up ankle boots

Buttero lace-up ankle boots

Price: US$316.00
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Take all the time you need to take this all in because before you is a Buttero pair, hailing all the way from Tuscany, Italy. The brand, best known for their riding shoes, boasts of another product in these brown lace-up boots that while already lovely now, will only become even more beautiful in time (granted, of course, that it is given proper care).

  1. Guidi lace-up ankle boots

Guidi lace-up ankle boots

Price: US$850.00
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If you require exclusivity in your collection, then might we interest you in these lace-up ankle boots from Guidi? It would fascinate you to know that Guidi remains, to this day, dedicated to promoting the tradition of Italian craftsmanship by refusing to mass produce their items. The boots crafted from black horse leather and with gold-tone accents will give you a strong impression with each step. The care that has been given in the pair’s construction will also remind you of its cobblers back in the Beautiful Country.

  1. Sorel lace up ankle boots

Sorel lace up ankle boots

Price: US$235.00
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If you need a pair you can rely on for all seasons, then Sorel is the man. Sorel boots are best known for their use in the winter because of the unmatched warmth they can give your feet. This iteration is no different, with the lovely exterior constructed out of tan suede. The rubber soles also make each step easier and grip firmer, and the blue laces inject a bit of color to keep the appearance interesting.

  1. Marsèll Listello ankle boots

Marsèll Listello ankle boots

Price: US$885.00
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If you’ve guessed in an instant that this is a Marsèll product even without reading the name, then we know just what gave this away. The washed material is already a signature, and while employed by many other high-end names in fashion, it still stands out for Marsèll because of their excellent use of it on a fashion-forward construction. These boots in brown suede and with a wooden sole would look amazing with denim jeans.

  1. Gucci Web collar ankle boots

Gucci Web collar ankle boots

Price: US$830.00
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Yearning to earn some of your much deserved sartorial stripes? Then check these Gucci ankle boots out, complete with a Web collar that makes it easily recognizable as a product from the highly coveted brand. It’s constructed with leather in rich tan that is oh-so-pleasing to the eyes and a rubber lug sole which will make each step firmer on the ground. The padded ankle will not only feel tighter around the ankles but also make your complete attire even more bang-up.

  1. Cherevichkiotvichki zipped ankle boots

Cherevichkiotvichki zipped ankle boots

Price: US$1,232.00
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Don’t go shilly-shallying with putting some variety on your shoe rack, as white fashionable boots can definitely be worth every dollar if you want to be set apart from the rest. These ankle boots from Cherevichkiotvichki is made out of supple calf leather and zipped in front. It may be more of a fashionable item than a functional one, but we couldn’t resist! It fits small though, so make sure to pick a bigger size.

  1. Fiorentini + Baker Dylan ankle boots

Fiorentini + Baker Dylan ankle boots

Price: US$441.00
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We can’t ignore the beauty of these boots from Fiorenti + Baker and we’re certain that you can’t, too! These boots are made with fine leather in a color the label calls snuff, but is made to appear as if it is suede. The creases on the material are all on the right places, giving you an edgier yet still classy option if you grab them.

  1. Premiata slip-on ankle boots

Premiata slip-on ankle boots

Price: US$311.00
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Finishing our list is something truly unique, courtesy of Italian artisans from Premiata. These ankle boots are completely in line with what the label stands for and aims to produce: items that look one of a kind and out of this world even when the materials gathered are all familiar. These gray boots made in horse leather with a similar exterior to suede has a futuristic construction and does away with the laces. The sole in tan complements the color of the leather and is thick enough to make each step more solid.

Chelsea Boots

Rare is the shoe that has beaten the longevity and versatility of Chelsea boots. From the fashion sense of the Victorian era to the British Invasion of the 1960s, up until today, they still look swell for many people, men and women alike. We probably owe this to their no-frills design and the lasting shoe that a good quality leather and well-maintained boot can bring, not to mention their snug fit.

If history is any proof, then we don’t think they will go away anytime soon, so why not bank on one today? We’d contend that Chelsea boots are your best option should you keep only one kind of boot. They’re practical, comfortable and easy to pair with virtually anything: suits, jeans, what have you. They are, without a doubt, a must-have for any well-rounded wardrobe there is.

Have your pick from the following boots, designed by the most recognizable and trusted fashion houses worldwide:

  1.  Givenchy Brown Suede triple zip Chelsea boots

Givenchy Brown Suede triple zip Chelsea boots

Price: US$548.00
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Have a little spin on the traditional Chelsea boots by giving this Givenchy a try. The pair comes in a luxurious brown suede that would look good with your skinny jeans. Zippers are also aplenty, but it’s up to you if you’ll have them for their utility or leave them as is to make a statement.

