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Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shave Cream Review

Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shave Cream
Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shave Cream Review
Pacific Shaving Co.’s Natural Shaving Cream caught our attention with its ingredient list filled with natural, plant derived components. We were skeptical at first, but we were surprised to find that a small amount provides enough lather to cushion our razor for a close shave. The cream’s fragrance is crisp and clean but its thick consistency makes it difficult to rinse it out of the razor. We also noticed that after a while, it gradually starts to dry up in the tube, requiring extra effort to dispense the product. It definitely has its ups and downs, so we reckon its worth really depends on whether you want to prioritize the use of natural ingredients or not.
Value for Money
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Lathers well
Provides enough lubrication for a close shave
Pleasant smell
Formulated with safe, organic, and vegan ingredients
Difficult to clean off of the razor
Product hardens in packaging over time
A little on the pricey side

The Pacific Shaving Co. takes pride in using only safe, organic, and vegan ingredients for their Shaving Cream. With its refusal to integrate any parabens and synthetic fragrances, this product would be suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.

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