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Proraso Single Blade Shaving Cream Review

Proraso Single Blade Shaving Cream


Proraso Single Blade Shaving Cream Review
Those who’ve made the switch to single blade razors as opposed to multi-blade ones are in luck with Proraso’ Single Blade Shaving Cream. The cream’s high concentration of precious oils provide a consistent and smooth shave while its thickness assures lessened irritation. The IV bag style packaging may be frustrating at first as trying to dispense just a dime-sized drop might be tricky. But really that amount plus some water is more than enough to produce an excellent lather, which leaves one’s face feeling soft and moisturized. The amount of cream used per shave guarantees months of clean shaves which makes this a great deal given its price point. As stated in the name as well, this product was made exclusively for single blade razors so this won’t be as effective for any other shaving apparatus.
Value for Money
Ease of Application
Reader Rating1 Vote
Only requires a dime-sized drop per use
Provides a thick lather that prevents any irritation when shaving
IV bag style packaging makes it difficult to control amount dispensed
Does not come in an unscented variant
Only effective for single blade shaving

Proraso was founded in Italy and has been setting shaving trends since 1908. Their labs aim to create formulas that can stand the test of time. They strive to only use natural and trusted ingredients and avoid any animal products, artificial colorings, parabens, silicones, SLS, or mineral oils. Given Proraso’s use of natural ingredients, the different scents available don’t come off as too strong but it is really dependent on the user. So far, no unscented variation has been made. Because of how long each pouch lasts, this may be a deal breaker for others. This product has been dermatologically tested.

All in all, Proraso’s Single Blade Shaving Cream is an excellent product for those single blade shavers looking for a clean and close shave and don’t mind scented creams.

Other Information:

Proraso’s Single Blade Shaving Cream is available in three scents:

  1. Azur Lime – faint citrus scent
  2. Cypress & Vetyver – reminiscent of hard wood
  3. Wood & Spice – mild wood and vanilla combined with cumin and saffron

Proraso Single Blade Shaving Cream 1

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