  1. Neil Barrett Black Suede Chelsea Boots

Neil Barrett Black Suede Chelsea Boots

Price: US$510.00
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Combining the luxe appearance of suede with the timeless color of black will give you the sophistication you’ve been aiming for. It boasts of a perfectly round toe for great comfort, and while it may seem classic at first glance, the shoes also have silver zippers that are accents as much as they are a hassle-free way to get in and out of them.

  1. R.M. Williams Comfort Turnout Leather Boots

R.M. Williams Comfort Turnout Leather Boots

Price: US$545.00
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This one says comfort right on its name! Kidding aside, the Aussie brand promises ease with every step on its soles and minimal fuss in slipping them on. You can rely on these Chelsea boots in waxed rough-out leather and gorgeous brown to get you through all year round.

  1. Sacai stitched Chelsea boots

Sacai stitched Chelsea boots

Price: US$682.00
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Chelsea boots may not be native in Japan, they’re miles away from the shoes’ place of origin, but you can count on this Japanese luxury brand to reinvent them in order to produce an ingenious and reliable pair. Chitose Abe owns the style by adding stitches in white and a rear zipper. The leather and rubber material guarantees comfort while giving you a unique look.

  1. Marsèll Brown Suede Dodo Chelsea Boots

Marsèll Brown Suede Dodo Chelsea Boots

Price: US$795.00
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The charm of Chelsea boots lies on its lack of laces, because really, who has the time? Have ease with these suede Chelsea boots from Marsèll, not only for its pull tab and creases but also for its ankle-high design. The distressed suede also gives you an edgier look.

  1. Officine Creative Suede Chelsea Boots

Officine Creative Suede Chelsea Boots

Price: US$267.00
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The lighter color of these Chelsea boots may make you hesitate, but no need to sweat, they’re easy to pull off with darker jeans. Officine promises that breaking into them will not be a problem, thanks to its worn-in feel.

  1. Saint Laurent Hugo 25 Chelsea boots

Saint Laurent Hugo 25 Chelsea boots

Price: US$945.00
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Bring out the rebel in you and be confident in your strides with the help of French powerhouse Saint Laurent. The calf suede material and the flat-to the ground crepe sole make each step worth it. The style of the elasticized side panels and the ever reliable black color adds the edge that you need to complete your look.

  1. Burberry Black Alvington Chelsea Boots

Burberry Black Alvington Chelsea Boots

Price: US$895.00
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You can see testaments of true craftsmanship from the detailing throughout these Burberry Chelsea boots—and who doesn’t like well-made footwear? What’s more, it’s stylish and comfortable. The almond toe gives off a gentle vibe, the elastics at the sides make sure you can fit on these with ease, and the leather sole screams toughness and comfort.

  1. Common Projects Men’s Calf Suede Chelsea Boot, Tan

Common Projects Men's Calf Suede Chelsea Boot, Tan

Price: US$529.00
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Lighter colored footwear may not be the typical first choice but perhaps it’s time to step out of the ordinary and be extra? These Common Projects Chelsea boots in calf suede may just be the right fit for you. You will look sleek, thanks to the great detailing of these boots—the perfect round toe, double elastics on the side, and soft rubber inner sole. They also have one-inch flat heal for an added height. Style yours with chinos and shirts of similar color tones and you will look dashing.

  1. Lanvin Black Leather Chelsea Boots

Lanvin Black Leather Chelsea Boots

Price: US$695.00
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The longer your legs look, the better, right? Longer-looking legs is what you’ll get from these black ankle-high Chelsea boots from Lanvin. Made from durable calfskin, they feature round toe for that sexy finish, elastics on the side so your feet can effortlessly slide in, and leather heel and sole which mean quality guaranteed. You will look stunning when you pair these with black slim-fit jeans and leather jackets or white shirts.

  1. Wolverine Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea Boot, Brown

Wolverine Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea Boot, Brown

Price: US$295.00
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There’s something charming about looking rugged—like being able to survive challenges and yet keep going strong. Channel that vibe with these rowdy, sheepskin leather-made Wolverine Chelsea boots. Said to be inspired by 20th century designs, you will love the blended colors that inspire a vintage feel, the elastics on the side that enable the slip-on design, and the leather outsole that ensure they will stand the test of time.

  1. Valas Wood Heel Chelsea Boots

VALAS wood heel Chelsea boots

Price: US$595.00
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The great thing about Chelsea boots is they can project whatever you want depending on their overall look and feel. If you’re going for that powerful, confident look, then these black leather ones from Valas will be perfect for you. Styled with trousers and dressy shirt, these striking wooded heel boots with elastics on the side deliver sexiness and durability both at the same time.

