Top 20 Most Sleek Men’s Designer Beanies in 2018

Top 20 Most Sleek and Marvelous Men’s Designer Beanies

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We have varied choices when it comes to accessories, but when we know the type of people who would look great in certain pieces. Let’s zoom in on a hip and cool accessory that might look cute on the ladies, but have a masculine effect on the gentlemen: the beanies.

We might have heard it called in different ways—skullcaps, dome-toasters, or simply, beanies—yet how you can pull it off my still be a mystery to you. Don’t worry, it all boils down into three things: the design, the material, and the look you are going for. But out of all these three, the first you have to get right is of course, the design.

If you have no clue on what design looks good, don’t panic yet! We have 20 of the most sleek and most marvelously designed beanies to change up your style… and maybe your whole perspective on fashion! Get ready to rock the beanie-head (during winter or whenever you like) with these gorgeous pieces:

  1. BURBERRY ribbed beanie

BURBERRY ribbed beanie

Price: US$161.00
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Burberry is indeed a fashion powerhouse, no doubt, as they can make even the simplest and most basic design to look utterly stylish. This beanie is a great example of that. Sure, you’ll miss the signature checks on this one, but a small black leather tab will remind you of its classy source, and the beautiful blend of cashmere and wool knitted perfectly will ensure of the highest quality of this piece, signs of a genuine Burberry piece.

  1. ACNE STUDIOS Ribbed Wool Beanie

ACNE STUDIOS Ribbed Wool Beanie

Price: US$150.00
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Minimalism is the strong suit of Acne Studios, and that’s what exactly shines on this black beanie. Jonny Johansson knew this piece was gonna be worn by the laid-back millennials when he thought of including the iconic emoji applique of the brand as the central detail. It’s thick blend of wool is a sure warmth-giver, too!

  1. ALEXANDER WANG dispo patch beanie

ALEXANDER WANG dispo patch beanie

Price: US$208.00
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With the hype on man buns and long locks for men, we can already see Alexander Wang‘s patch beanie adorning a hot manly long-haired guy handsome head. This piece might look simple, but believe us when we say that only luxe materials have been used for this bad boy. Styling tip: sweep your hair to both sides while you put this beanie on to make sure you don’t cover your face.

  1. THE ELDER STATESMAN Watchman Tie-Dyed Ribbed Cashmere Beanie

THE ELDER STATESMAN Watchman Tie-Dyed Ribbed Cashmere Beanie

Price: US$385.00
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A mix of Coachella and skater boy vibes are what we are getting from The Elder Statesman‘s ‘Watchman’ Beanie. The tie-dyed design was toned down by the use of timid colors, a good replica of a faded galaxy design for the dreamers out there. This was made from the label’s own cashmere, knitted in perfection for a hip and stylish look.

  1. FENDI Bag Bugs beanie

FENDI Bag Bugs beanie

Price: US$420.00
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If you are someone who loves staying on the safe zone of fashion, we’re guessing you hopes this list didn’t have a beanie with a pom-pom. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Fendi is worth it. It might take you quite a while to muster enough courage to style your look with this Bag Bugs beanie, but once you put it on, you’ll know it is utterly gorgeous (and not tacky at all!). Wear it as a slouchy beanie to showoff the Bag Bugs design at the front while still highlighting the black raccoon dog fur at the back.

  1. LOCK & CO HATTERS Ribbed Cashmere Beanie

LOCK & CO HATTERS Ribbed Cashmere Beanie

Price: US$145.00
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If you don’t wanna play around in the cold, then a true man’s beanie is the right choice for you. Lock & Co Hatters are known for such pieces, and one of the most basic but most sleek pieces they got is this ribbed cashmere beanie that will keep your head and ears warm while amping up even your office attire.

  1. MARC JACOBS button badge beanie

MARC JACOBS button badge beanie

Price: US$127.00
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Marc Jacobs sure knows how to get attention, despite the very classic look of ribbed black wool beanie.  Three circular badges with bright and bold designs adorn the front of this piece, letting the guy teens embrace their youth or giving the adult men a bit of a flashback of their younger days. Either way, this piece will surely step up your hat game.

  1. GIVENCHY logo plaque beanie

GIVENCHY logo plaque beanie

Price: US$275.00
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Polished, sleek and classic—three words that we’d love to use to describe this piece and also its designer, the well-respected Givenchy brand. The fine detailing on the soft wool let’s you recognize right away that it comes from a high-end brand, completed with a geometric plaque that bears the label’s logo that’s worth to be flaunted. This piece surely is a nice statement piece that assures you of true comfort as well.

  1. PRADA Ribbed Virgin Wool Beanie

PRADA Ribbed Virgin Wool Beanie

Price: US$180.00
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Prada is an Italian house known not to kid around with its sophisticated designs. This beanie gives us a peek on that. If you’re a man who only heard about Prada from your missus, or just entered their luxurious boutique to sit on the couch while your lady falls in love with every item on the store, this piece will change that for you. Have a go at this beautiful navy ribbed beanie, and if the manly and cool look isn’t enough to convince you, the softness and warmth of the virgin wool will surely do.

