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Top 20 Best-selling Burberry Trench and Raincoats for Women

Burberry Trench and Raincoats for Women

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Kim Kardashian wearing a trench coat off the shoulder at the Paris Fashion Week almost two years ago might have been one of the recent pivotal moments in the history of trench coat fashion and adoration. Considered a closet staple by all women—from royals to commoners—the infamous trench coat is as timeless and classic as the comfort and protection it gives to the wearer.

Now, with more creative ways of wearing it populating the internet and everywhere, women and luxury brands alike are working on an invigorating, renewed passion into making a trench coat not merely as a functional necessity, but also, and definitely even more, as a fashion-forward piece. This might be blurry for you, but you’ll understand when you see these top 20 Burberry trench and raincoats that range from looking traditional to futuristic.

  1. BURBERRY The Westminster Long cotton-gabardine trench coat

BURBERRY The Westminster Long cotton-gabardine trench coat

Price: US$2,090.00
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Starting off the list is a trend coat with a cut and style that you’re probably familiar. Bringing back the ‘90s Burberry vibe, this 2018 version sports all the traditional features and more. Made from cotton-gabardine, it has a double-breasted front fastened with buttons, cuffs with buckles, belt strap on the waist, flaps at the back and epaulettes on the shoulder for an added volume. Perfect for layering, from casual day look to sophisticated fun at night.

  1. BURBERRY Scribble Check tench coat

BURBERRY Scribble Check tench coat

Price: US$2,787.00
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Talk about something different. This Burberry trench coat, made from cotton, might not be recognizable due to the missing old school check, but the scribble one does look fabulous. Featuring an elegant collar, waist strap, shoulder epaulettes, and back hem slit, you will look dashing when you pair it with your dress or fancy top and trousers.

  1. BURBERRY The Chelsea Long cotton-gabardine trench coat

BURBERRY The Chelsea Long cotton-gabardine trench coat

Price: US$1,990.00
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Whether the name reminds you of the Chelsea neighborhood or not, you are still guaranteed modern sophistication with this Burberry trench coat made from cotton-gabrine. Coming in almost black shade of blue, wearing this coat adorned with iconic buttons, waist straps, storm flaps and buckled straps will leave you looking and feeling elegant. Style yours with a skirt and shirt to show off the timeless check lining.

  1. BURBERRY laminated check trench coat

BURBERRY laminated check trench coat

Price: US$2,792.00
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You might ask, is this the future? A laminated coat? For enthusiasts of the traditional Burberry trench coat, maybe so. But this one gives an exciting and new spin to a classic with its cotton and leather-made neon pink and beige check. Aside from that, it has all the usual features of your well-crafted Burberry: the belted waist, storm flaps, open collar and buckled cuffs. Perfect for days when you just want to look a little bit more dressed up than your usual.

  1. BURBERRY The Kensington cotton-gabardine trench coat

BURBERRY The Kensington cotton-gabardine trench coat

Price: US$1,990.00
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Looking crisp and staying snug at the same time is possible with this trendy gray trench coat. Besides its waterproof cotton-gabardine material, what’s striking about this coat are the easily unique buttons, as well as its overall structured look—from the collar and leather buckles to the checked lining and shoulder epaulettes. Give this one a spin by styling it with denims and sneakers because this will flawlessly pull your outfit together.

  1. BURBERRY Tape Detail Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat

BURBERRY Tape Detail Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat

Price: US$2,362.00
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What will be your year-round favorite when you want to add a little sunshine to your outfits is this beige trench coat that has the usual Burberry personality but is embellished with a stunning neon pink taping along the collar and closure. Made from cotton gabardine, it has beautiful buckled cuffs and waist belts, and protective storm flaps for added flare. Make yours work with neutral tops and bottoms or those with a touch of pink, just to let the world know you made an effort—even minimal. Because come one, sometimes you’re just time-crunched, right?

  1. BURBERRY Checked wool coat

BURBERRY Checked wool coat

Price: US$2,890.00
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Nothing screams Burberry the best other than this trench coat that is adorned with the luxury brand’s signature check. Differently crafted from wool, this trench coat is made for all outfits, situations and occasions, so you will love how much use you will get out of it. This comes with a relatively loose fit and a detachable tie on the waist which you are free to style. Whether you’re wearing sweats or trousers, this one will work just fine.

  1. BURBERRY Bird button trench coat

BURBERRY Bird button trench coat

Price: US$2,577.00
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This may look like your ordinary Burberry trench coat but look further and you’ll notice the untypical, slightly bigger buttons that make this one special. Featuring a classic collar, storm flaps, buckled cuffs, waist straps and shoulder epaulettes, this double-breasted coat will be your go-to when you instantly want to look put together—even when you’re wearing plain clothes underneath.

  1. BURBERRY The Brighton cotton-gabardine trench coat

BURBERRY The Brighton cotton-gabardine trench coat

Price: US$2,095.00
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A little break from the expected beige Burberry trench coats is this lighter one with a much looser, relaxed fit. Functionality-wise, you’re protected from the harsh sun and cold with its robust cotton-gabardine material. Style-wise, you’re guaranteed all of the fashion house’s standard features, especially the beautiful check lining that peeks out when you walk. Style yours with shirts, jeans or skirts and boots for a powerful look.