  1. Grenson Heath Full-Grain Nubuck Chelsea Boots

GRENSON Heath Full-Grain Nubuck Chelsea Boots

Price: US$325.00
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Complete many of your casual looks with these handsome Grenson boots. Crafted from full-grain nubuck, these boots are definite keepers because they’re sturdy and easy to wear. Aside from their velvety touch and rubber soles, you will be sold because of the added height the one-inch sole will give you. Goes so well with denims.

  1. Frye Men’s Chase Leather Chelsea Boot

Frye Men's Chase Leather Chelsea Boot

Price: US$498.00
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Shoes say a lot about the wearer so it’s great to take time to choose what best represent your style and personality. Getting these cracked leather Frye Chelsea boots will highlight your sophisticated side. The weathered patterns give off a classic look, the lighter colored stacked heel give a nice contrast against the darker finish, and the pull-on style and round toe offer ease and flexibility.

  1. Balmain Metal Cap-Toe Suede Chelsea Boots

BALMAIN Metal Cap-Toe Suede Chelsea Boots

Price: US$1,250.00
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Honestly, you will standout wearing these Olivier Rousteing-designed Balmain Chelsea boots, thanks to the beautiful contrast of silver hardware on the tip against the black suede leather exterior. On top of these, the dual elastic on the sides feature a not-so-typical corrugated design for that maximum uniqueness. Pair these bad boys with black jeans and jacket over t-shirt for that casual feel.

  1. Vince Felix Bark Suede Gored Boot

Vince Felix Bark Suede Gored Boot

Price: US$395.00
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Give these soft suede Vince boots a spin when you want to rock elegant simplicity. Wearing your favorite cream pants, these boots with their slight platform heel and round toe will elongate your bottoms. You are also promised sturdiness and ease with the easy to wear elastic bands on the side, rubber outsole, and overall leather finishing.

  1. Balenciaga Brushed-Suede Chelsea Boots

BALENCIAGA Brushed-Suede Chelsea Boots

Price: US$995.00
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Brushed suede is an awesome material for Chelsea boots because it gives them dimension and character such as these black Balenciaga boots. Moreover, the leather lining and handy side zips are evidence of artistry that ensure you these boots will be in your wardrobe for a long time. Style yours with trousers and a shirt underneath your beloved sweater for that chic look.

  1. Dr. Martens ‘Chelsea’ Boots

DR. MARTENS 'Chelsea' boots

Price: US$207.00
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Dr. Martens might just be the first Chelsea boots everybody had—and you didn’t even know they were Chelsea boots back then when you were younger. A truly classic, tried and tested style and workmanship, why not relieve your past and enjoy once again the comfort and resilience that black leather Dr. Martens give.

  1. Giorgio Armani Gored Leather Chelsea Boot W/ Rubber Sole

Giorgio Armani Gored Leather Chelsea Boot w: Rubber Sole

Price: US$675.00
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Get your office essentials an update with these gorgeous Giorgio Armani Chelsea boot. Made from calf leather, you will love the sleek design courtesy of the almond toe and stacked heel, as well as the coziness that the rubber outsole and slip-on style provide. Works great with any of your formal trousers, shirts, and blazers.

  1. Cheaney Godfrey Leather Chelsea Boots

CHEANEY Godfrey Leather Chelsea Boots

Price: US$575.00
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If you don’t have the time to get yourself customized shoes but want to feel like having one, then you better get your hands (or feet) on these Cheaney leather boots that will mold to your feet accordingly after some time wearing them. Adorned with pull tabs, rubber soles, and dual elastic bands, these boots will be a great statement and long-lasting piece to add to your everyday go-to pieces.

  1. Pete Sorensen Fitted Chelsea Boots

PETE SORENSEN fitted chelsea boots

Price: US$480.00
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You can never have too many pairs of black boots, and your closet will surely fit one of these Pete Sorensen leather and suede boots. Marked with great elegance and robust finishing, these boots have a zip at the back so you can slip in quick and easy, as well as a flat heel for that added dimension.

  1. Bottega Veneta Shearling-Lined Suede Jodhpur Boots

BOTTEGA VENETA Shearling-Lined Suede Jodhpur Boots

Price: US$1,150.00
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The cold days come and go and it’s always nice to feel prepared when the weather forecast says it’s going to be one of those days. With these Bottega Veneta‘s boots, you will have fuss-free access to grey suede and shearling that will protect you from the cold. The rubber soles are more than just comfort and aesthetic, they ensure that you’ll keep upright on smooth surfaces. Plus the intrecciato weave gives it a nice, finishing touch.

