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American Eagle Outfitters 2019 Review

American Eagle Outfitters home page screenshot on April 13, 2019

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American Eagle Outfitters 2019 Review
The American Eagle Outfitters, more commonly known as just American Eagle, is an American lifestyle shop with pieces reflecting simple, chic and trendy fashion style. The website offers a huge variety of item options, with categories focus on men and women, and now with a sub-brand called Aerie for anything pertaining to lingerie and sleepwear.
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Has a mix of both classic and modern selections
Great styles of items in their different collections
One major concern is the quality of items they send to customers, who noticed damages starting to appear just a few uses after their purchase

American Eagle Outfitters has long been a part of the fashion of every American as they are growing up, which proves that the brand has evolved with the changing times to meet its clientele’s demands. Their website is a full reflection of how they incorporate the newest styles, trends and themes to their brand, while keeping the classic elements that people have loved from the start. The website has also expanded as needed, their former all shirts and pants collections expanding to different types of items like lingerie and swimwear. However, customers are quick to report that the quality of the items from the website isn’t at best, as they noticed breakage and damages after just a few use of the items.

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How to use American Eagle Outfitters Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with American Eagle Outfitters.
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area beside the product.
  5. Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on American Eagle Outfitters

Introduction to American Eagle Outfitters

In an industry where the rise and fall of fashion brands is unpredictable, it is important for a brand to find its niche in the fashion world and build its brand around that specialty in order to set itself apart from the rest of its competitors. Case in point: American Eagle Outfitters, a specialty clothing retailer hailing from the United States which found itself flourishing by targeting major audience market between the ages of 15 and 25. This teenage-fashion apparel brand is now one of the leading American brands with the best reputation in the fashion industry. Join us as we find out why and let us know which of American Eagle Outfitters’ wide-ranging offerings you’d be happy to buy time and again.

Before anything else 

American Eagle Outfitters

Founded in 1977 by two of the Silverman brothers, Jerry and Mark, American Eagle Outfitters started off by selling high quality casual and sportswear including clothes, shoes, and accessories that cater primary to the adrenaline junkies. It strategically positioned itself as a one-stop destination for head-to-toe style for those who are into outdoor sports, such as camping and mountain climbing. American Eagle Outfitters then started setting up its outlets in shopping malls, and in the 1980s, the company grew into having more than 130 outlet stores in different states.

Almost a decade later, American Eagle Outfitters found its place in the fashion industry while going through tough times. The company’s sales started to fall down after a reorganization in its management. Jay L. Schottenstein, owner of half of the company’s shares since 1980, bought the company out fully. Under his leadership, the company focused on signature casual clothing pieces for men and women, a risky move that proved to be successful for the brand.

Wide-reaching brand

American Eagle Outfitters Logo. Casablanca, Morocco.
American Eagle Outfitters Logo. Casablanca, Morocco. Photo: J.K2507

American Eagle Outfitters created sub-brands to sell specific line of products that target certain demographics while still selling under one name. For females with ages between 15 to 25, the company launched Aerie, a lingerie and intimate apparel line that campaigns for body positivity. Martin + Osa, another lifestyle concept store was intended for an older market which, unfortunately, lasted for only four years. It sold products such as cashmere sweaters and casual apparel intended for 28- to 40-year-old American men and women. 77kids, the company’s children’s clothing line, experienced the same fate as Martin + Osa and was relaunched as Ruum when it was acquired by Ezra Dabah in 2013.

Capturing young hearts

American Eagle Outfitters 2

American Eagle Outfitters easily made its way to the hearts of discerning teenage customers by staying relevant. How? They make sure to catch on the latest fashion trends and continue making high quality basics like great-fitting denims, casual tees, and sweatshirts. Such technique and the brand’s intelligent marketing, especially targeting young shoppers, drove its sales beyond expectations. Its product assortments and its outlet stores evoke individuality and inclusivity, qualities that are important to the younger market.

Retail success in the digital age

American Eagle Outfitters store on 34th street in New York City.
American Eagle Outfitters store on 34th street in New York City. Photo: DW labs Incorporated

The retail game in the digital age is fast becoming a hotbed, especially for the fashion industry, as retailers are trying to keep up with the demands of attracting young customers living comfortably in a digital environment. As the doctrine tells us that only the fittest survives and those who cannot adapt go extinct, fashion retailers are putting all their efforts in embracing today’s technology or risk becoming a thing of the past.

One way of reaching out to the technologically savvy millennials, also known as the fashion audience with a growing buying power, retailers are launching their very own websites that can cater to various shopping needs. It is a challenging endeavor, sure, but American Eagle has fortunately managed to keep pace with the shopping expectations of its millennial clientele.

Previously a brick and mortar shopping store only, American Eagle adopted an omni-channel retailing approach that provides seamless and trusted retail transactions between and across its physical stores, online store, and mobile application. One of its highly favored omni-channel service is the “reserve-try-buy” program that allows its customers to reserve any American Eagle item through its mobile app to be tried on later at the nearest physical store.

With an increasing competition in online retailing, American Eagle promises that it will remain a secure website that is available 24/7 to its customers, ready to provide fast, fun, and reliable shopping experience.

Soaring higher

American Eagle outlet in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.
American Eagle outlet in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Mahathir Mohd Yasin

American Eagle, since its quiet inception as a single store in a mall in Novi, Michigan, is now operating more than 1000 stores around the world. In fact, its continuous international expansion has reached Canada, Riyadh, Dubai, Lebanon, Japan, Israel, and the Philippines, among others.

Using social media platforms and smart marketing strategies, such as its recently successful #AEOLiveMEGAzine and #AEOLiveEXpress campaigns that encouraged its buyers to express themselves online, American apparel was able to interactively engaged with its customers, successfully solidifying its name worldwide. It goes without saying that American Eagle is soaring higher than ever before, and will continue to soar in the years to come.

American Eagle Outfitters catalog page screenshot on April 13, 2019 American Eagle Outfitters product page screenshot on April 13, 2019

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