33 of the Best Black Designer Sneakers for Men in 2018

Top 33 Black Designer Sneakers for Men in 2018 - Edited

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In 2018, only 3 colors are extremely common in the footwear industry: Black, White and Brown. Black being the most popular. If you’re planning to step up your sneakers game in 2018, you might want to consider these 33 black sneakers. You’ve got an enormous number of great options to choose from; designs of your beloved sneakers have been taken to awesome levels as well.

Confused on what to choose? We have trimmed down your options into these top 33 black designer sneakers:

Note to sneaker fans: This is an updated post. We want to make sure you are up and aware of the latest black sneakers trend. This post may continually be updated in the future. We recommend that you bookmark this page for your own future reference. 

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN oversized sneakers

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN oversized sneakers

Price: US$575.00
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Thick white soles make these sneakers from Alexander McQueen easily noticeable, providing a cool contrast with the black leather and black lace of the pair. It enhances not only your current height, but should also your top-of-the-edge look. The designer’s name is proudly depicted at the tongue, as well as the back heel panel for a sleek look. These sneakers can be worn matched with denim for a formal aiming look or semi-formal one with a slip dress.

  1. BALENCIAGA Race sneakers

BALENCIAGA Race sneakers

Price: US$695.00
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If you’re a sporty peep, you’ll certainly love this one. Balenciaga aimed to create a pair of sneakers that’s not only highly functional but also fashionable. And the result is this, the Race Runner sneaker that is best for speeding around your block in sports leisure satisfaction. A neoprene upper creates a contrast in texture against the leather panels, while completing its trendy look is the sporty foam sole with white reveals.

  1. PAUL SMITH side stripes sneakers

PAUL SMITH side stripes sneakers

Price: US$395.00
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A classy and an out-of-the-box design, the side stripes sneakers of Paul Smith would be totally appreciated by career-oriented individuals because it’s great for formal wear. With their black leather side stripes, you’ll surely won’t be late for work because you want everyone to see your cool sneakers!

  1. PHILIPPE MODEL Tropez sneakers

PHILIPPE MODEL Tropez sneakers

Price: US$218.00
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Who says orange can’t be paired with black? This sneaker from Phillipe Model is super light and a great fit for night walks. Designed with passion in Italy, it has gorgeous features including black leather and suede, plus orange leather to highlight the brand name at the tongue, as well as added to the back inserts.

  1. PS BY PAUL SMITH Kinsey sneakers

PS BY PAUL SMITH Kinsey sneakers

Price: US$175.00
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Are you a fan of dinosaurs? Then Kinsey sneakers introduced by PS BY PAUL SMITH would be an exciting pair for the child (or adult) in you! A collaged blue dinosaur made out 100 % blue cotton emerges on the sides of this pair, one contains the head and arms, while the other side features the tail. You’ll surely reminisce your love for the Jurassic part with this one.

  1. REEBOK knitted high top sneakers

REEBOK knitted high top sneakers

Price: US$168.00
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When running and fashion crossed each other, this would be the end product. Reebok finally created knitted high top sneakers that are made for the fashion ramp. This pair boasts of a black knitted high top, with a sleek pattern across the front. We’re sure it will be ultra comfy even all throughout a day of wearing–it has a soft stretch fit that your feet will love.

  1. SWEAR Kingsland sneakers

SWEAR Kingsland sneakers

Price: US$395.00
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Black is back with these cool sneakers from Swear Kingsland. At first, you won’t realize that they are sneakers that were made purposely for sports because their design look awesome paired with formal dresses as well. With rounded edges and a pointy toe, these sneaker can take you anywhere from an executive event to a running marathon!

  1. VERSACE Greek Key runner sneakers

VERSACE Greek Key runner sneakers

Price: US$477.00
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Intended for running, but definitely looks like luxury pieces, these sneakers were created from mixed-materials. Italian-weaved, suede and plain leather were used to make these not-so-ordinary. Even with just the Versace logo on its side, along with a Greek key logo, this pair surely exudes a regal air. Adding a quirky and fun vibe are the blue and yellow stripes that have a gorgeous shine to them, situated against the pitch-black materials of the sneakers.

  1. Givenchy active runner sneakers

Givenchy active runner sneakers

Price: US$695.00
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Givenchy combines the chill vibes of a sneaker with the classiness of leather, giving way to the active runner sneakers that we have here. The oversized tongue that bears the Givenchy branding is an elegant touch. Differing textures are sewn together the sleek and the rugged, resulting in a pair that looks like it will survive the roll of times.

  1. Y-3 Black and red Harigane sneakers

Y-3 Black and red Harigane sneakers

Price: US$390.00
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It’s a pair of sneakers that may look nothing out of the ordinary if you don’t have the urge to inspect it further; the blackness of the shoe is offish so it doesn’t really draw you in. But if this were a person, it wouldn’t really care. This Y-3’s charm lies on its usefulness: the material will ease the sweating of your feet and the soles are curved in a way that will allow you to land firmly on each step.