  1. Ami Suede Jodhpur Boots

AMI Suede Jodhpur Boots

Price: US$595.00
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Trade in some plain, classic boots for those with added unique features such as the buckle straps on these black Ami suede Chelsea boots. Crafted from suede and rubber-crepe, you will have fun styling these—from a laidback look to a more formal one—for their versatility.

  1. Common Projects Chelsea Boots


Price: US$530.00
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Ah, who would have thought that you are going to don a grey Chelsea boots? Perhaps no one. But who can say no to these elegant and timeless grey ones from Common Projects. Just imagine wearing these with monochromatic spring and fall colors—the possibilities are endless! What’s more, wearing this, you will surely standout!

  1. Acne Studios Julian Suede Jodhpur Boots

ACNE STUDIOS Julian Suede Jodhpur Boots

Price: US$700.00
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Simple at the front but powerful with lots of details at the back, these tan Acne Studios suede leather boots definitely know how to surprise. Other than the soft rubber soles, and fine stitching throughout, you will most likely love the buckle straps that crisscross at the back. Perfect with jeans and denim jackets for a wonderful distinction that somehow works.

  1. Fabi Chelsea Boots

FABI Chelsea boots

Price: US$507.00
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Black Chelsea boots are gift from the fashion gods because they are very easy to style and wear. They work with everything. If you’re getting another black pair, then you’re assured of your investment with these black pair from Fabi. Made from calf leather, these have an almond toe, dual bands on both sides, and a pull tab at the back for that subtle but long-lasting feature.

  1. O’keeffe Bristol Oiled-Suede Chelsea Boots

O'KEEFFE Bristol Oiled-Suede Chelsea Boots

Price: US$530.00
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There’s something about vintage-looking pieces that make them special. Perhaps so that’s why these O’Keeffe‘s oiled-suede boots are attractive to the eyes. These feature leather soles that guarantee sturdiness, and darker colored elastic bands than the overall color of the boots that offer a nice, bold touch. You will find it interesting that you’ll own an exclusive pair because these are individually, handcrafted in Italy. Perfect for chill days when you just feel like wearing one of your casual shirts and jackets.

Laced-up Boots

  1.  Rick Owens Black Chukka Creeper Boots

Rick Owens Black Chukka Creeper Boots

Price: US$1,490.00
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You can never go wrong with black. The color pairs nicely with many styles, is low maintenance compared to other colors, and adds an edgy feeling. That, and the faded effect of the leather makes it suitable for a tougher, casual ensemble.

  1. CHURCH’S McFarlane 2 lace-up boots

CHURCH'S McFarlane 2 lace-up boots

Price: US$629.00
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Church’s is a British brand known for its collection of high quality shoes, with these lovely, detailed boots as proof. The brogue design reminds us of the country, but the shoes also make for a dapper, casual look. This pair in brown would go swimmingly with jeans and chinos.

  1. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi lace-up boots

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi lace-up boots

Price: US$399.00
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These lace-up boots are simple and straight to the point, a footwear that says so much without saying anything at all. And if you’re looking for a dressier pair that would look good in a suit, this can easily pass off as part of a business attire.

  1. Officine Creative Tan Suede Standard Boots

Officine Creative Tan Suede Standard Boots

Price: US$535.00
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If you’re searching for a pair that has character, then go for these suede boots from Officine. The distressed look of the leather might have earned concerned looks in yesteryears, but there’s no need to worry any longer. If anything, it’d give it more character the longer and more worn it looks.

  1. Sorel Caribou Suede and Rubber Short Boots

Sorel Caribou Suede and Rubber Short Boots

Price: US$149.00
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Want boots that you can bring with you anywhere, keep your feet warm under most conditions, and have your feet look stylish? These Sorel boots, that are made in handsome brown suede and will keep your feet snug and warm with its faux shearling, are guaranteed to stay with you for a long time no matter how many long hikes you take.

  1. Yeezy Black Lace Up Combat Boots

Yeezy Black Lace Up Combat Boots

Price: US$305.00
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It may be unintentional, but the military has lent many of its styles that have become mainstays in fashion, combat boots among them. Yeezy’s rendition is striking and rugged, bringing the classics to the of the streets.

  1. FEAR OF GOD Lace-Up Boots with Velcro Strap

FEAR OF GOD Lace-Up Boots with Velcro Strap

Price: US$1,195.00
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This is a standout in a list that is full of them. The design seems futuristic, thanks to its choice of gray color and Velcro straps. It is also sporty, making the kicks a very good choice to wear on a day on the court or even on a casual day when sporty is the preferred look.

  1. Baldinini lace-up boots

Baldinini lace-up boots

Price: US$285.00
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Baldinini has offered such a handsome choice with these laced-up boots made out of calf leather. It is elegant, even without the embellishments, and is sturdy, thanks to the expert craftsmanship of the Italian label.

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