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Tretorn Camden Classic Review

Tretorn Camden Classic Sneakers Review 1

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Tretorn Camden Classic Sneakers Review 1
Tretorn Camden Classic Review
If you want to add a little sparkle to your everyday life, Tretorn’s Camden Classic sneakers if the way to go. They’re comfortable, sleek, and durable, all the while glittered to shimmering perfection. Despite its sporty appeal, it’s still one of the most sophisticated footwear for the street crowd. A nice mix of the urban and the elegant, the Camden Classics prove to be a versatile shoe that can last one a lifetime of sparkle and shine.
Value for Money

They say that all that glitters isn’t gold, sometimes they’re your shoes and it’s even better! Sparkling footwear has been around for quite some time now, from Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” to the show-stopping platforms of the Disco era. When it comes to making an impression, people have relied on glittery shoes time and time again. This time, however, glitter is now combined with athletic footwear, and one such standout is Tretorn’s Camden Classic sneakers.

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Release Date: Early 2018
Retail Price: US$85.00

For their 125th anniversary back in 2017, Tretorn reinvented their iconic Camden shoes and introduced them again to the public. Since then, they’ve been innovating the pair with various materials, from iridescent leather to matte suede. For the early half of 2018, the Swedish brand chose to really amp up the shoe up with some sparkle, courtesy of their Camden Classic sneakers. At $85 a pair, Tretorn’s Camden Classics have been around Instagram for as long as they’ve been available.


It’s common to associate sparkling footwear with uncomfortable insulation but with the Camden Classics, it’s definitely not the case. As with any other variation of the iconic shoe, the Classics are as comfortable as ever. With such a simple yet sleek silhouette, the glittering pair can still be used for whatever athletic endeavor the wearer chooses to partake in. Of course, the sparkling aspect for the shoe can’t be forgotten as well. The shoe sparkles with such sophistication that it’s often easy to forget that this is an athletic shoe. The glitters help the Camden Classics to be versatile footwear, pairing well with any sort of outfit for any kind of occasion.


Anyone who’s ever worn a glittering outfit will probably share that it’s one of the hardest to wash. Whether it be sequins or glitter weave, a simple wash of water and soap won’t take off stains that easily. Therein lies the problem with Tretorn’s Camden Classics. For such a comfortable and athletic shoe, one that will probably be worn multiple times, it might be so easy to wash them. There’s even the risk of washing some of the glitters away if one is not careful. Despite it being a versatile shoe, it’s best if one is extremely careful when wearing Tretorn’s Camden Classic sneakers.

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