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Amazon 2019 Review

Amazon home page screenshot on April 9, 2019

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Amazon 2019 Review
Amazon is arguably the largest online shopping website, with its thousands and thousands of collections that keeps multiplying day by day. It has boomed into an e-commerce giant, lauded by many because of their wide selections ranging from shoes to kitchenware, clothing to gadgets, vintage pieces to food and everything in between. Their edge over the others is mainly because of their very low prices, and of course, the convenience of free and quick shipping.
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Wide selections of different types of items, from fashion, beauty, home, etc.
Fast delivery of items and offers for free shipping
Very competitive prices
Bad quality of some of the items
Many instances of delivery mishaps (e.g. wrong item, delayed shipping)
Questionable security of credit card information of customers

Amazon is a formidable institution, which explains why it remains a popular shopping destination for many, even though it has encountered many criticisms, backslash and negative reviews. The website continues to expand its seller base, which means they continue to feed the hunger of customers for more items. Amazon Prime also makes shopping experience with the website even better, with more customers satisfied on the the quality of items and service the website gives. Overall, the continued adaptation of the website to the needs of its core clientele, as well as its unstoppable expansion to different themes, types, and areas makes Amazon among the best shopping destination, not only when it comes to fashion. But of course, Amazon also has its own share of misgiving to its customer base, including many mishaps on orders, delayed shipping of items, sending wrong items to the buyers, and of course, hassles on the return and refund policy of the website. Another issue that customers keep on complaining is the security of their personal information and credit card details when used for the website.

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Introduction to Amazon

Amazon is a goal for most online sellers, with the company disrupting and challenging already established models. Many companies wish to be like the online retailing giant but most still have ages to go before reaching its scale. And with Amazon aiming to reinvent fashion, it’s bound to even get bigger.

Already the ultimate destination for many buyers and sellers alike, Amazon envisions itself to be among the top sites fashion-wise. It aims to provide an experience that is improved than most online fashion retailers existing. It did not grow as a fashion site as fast than the others have considering its wide scope, but it is still a force that is seen as a threat to most, partly owing to the fact that it is bold and unafraid to fail. The willingness to try new things can lead the company to establish its fashion side as strong as all the other departments it has.

Still going at it despite the obstacles

Amazon has tried venturing into the field even as early as the beginning of the 2000s, when the Internet still hasn’t made a great impact on how customers sealed their purchases. Clothing especially posed a problem unique to it. Unlike other items, clothes remained by large something customers would want to try on first before buying. The fit, which generally varies from one manufacturer to another despite subscribing to a similar system, can make or break a deal and most online clientele just weren’t ready to take the risk.

More than 10 years later though, the scene has completely changed, with many companies closing their brick and mortar stores to focus on their online spaces. Plenty of sites have emerged as online boutiques where apparel from various designers are showcased. The numbers for those making their purchases are growing by the minute. Amazon is still ambitious as ever though, wanting to the the go-to website for all the things you can possibly need.

Increasing appeal through wider selection and strategy

Amazon has previously been reported to be eyeing becoming a luxury retailer, but besides having a hard time wooing designer names, it recognized that its customer base is not one that wants to be limited. It has done away with the dream and instead became more inclusive of labels that are not necessarily luxurious but has a great chance of making it big in the market. Fashion may not be the first to generate attention when visiting the website, but you know that in its pages is a selection so vast that only a few companies can match and even more if you add its subsidiaries Zappos and Shopbop. Amazon has also made moves to make it more enticing for more designers to join the team through incentives.

In a space where many things are vying for a user’s attention, Amazon knew that they have to up their game beginning with the presentation of items. It has a dedicated warehouse in trendy and hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York.

Addressing the concern of shoppers in the beginning of the century, Amazon launched Prime Wardrobe although it is only available by invitation to Amazon Prime customers. With this service, members can try on three to eight items before deciding to purchase them. The products are sent to the customers and once they’ve tried everything, they can keep and pay for the ones they liked and return the rest back to the company with its resealable box.

Echo Look: taking technology to the next level

Amazon has been a great contender in technology and has tried to make this an edge compared to other companies.

Amazon launched Echo Look just recently, a device that has a hands-free camera and serves as a style assistant. Powered by Alexa, the Echo look can provide feedback after learning of the preferences and knowing more about the customer. To make the advice more personalized, Amazon has employed machine learning, crowdsourced feedback and curated content. Not only can a fashion-seeker get advice from the machine, it can also try on virtually apparel so that the user can have a preview of how a piece of clothing would look on them. Recommendations can lead the customer back to the Amazon fashion page, so it’s a win for the company.

Slowly piecing it together

The company’s ascent as a fashion destination has been slow, but it is gradually building itself as an attractive company where you can depend on for your sartorial needs. Fashion companies often have a grander ambition besides racking up dollars, which include making a statement and pushing for trends. With Amazon’s selling strategies pat down, the company is adapting to strategies peculiar to the fashion world as well as utilizing strengths that made them the all-around online shopping website.

Amazon catalog page screenshot on April 9, 2019 Amazon product page screenshot on April 9, 2019

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