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Make Up Forever Professional Mist & Fix Setting Spray Review

Make Up Forever Professional Mist & Fix Setting Spray Review
Product Description
There are so many fantastic setting sprays out there for fixing your makeup, and for keeping it on all day. Unfortunately, Make Up Forever’s Mist & Fix Setting Spray doesn’t join the ranks of these other products. Yes, this particular product does allow for softer, more luminous makeup looks, and refreshes makeup throughout the day, but it’s ultimately burdened by what it doesn’t do well, or what it doesn’t do at all. First off, the spray applicator doesn’t deliver a fine mist as much as it does hose down your face with a harsh wall of product. It’s also not a huge help to people with oily skin because it doesn’t have any oil control properties. The liquid’s scent, is weird and unpleasant, which makes it not so great to even have on the face. And to make things worse, despite being a setting spray, it’s just not particularly great at keeping makeup on, which just defeats the product’s raison d'être entirely. All-in-all, the Make Up Forever Mist & Fix Setting Spray is an ultimately disappointing product considering how many setting sprays out there actually do what they’re supposed to do.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Luminizes skin
Refreshes makeup
No oil control
Harsh spray
Doesn’t help keep makeup on
Strong, unpleasant scent

As soon as setting sprays became a trend in makeup, beauty brands around the world began formulating their own products, hoping to be able to compete. The Mist & Fix Setting Spray is the beauty brand Make Up Forever’s take on the setting spray trend. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good setting spray. While it may work as a finishing or refreshing spray for throughout the day, it misses out on the one major quality of setting sprays: actually keeping makeup on. For its $30.00 price tag, one would expect only the best, but it just doesn’t deliver.

SUITABLE FOR: Most skin types. Doesn’t do much to help people with oily skin.

Other Information:

  • The Mist & Fix Setting Spray comes in a Mini size for carrying around, for $14.00.

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