Top 16 Most Striking Valentino Smart Casual Shirts for Men in 2018

Top 16 Most Striking Valentino Smart Casual Shirts for Men

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Admit it, we all want to dress better. We want to make a good impression to people around us not because we want to show off, but because we want to be taken seriously. Dressing up appropriately is a good way to present ourselves and be treated properly by our friends, colleagues, and even bosses. But this does not mean that we have to ‘suit up’ everyday like we’re going to attend a formal event. We don’t want to look too flashy or dressed up; we want to look sleek and sharp without wearing a suit and tie. Well, something simple but will still look ‘just right’ for our age and profession, right?

So, here comes the power of casual shirts. Casual shirts are comfortable and easy to maintain. They are the perfect balance between tees and blazers. They are not too casual or not too formal and they will make you look youthful or mature depending on what you pair with them. They are the wardrobe essentials for grown ups who want to look mature but still want to maintain a bit of their boyish glow. They can be tucked in or out, whatever kind of occasion you attend. They are just so right and just enough for guys like you!

Hence, here are the top 16 casual shirts you can choose  created by a renowned fashion brand, Valentino. These are the most sought-after styles under Valentino men’s-collection that will show just the right amount of manliness in you:

  1. Valentino double pocket shirt

Valentino double pocket shirt

Price: US$965.00
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Nothing looks so cool and casual than this denim inspired shirt made by Valentino. This dark blue double pocket long sleeves top will make you look poised and tall when paired with smart trousers and a pair of loafers. You wouldn’t be worried on what to wear during that short notice meeting called by your big boss with this ready-to-wear piece.

  1. Valentino VLTN Strap-Detailed Printed Cotton-Poplin Shirt

Valentino VLTN Strap-Detailed Printed Cotton-Poplin Shirt

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Step up your casual outfit up a notch with this Valentino VLTN Strap-Detailed Printed Cotton-Poplin Shirt. It features a detachable strap across the collar which is distinguishably different from your usual button downs. You can pair it with perfectly tailored trousers and a pair of brogues to highlight that business casual vibe in you.

  1. Valentino Rockstud denim shirt

Valentino Rockstud denim shirt

Price: US$1,266.00
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Never miss a rockstud feature of a Valentino creation with this denim shirt. It comes with a press stud fastening, front pockets, and press stud cuffs to showcase an easy-going and relaxed style. You can wear this with an inner shirt and buttons open while hanging out with your pals or wear this with the buttons on while inside your office’s premises. Truly, an ideal piece for dressing up and down.

  1. Valentino Rockstud shirt

Valentino Rockstud shirt

Price: US$964.00
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It is an unwritten fashion rule that everyone should own at least a few items of white top or basics in your wardrobe essentials. And this Valentino rockstud shirt should be in your possession because it can go with anything! You can wear it with jeans, denim shorts or well-tailored trousers and will still look just fine.

  1. Valentino pyjamas-style shirt

Valentino pyjama-style shirt

Price: US$874.00
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Sometimes, you want to be trendy and fashionable when going to work. So, you better update your day-to-day outfit with this Valentino pajama style shirt. The navy blue basic palette will still retain the semi-formal look if you wear it with black loafers and finish of with eyeglasses as accessory.

  1. Valentino classic long-sleeved shirt

Valentino classic longsleeved shirt

Price: US$725.00
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I know, I know, you will never get disappointed with a solid white long sleeved shirt. This classic piece under the Valentino brand has offered a wide range of versatility. You can tuck it in and accessorize it with a belt if you’re attending a business meeting, or keep it down and roll the sleeves up if you’re after a more casual style.

  1. Valentino plaid shirt

Valentino plaid shirt

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A plaid shirt isn’t just for lumberjacks anymore. Thus, Valentino made sure that a plaid design will never be out of the brand’s men collection. You should never miss  with this classic Valentino plaid shirt in urbane navy blue on white because it will accentuate that boyish look on you.

  1. Valentino VLTN Shirt with Tie Collar

Valentino VLTN Shirt with Tie Collar

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Intensely different from a normal white polo. This Valentino shirt with tie collar is made up of crisp white cotton, front button placket, button cuffs and the classic VLTN logo design. Surely, you would never interchange this with any other brand. The bold logo print has already made its statement that this is a luxury piece.

  1. Valentino Unfinished-Hem Panther-Embroidered Military Shirt, Olive

Valentino Unfinished-Hem Panther-Embroidered Military Shirt, Olive

Price: US$1,748.00
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If you’re up for something bold and edgy, you can have this Valentino Unfinished-Hem Panther-Embroidered Military Shirt. Best paired with khaki pants and loafers to emphasize the intricate embroidery and print. You will surely make a trendy statement when you enter that door to the boardroom wearing this top. Your boss will think, “This guy isn’t just smart, but stylish too.”

  1. Valentino Navy Removable Hood Shirt

Valentino Navy Removable Hood Shirt

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Any man would want to own an oversized hood top in their collection. So grab this Valentino navy blue removable hood shirt and wear it to your next outdoor adventure. You can pair it with jeans and sneakers to show an outdoorsy style outfit you always want to pull off.

  1. Valentino Rockstud trim plaid shirt

Valentino Rockstud trim plaid shirt

Price: US$1,175.00
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This Valentino trim plaid shirt may be in a classic plaid red on black design, but this piece is highly distinguishable because of its rockstud collar feature. Rockstud is truly a signature embellishment of the Valentino brand, so why not pick this piece, and show that you’re a Valentino man.

  1. Valentino camouflage shirt

Valentino camouflage shirt

Price: US$706.00
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Sporting a military style camouflage print  is a tough choice. The design is bold and your outfit may tend to look overdone if partnered with a poorly picked bottom. So you have to be  careful with the item you choose to go with this design. Just stick to solid colors, like black or white, to highlight the military inspired print.

  1. Valentino classic pocket shirt

Valentino classic pocket shirt

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This piece will make you more youthful because of its denim washed effect. The black and faded top featuring two front pockets can best go with a pair of black trousers and basic sneakers. You can try rolling up the sleeves to add character to your overall outfit.

  1. Valentino Rockstud polo shirt

Valentino Rockstud polo shirt

Price: US$964.00
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A solid color polo is a staple piece in every man’s summer outfit. This Valentino rockstud polo shirt is an excellent choice because of its rockstud adornment accentuated by the all black background. You can match this with denim shorts and accessorized with a plain baseball cap, a relaxed outfit during the summer heat.

  1. Valentino drawstring shirt

Valentino drawstring shirt

Price: US$723.00
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Elevate your white basic with this Valentino drawstring shirt. This crisp white top is made from cotton featuring a front breasted pocket and blue statement print at the back. This is a perfect go-to piece when dressing up for a beach summer getaway. Just carelessly roll up the sleeves to look young and carefree.

  1. Valentino VLTN tie-collar shirt

Valentino VLTN tie-collar shirt

Price: US$875.00
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Never underestimate the power of light colored polos as these can be your go-to piece when you want something refreshing at work. The light hue can easily blend with blazers or coat to look formal and poised.

Yes, making a better first impression on people you meet in your day-to-day life is important. They will not only remember the specific outfit you wear, but the way you present and carry yourself. You can always choose to stay in your graphic tees and distressed jeans, but stepping up your style through casual shirts may not do harm, right? So you better get one of these Valentino casual shirts to be a better dressed version of you. It will not only help you improve your casual style game, but can inspire you to invest on timeless and well crafted pieces from luxury brands like Valentino.

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