Top 7 Best-selling Balenciaga Tote Bags for Men in 2018

Top 7 Best-selling Balenciaga Tote Bags for Men

Centuries ago, bags were a necessity for living in general. Travel was way harder to do back then, and clothes didn’t really have the same capacity for storage as some do today. Men carried bags and coin purses as much as women. That was until men resorted to pockets and small leather wallets that could store all their outdoor needs, while for women, it became like a competition of some sort of who could carry the largest handbag.

These days, men can enjoy having the sense of liberation of having man bags: man purses or murses, and even satchels, which didn’t see the light of day for decades, become fully accepted in mainstream fashion. Bigger bags for men like holdalls and backpacks are even increasing in sales, as we would expect, so why not tote bags?

In this article, we shine light on these shopper favorites that aren’t really solely for shopping anymore, but just a convenient daily life companion for men as it is for women. Our designer on spotlight: BALENCIAGA.

  1. BALENCIAGA Bazar Shopper L

BALENCIAGA Bazar Shopper L

Price: US$2,190.00
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Work-life balance is achieved when you’ve got a system down with how you handle both aspects. This bag will aid you in the life part of those responsibilities: when you’re out running errands, shopping at the market, or generally having a morning-to-night kind of busy day

  1. BALENCIAGA North-South Medium Shopping bag

BALENCIAGA North-South Medium Shopping bag

Price: US$1,690.00
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Totes may be outside your boundary when it comes to man bags, but this medium North-South shopper is anything but over-the-top. Appearing like a regular shopping bag, it disguises itself, so you don’t lose your nonchalant appeal but it carries some features of a normal bag like an internal compartment for extra perks.

  1. BALENCIAGA Bazar Shopper M

BALENCIAGA Bazar Shopper M

Price: US$1,650.00
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Providing plenty of room for big items, this medium Bazar Shopper will impress you with almost the same capacity and function as a holdall, but with greater ease because of its tall, rectangular shape, 2-way zip fastening, and pockets for smaller items inside.

  1. BALENCIAGA North-South Shopper L

BALENCIAGA North-South Shopper L

Price: US$2,190.00
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Balenciaga has proven they have quite the skill in making traditional paper bags look chic. This large white North-South Shopper will make you look like you’re always shopping Balenciaga, Which, let’s be honest, is a good association for you because who doesn’t like Balenciaga?

  1. BALENCIAGA Printed Leather Tote Bag

BALENCIAGA Printed Leather Tote Bag

Price: US$1,295.00
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We can’t give you a list of totes without including this printed leather bag. It has a unisex appeal because of its more common design. It’s not bad to embrace your feminine side once in a while, and this bag will connect you to it. Aside from that, it has two sets of straps to accommodate anyone’s preference.

  1. Balenciaga Men’s Logo-Print Leather Grocery Tote Bag

Balenciaga Men's Logo-Print Leather Grocery Tote Bag

Price: US$995.00
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We’d all love to go to a Balenciaga market; everything would probably be more upscale and fancy in terms of quality and packaging. We can confidently say that just by how they made a generic plastic bag silhouette into something swanky and posh with a switch in material and some minimal labeling.

  1. BALENCIAGA Balenciaga Bazar Shopper Bag

BALENCIAGA Balenciaga Bazar Shopper Bag

Price: US$1,305.31
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We’ve seen this in a different color, but Bazar Shopper bags are the kind that you would never regret owning multiple pieces of because there’s always a use for them. This features more cheerful stripes in contrasting bright red and blue colors.

There are so many reasons in and out of the fashion world that pushes for tote bags: designer brands such as Prada, Burberry, and Saint Laurent are among the most famous alongside Balenciaga that are bringing out their own twists. Our current consumer lifestyles pushes for bigger bags for everyday use, and out of pure convenience, tote bags are just the practical choice. At this point, it’ll just be your own hesitation that stops you from getting one yourself, and we probably won’t be the first to tell you, but you’ll be sorely missing out.

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