  1. Gucci New Ace Leather Low-Top Sneaker with Dionysus Buckle, Black

Gucci New Ace Leather Low-Top Sneaker with Dionysus Buckle, Black

Price: US$730.00
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We have a renewed adoration of the Gucci New Aces that have been a house staple since the 70s, especially since it is available in so many styles and colors. These black low-tops are strong and athletic, but also playful with the way it contrasts the web stripe. The buckle is also an interesting piece that may invite conversation. In case someone asks, this is inspired by the Greek god of excessive festivities and losing oneself in alcohol, Dionysus.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Frankie sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Frankie sneakers

Price: US$665.00
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Giuseppe Zanotti’s version of the Frankie sneakers is black, bold and beautiful; we are in awe. The leather and suede shoes are made in the hometown of Giuseppe Zanotti, where a shoemaking tradition lives on. The thick white rubber sole establishes the toughness of the sneakers, making the pair appear capable of taking whatever the streets may throw at it.

  1. Moncler Stretch-Knit Slip-On Sneakers

Moncler Stretch-Knit Slip-On Sneakers

Price: US$525.00
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Moncler may be more established as a winterwear brand, but we can’t help but gawk at its take with the so despicable it’s good sock sneakers trend that’s taking the sneaker world by storm. If these sock sneakers have one thing going for them, it’s the fit that conforms to the shape of the foot. We think it just makes activities much more of a pleasure to do.

  1. Roa Andreas Kudu Hike leather boots

Roa Andreas Kudu Hike leather boots

Price: US$550.00
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There’s no other way to go but tough when dealing with unfamiliar and possibly unfriendly terrain. Listen to us—these boots-slash-sneakers are your friends. These Roa Black Andreas Kudu Hike leather boots fit like a glove and easen each step, owing to the generous rubber and slightly elevated heel in the shoe’s construction.

  1. Lanvin lace up sneakers

Lanvin lace up sneakers

Price: US$650.00
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Lanvin has such a long history behind it, being the oldest fashion house there is in Paris, that it’s mastered the art of using subtlety and restraint, and in the process still bring out sleek. Look at these lace-ups that carefully employ black and shades of gray to create depth. The wavy lining also adds to its charm and prods you to take them on.

  1. Adidas Black NMD CS2 Primeknit sneakers

Adidas Black NMD CS2 Primeknit sneakers

Price: US$180.00
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If you’re a sucker for minimalist designs, then we know you’ll be a fan of these Primeknit sneakers that take after a classic silhouette from Adidas’ collection. The appearance makes you want to pump up for action but Adidas’ foremost priority is your comfort. It won’t take long for your feet to break in on these shoes that are snug like a sock.

  1. ALYX Mesh-Trimmed Tech-Canvas Sneakers

ALYX Mesh-Trimmed Tech-Canvas Sneakers

Price: US$695.00
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If trekking is an activity you just can’t put on the backburner, why not invest on a pair of shoes that will help you enjoy the exercise even better? ALYX’s Italian-made sneakers are made to endure harsh conditions with its tech-canvas but still allow your feet to breathe by lining it with mesh. The thick soles add more comfort, but they’re also an edgy addition to your ensemble.

  1. Prada Spazzolato Two-Tone Leather Platform Brogue Sneaker

Prada Spazzolato Two-Tone Leather Platform Brogue Sneaker

Price: US$720.00
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If you think it actually looks too classy for a sneaker, we think you’re right. But you can’t fault Prada for combining the best of all worlds in one shoe. It has a wing tip and broguing details, that makes it look more formal than your usual sneaker, but the Italian fashion house finishes it off with a rubber outsole that would make it as adaptable and soft as your go-to pair.

  1. Y-3 Saikou sneakers

Y-3 Saikou sneakers

Price: US$420.00
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What you see here is an embodiment of what the collab between designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas does best: a pair of shoes that is elegant in appearance and sensible in design because it employs the technology that makes Adidas the king. These sneakers made out of cotton and leather use what Adidas calls Boost™ technology where the cushion’s construction allows for maximum energy return.

  1. Prada touch strap fastening sneakers

Prada touch strap fastening sneakers

Price: US$695.00
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We’re impressed in Prada’s fearlessness in using a fiery red against the black in these sneakers. The color is solid that enough to get your attention even when you’ve got a stand-up pair. The sneakers are finished with a touch strap that when taken as a whole, we can’t help but say handsome.

  1. Versace Medusa sneakers

Versace Medusa sneakers

Price: US$1,029.00
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One look is all it takes to figure that you’ve got a knockout, luxurious pair on your feet, thanks to the 3D Medusa icon that flat-out refuses to blend in even when it is in the same color as the background. It may be a decades-old house symbol, but it furthers one’s impression that these sneakers are sleek, solid and modern.

