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Puma Defy Women’s Sneakers Review

Puma Defy Women's Sneakers Review

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Puma Defy Women's Sneakers Review
Puma Defy Women’s Sneakers Review
The world is changing and women are now leading the way for all people to be the best in any field. For sports, Puma celebrated female power by giving them a new shoe to help them defy all odds. Their new Defy Women’s sneakers exemplify that any athletic endeavor is for a woman as well as the man and that their female customers deserve their own special shoe. By leveling the playing field, Puma just showed the fashion and sports worlds that they’re on the right track.
Value for Money

Defying odds is a woman’s game and this year, they’re doing it in fabulous footwear. German sportswear brand Puma just released a new shoe that will help their female customers take on athletic challenges with style and comfort. Their ‘Defy’ women’s sneakers come at a time when women are at the forefront of almost every field, particularly in sports and fashion. With this new shoe, they’ll be able to defy all odds and achieve victory.

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Release Date: May 17, 2018

Endorsed by pop superstar and actress Selena Gomez, Puma’s new Defy Women’s sneakers were introduced to the public back in May 2018. At a launch party on May 16 of this year, Gomez welcomed guests and fans to a New York City-style backdrop in Paramount Studios in LA to debut the new shoes. They were subsequently released the next day, May 17, online and at selected Puma stores worldwide and they cost only $90.


Since Defy Women’s sneakers are sportswear shoes, comfort is its utmost feature. Puma achieved such by giving it a fully-knitted upper, a rubber wrap for extra support, and a heel tab to easily pull it on and off the feet. Its one of a kind outsole helps the wearer move from place to place, making it a perfect gear for any sport or simply working out. The shoe’s silhouette is intricately designed to fit the female foot, leaving no spaces for any accidents that can occur by wearing the wrong-sized footwear. Additionally, since sportswear is extremely big these days, Puma will benefit greatly from this stylish yet sporty shoe.


Apart from it’s black, white, and pale teal colorway, the shoe lacks impactful design. When compared to other sneakers released this year, Puma Defy Women’s sneakers don’t hold the same caliber. Although it’s crafted specifically for women, nothing about its shape or silhouette screams new and exciting. This makes the new pair more functional than fashionable, and while this may still rack up revenue from the exercise-junkies of this generation, it might not gain the same traction from the fashion crowd.

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