  1. MONCLER GRENOBLE ribbed beanie

MONCLER GRENOBLE ribbed beanie

Price: US$156.00
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Moncler Grenoble‘s ribbed beanie may seem to be a standard black beanie you’ve seen before. But guess what—you’re not entirely wrong. With the brand’s history since 1952, it has established a classic collection of stylish beanies and other outdoor wear that are well-known, widely used and very popular especially for ski-lovers. Made from virgin wool in black hue, this one can easily be part of any outfit choice you have for the day.

  1. ANDERSON & SHEPPARD Donegal Wool And Cashmere-Blend Beanie

ANDERSON & SHEPPARD Donegal Wool And Cashmere-Blend Beanie

Price: US$115.00
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Anderson & Sheppard‘s beanie reminds us that beaanies are not anymore exclusive for street and casual wear. You can look sharp and smart even with a flecked beanie perched on top of your head. It’s a win-win for you: you’ll look stylish and you can tame those unruly strands without needing to slab on a handful of hair products.

  1. THE ELDER STATESMAN Watchman beanie


Price: US$355.00
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Another beanie from The Elder Statesman is one this list, because why not? This unisex piece has a gorgeous camel color that’s easy on the eyes and lovable to style with. The use of cashmere on this piece reflects its its founder Greg Chait‘s love for the material, a reason why he created the brand in 2007.

  1. Y-3 logo print beanie

Y-3 logo print beanie

Price: US$85.00
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Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto‘s collaboration in 2003 is probably one of the greatest things that happened in the sportswear industry. Why, you might ask? Well, just look at this extremely awesome beanie and you’ll get what we mean. Proudly showing off its label, a huge Y-3 in is printed at the front of this piece letting people know that you have a great taste in choosing the designer to wear.

  1. THE WORKERS CLUB Ribbed Mélange Merino Wool Beanie

THE WORKERS CLUB Ribbed Mélange Merino Wool Beanie

Price: US$105.00
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The Workers Club‘s ribbed beanie joins the list of versatile hats that you can use both on casual and slightly dressed-up wear. Its midnight-blue hue is the perfect middle ground between blue and black, totally hitting that sweet hue spot for dark-color lovers who want to deviate from the usual pitch black pieces.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY logo patch beanie hat

STELLA MCCARTNEY logo patch beanie hat

Price: US$83.00
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This logo patch beanie showcases the genius mind of Stella McCartney in designing her pieces. You just know right away that this beanie will look good on men from a wide range of age, with the fashionable luxury wool in brown perfect to style with both teenage styles and grown man outfits.

  1. A.P.C. Ribbed Wool Beanie

P.C. Ribbed Wool Beanie

Price: US$90.00
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A.P.C. brings us this hot number to top off your daily outfits without a sweat. This ribbed wool beanie was knitted from sumptuous wool in grey hue, styled with a tactile ribbed finish to not only make it look its coolest, but to make it real comfy and nice when worn during chilly days. And we kid you not, you’ll love to bring it everywhere just to get a chance to wear it whenever the temperature drops.

  1. EMPORIO ARMANI logo beanie

EMPORIO ARMANI logo beanie

Price: US$143.00
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Emporio Armani reflects its love for youthful design in this logo beanie that may be sleek and simple, but full of appeal and swag. The minimalist design, with the featured logo as the only key detail, brings our focus into the quality of the piece, which is no less than perfect, because the label used the best wool blend there is and perfectly knitted that into this dependable accessory.

  1. MAISON MARGIELA knitted beanie

MAISON MARGIELA knitted beanie

Price: US$173.00
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This beanie might be the boldest among all the items in this list, yet we know anyone can pull them off because its class and style is quite universal. Maison Margiela did an excellent job in making this piece stand out—from the eye-slit design to the multicolored knitted design, it is proudly a contemporary design for anybody assertive enough to take on the style challenge.

  1. BALLY knitted beanie

BALLY knitted beanie

Price: US$275.00
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It’s a great thing Bally did not remain as a ribbon company, because their fashion pieces are bomb! This grey knitted beanie is an outstanding example, captivating us with its simple yet stylish enough design to make a laid-back and chic style stand out from the sea of people trying out out the same look.

  1. THOM BROWNE ribbed beanie

THOM BROWNE ribbed beanie

Price: US$290.00
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Doesn’t this Thom Browne piece give you a David Beckham vibe? Yes, he does love grey beanies and that should be enough for you to try on one if you haven’t already. Trust on this piece’s cool white stripe design to not shock you with a bold appearance, but rather a chill but hip look that is somewhat like that of a football superstar.

Get on the beanie style train and complete your getup with one of these sleek pieces that will not only make you look fashionable but will also save you from getting too cold during the chilly season. There’s no reason for you to hold back anymore, just choose one of these and do a complete turnaround from your boring ways!

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