  1. BURBERRY tartan trench coat

BURBERRY tartan trench coat

Price: US$2,577.00
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Burberry released a lot of new colors this season and honestly, no one is complaining. Just like this trench coat that comes in bold contrasting black, beige, blue and red that can easily put you on the everyday best-dressed list for ordinary citizens if that exists. You’re sure to feel out-of-the ordinary with this cotton trench coat so style it with darker shade tops and bottoms to project a little more sass.

  1. BURBERRY The Charwood cotton-gabardine trench coat

BURBERRY The Charwood cotton-gabardine trench coat

Price: US$2,395.00
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If you want something different but not yet ready to venture out and try the bolder ones, then this trench coat in navy blue might be the right fit for you. Crafted from cotton-gabardine, this one flawlessly captures the spirit of subtle trendiness when Burberry chose to put some tartan lining on the collar and cuffs for a different feel. It has all the features of your trusted luxury brand so you definitely get your bucks’ worth.

  1. BURBERRY nubuck trench coat

BURBERRY nubuck trench coat

Price: US$5,267.00
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Catch some curious eyes looking straight at you, wondering where you got your trench coat because this Burberry one looks very new but still quite the same. Yes, it does have the usual collar, shoulder epaulettes, storm shield, waist belts and even front pockets, but what makes this ultra-distinct is the calf suede material that leaves you looking luxuriously fine. Style yours with a dress or sweater and pants, plus sneakers or boots to complete the look.

  1. BURBERRY Wool-felt coat

BURBERRY Wool-felt coat

Price: US$1,995.00
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Look and feel like a royal with this military-inspired piece that comes in elegant navy wool-felt and embellished with contrasting gold-tone buttons. Designed for a relaxed and loose fit, this Burberry trench coat has a pretty collar and lined in twill for that structured, powerful look. Style yours with a dress and heels for a sophisticated night out.

  1. BURBERRY sketch print trench coat

BURBERRY sketch print trench coat

Price: US$2,577.00
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Being bold has gone a whole new level with this Burberry trench coat that features vibrant, loud sketch prints all over. Excellently marrying minimalist with the graphic design trend, this cotton-made number has everything you need from a high-quality trench coat. Buckled cuffs, front pockets, waist belts, shoulder epaulettes, storm flaps and double-breasted front? All check. Make yours pop with either a dress or chinos and shirt underneath, plus tour trusted slip-ons or booties.

  1. BURBERRY The Tolladine shearling trench coat

BURBERRY The Tolladine shearling trench coat

Price: US$3,495.00
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You’ll surely look and feel extra when you wear this Burberry trench with fancy, bouncy collar and lining all the way from the cuffs to the hem. Crafted from black shearling, this one has double-breasted front, waist belts, buckled cuffs and storm flaps, and an overall loose fit that’s perfect for layering. For a truly vogueish look, don this with an all-black, head to toe, ensemble.

  1. BURBERRY Kensington short trench coat

BURBERRY Kensington short trench coat

Price: US$2,035.00
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This one definitely inspires you to try something exceptional because aside from its bright red color with striking black buttons, this Burberry trench coat comes in unique short length that comfortable sits just below the hips. Actually great as an everyday essential, it features the usual characteristics of a Burberry coat. Style yours with a sleek top, pants and sneakers for a chill, preppy look.

  1. BURBERRY The Tolladine shearling trench coat

BURBERRY The Tolladine shearling trench_coat

Price: US$3,495.00
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This season is all about being extra and boring coats are no more. Made from fluffy camel shearling, this Burberry trench coat is all you need when you want a mood uplift, or you simply want to feel stylishly confident. Featuring shoulder epaulettes, buckled cuffs, waist belt and storm flaps, strengthen your silhouette by matching this with a shirt, trousers and heels.

  1. BURBERRY Laminated Lace Trench Coat

BURBERRY Laminated Lace Trench Coat

Price: US$3,438.00
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Who would have thought that lace will find its way to trench coats? Wearing this Burberry piece made from laminated lace will surely have you projecting creativity in a quintessential way. Aside from being very interesting to look at, it also has striking black buttons against the light gray lace, as well as the classic features of a well-made trench coat. Perfect for lighter colored tops and bottoms, plus black heels or boots for a sleek finish.

  1. BURBERRY The Sandringham cashmere trench coat

BURBERRY The Sandringham cashmere trench coat

Price: US$2,885.00
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Any fashion list wouldn’t be complete without a black number and this one from Burberry doesn’t disappoint. Made from fine cashmere, this trench coat has the traditional shoulder epaulettes, storm flaps, buckles straps and waist belt. But what makes this maybe slightly better than most are the huge buttons and bold linings that keep it true to its form and structure. Style yours with neutral colors for a minimalist vibe.

  1. BURBERRY The Sandringham – Long Trench Coat

BURBERRY The Sandringham – Long Trench Coat

Price: US$2,039.00
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Last but definitely not the least is your tried and tested, timeless Burberry trench coat that traces its roots all the way to late 19th Century. If you’re in doubt, get this one because no regrets will come up. Made from cotton gabardine, it features a stylish check undercollar, black buttons, waist belts and shoulder epaulettes. Very versatile but for a modern classy look, give it a go with monochrome tops and bottoms underneath.

Although revolution is too big a word, what is happening to trench coats nowadays—similar to any other fashion item created and loved by many—are definitely exciting and actually pushing creative boundaries (or the lack thereof). Give your closet a much-needed facelift. No dollars will go to waste, because whichever piece you choose from this collection, you are surely going to end up not only trendsetting—like it or not—but also cozy and warm amid the changing weather throughout the days, weeks, months and years to come.

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