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Proraso Beard Oil Review

Proraso Beard Oil
Proraso Beard Oil Review
Proraso Beard Oil is an effective beard oil that keeps the facial hair conditioned. Though it doesn’t do a good job at taming unruly facial hair, it did keep our beard hydrated enough. The only thing that really bothered us was the pungent smell emanating from our beards after using this product. Regardless of what scent we chose, it was still too overpowering for our noses. We can see how the scent can be invigorating for some, but it was definitely on the strong side for us.
Value for Money
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Keeps beard hydrated
Doesn't tame or style facial hair
Overpowering scents

Proraso Beard Oil key ingredients comprise of Walnut Shell Extract, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. Because of its intense fragrance, this product may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin or noses. In the end, this product does a good job at keeping our whiskers hydrated, but we were disappointed to find that this product smells a lot more artificial than the other Proraso products that we love and would much rather opt for another better smelling alternative.

Available scents:

  1. Azur Lime
  2. Cypress and Vetyver
  3. Wood and Spice

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