  1. Adidas Consortium + Hender Scheme Superstar Leather Sneakers

Adidas Consortium + Hender Scheme Superstar Leather Sneakers

Price: US$900.00
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If your Superstars need a refresh, get an Adidas pair that is made especially in the Far East and truly one-of-a-kind. The limited release is made in coordination with Japan’s Hender Scheme, and extremely aesthetically pleasing with its choice of combining black with blush leather that feature ribbed and shelled toe caps.

  1. Plein Sport striped lace-up sneakers

Plein Sport striped lace-up sneakers

Price: US$238.00
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German designer and fashion rockstar Philipp Plein is serious in upping his sportswear game, and the great desire definitely seeps through on this version of lace-up sneakers. The black and white leather and rubber is handsome and fierce, but not just because of the house logo of a tiger on the sides of the sneakers.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Men’s Double-Zip Studded Mid-Top Sneaker,  Black

Giuseppe Zanotti Men's Double-Zip Studded Mid-Top Sneaker, Black

Price: US$895.00
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If you’ve always thought of black as a neutral option, then these Giuseppe Zanottis may just let you look at the color at a completely different way. It’s black and it’s flashy, with the studs that dominate the shoe and the mid-top sneaker that elevates the look.

  1. Common Projects low top sneakers

Common Projects low top sneakers

Price: US$400.00
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You don’t have to look jazzy and busy all the time when you’re wearing black sneakers. If you want, it’s completely possible to go for something more mellow but still project a sense of style. Common Projects has your back with these black low tops with leather that shimmers just the right amount.

  1. Adidas Originals EQT Support 93/17 Stretch-Knit Sneakers

Adidas Originals EQT Support 9317 Stretch-Knit Sneakers

Price: US$180.00
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These Adidas Originals are a throwback to the 90s but are gaining attention among streetwear lovers of all ages. It’s as comfortable as it looks, all thanks to Adidas’ OrthoLite® sockliners and sculpted boost™ that give your feet full support and eases your soles against the fabric.

  1. Adidas Day One Ado Terrex Agravic sneakers

Adidas Day One Ado Terrex Agravic sneakers

Price: US$265.00
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This pair’s main selling point is right there on its name: it was constructed with everyday wear in mind. It’s more than just a stylish way to land on your feet. The Adidas Day Ones in black and white are made with Cordura uppers and use Boost soles so your feet won’t be crying for air by the end of the day, and are also waterproof so they won’t be ruined by even just a single drop of water.

  1. Raf Simons + Adidas Originals Stan Smith Leather Sneakers

Raf Simons + Adidas Originals Stan Smith Leather Sneakers

Price: US$320.00
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Belgian designer Raf Simons is among our favorite collaborators with Adidas, and it’s hard not to see why with this update that they did with the classic Stan Smiths. The black leather is handsome, and so is the leather upper; the perforations on the side that say R are a fun addition to the straight cut sneakers.

  1. Visvim fringed hi-top sneakers

Visvim fringed hi-top sneakers

Price: US$1,089.00
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Visvim is the brand that truly appeals to the hipster, but is still a solid choice anyway. It’s impressive how the Japanese company infuses East with the West without a tinge of pretension; its products are researched well. The black suede with the fringes on the ankle will garner some attention. Better be packing with confidence to pull off these fashion items.

  1. Fendi Monster Eyes Leather Slip-On Sneaker, Black

Fendi Monster Eyes Leather Slip-On Sneaker, Black

Price: US$800.00
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Fendi really knows its market: luxurious, fashionable men and women who can’t help but revel in their fine taste but still wouldn’t want to take themselves too seriously. These skate sneakers are made in fine leather but aren’t too pompous. Fendi’s monster eyes keeps the pair free and fun.

  1. Bally Leather Trainer Sneaker with Trainspotting Stripe, Black

Bally Leather Trainer Sneaker with Trainspotting Stripe, Black

Price: US$595.00
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Swiss Bally mixes style with sensibility in this one pair of gorgeous black leather sneakers. The leather is supple, the rubber outsole is more than enough for traction, but the eyes can’t help but hover over the Trainspotting stripe that’s helped distinguish Bally from the rest of its European competition.

  1. Emporio Armani embossed sole sneakers

Emporio Armani embossed sole sneakers

Price: US$205.00
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Just when you think these sneakers can go for an overkill, Emporio puts a full stop and just goes for all black to really highlight the leather and the embossed soles. The design is really punching with appeal, a fun surprise from a line that’s marketed towards younger luxury lovers.

  1. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Sneakers

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Sneakers

Price: US$950.00
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The Intrecciato that has come to define Bottega Veneta was actually devised to strengthen leather, but it works perfectly fine here, even solidifying the case for the sneakers’ durability. The design and the color may look formal, but this will also amp a casual outfit.

These sneakers can complete any look you want to achieve with your favorite pants or jeans, even when you’re on your sporty outfit. Instantly be an eye candy during your cool outdoor activities, or during a late night happy hour. Sneakers are for those who would like to look relaxed and effortless, while keeping up with the hyped up trends of formal wear.

What are you waiting for? Toss out all your old-fashion sneakers and revamp your shoe rack with these trendy pairs!


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