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Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream Review

Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream Review
Initially, we were a little put off by how Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream doesn’t have any lather, but we soon realized that it didn’t really matter. Its ability to lubricate just as well as other notable creams more than makes up for it. The consistency of this shaving cream is neither too creamy nor too watery and it goes on like a lotion that provides a very close shave. We instantly felt the menthol properties cooling our skin right after application and we were pleased to find that it didn’t dry out our skin at all. The only downside of this product is its current price which we find a bit too steep for what it’s worth.
Value for Money
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Lotion-like consistency provides a close shave
Perfect for those with sensitive skin
Does not dry out skin
Provides a cooling sensation
Does not lather
On the pricier side

The Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream shaving cream blends Vitamin E, Squalene, Coco Butter Menthol, and Amino Acid Proteins to sooth, cool and protect the skin from shaving, without clogging that razor.This product is paraben-free and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

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