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Puma Tsugi Netfit Review

Puma Tsugi Netfit Sneakers Review

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Puma Tsugi Netfit Sneakers Review
Puma Tsugi Netfit Review
Sneaker culture is getting bigger and better which demands new and exciting offers form footwear and sportswear brands. In response, Puma released their new Tsugi Netfit sneakers. With its unorthodox construction and interactive choice of lacing, the shoes give the wearer the power to really style the pair in their own individual ways. There isn’t a lot of sneakers offered now with such a design feature, so these new sneakers really do stand out!
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Traditional may garner some attention, but it’s uniqueness that will truly stand out. In sneaker culture, the market is filled with unique and different pieces amongst a vast variety of colorways, silhouettes, and footwear technologies. It’s become a highly competitive industry, especially now that high fashion is taking notice of this once-underground market. In the name of uniqueness, Puma has put forth a new model that is truly one-of-a-kind: the Tsugi Netfit sneakers.

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Release date: September 6, 2017

Puma has been getting a lot of buzz lately for both their new products and viral marketing campaigns. When the released their new Tsugi Netfit sneakers on September 6, 2017, the pair was accompanied by series of promotional images featuring The Weekend. The ads depict the pop singer lounging about wearing the first Tsugi Netfit up for public purchase. Each pair costs $95 but can be marked-down to only $49.


Part of what makes Puma’s Tsugi Netfit sneaker unique is its level of interactivity with the wearer. With its quirky construction, the shoes can be laced up whichever ways one chooses. The laces became a design feature themselves and adds to the overall design impact of the pair. Although Puma hasn’t release a lot of colorways for the Tsugi Netfit shoes, its first one—powder blue and pastel gray—is already iconic for the model.


While uniqueness in design may be amazing, uniqueness in construction is another thing altogether. With how the Tsugi Netfit is assembled and crafted together, there’s pause for concern surrounding the model’s durability. This is especially if wearers would want to lace up their pair in new and non-traditional ways. As this is a sports shoe, wearing this pair—particularly when laced in a nonconventional way—can lead ultimately lead to damage and possibly accidents for the wearer.

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Puma Tsugi Netfit Sneakers Review 6Image Credit: Sneaker Freaker (featured image), Kicks On Fire, Kingsdown Roots, Michele Oliva, Pinterest (article images).

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