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6 Alluring Designer Mini Skirts That Are Extremely Hot

6 Alluring Designer Mini Skirts That Will Garner Silent Lustfulness

A woman is not a woman without a mini skirt in her wardrobe. Gone are the days that only women who want to feel and look sexy are the only ones who wear miniskirts. This type of woman must-have makes dressing up enjoyable and creative. Wearing a mini skirt in today’s fashion scene do not only scream sexy because currently dressing up with them can come up with a trendy, edgy, and fashionable look but still silently drawing just the right amount of lust. Nowadays, miniskirts are the ultimate type of clothing that makes a woman’s wardrobe more fun and playful.  Get ready to discover the 6 most fashionably mesmerizing pieces from the most sought-after international luxury brands. Brace yourself because right now you will find the miniskirts of your wildest dreams.

  1. Vetements Patchwork Chic Denim Mini skirt

Vetements Patchwork Chic Denim Mini skirt

Price: US$460.00
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Sexy and chic is what this masterwork by Vetements utters. Denims are currently very in-trend which makes this item one of the crowd’s favorite. This is the type of clothing that you would want to add in your closet because not only that it looks unquestionably cool, it is also very versatile. You can easily pair it with other pieces to achieve the look that you want. As versatile as it is, you can wear it in any season of the year. You will definitely have fun mixing and matching with it. You can dress it up or down. You can pair it with white shirt and you will look effortlessly cool during the summer. You can also rock this skirt with knee high boots, cashmere coat and a warm scarf and you will be ready for the cold season. Upgrade your wardrobe with one of the best that Vetements produced.

  1. Saint Laurent Fashionable Lace-Up Suede Mini Skirt

Saint Laurent Fashionable Lace-Up Suede Mini Skirt

Price: US$2,488.00
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There is nothing sexier than a stretchy and curve-flaunting mini skirt in black. This piece by Saint Laurent has a very edgy look that makes you want to wear it during your tomboyish moments. Best paired with boots, you will absolutely perfect an ultimately appealing cool look. It also has a silk lining in its sides which made it very easy to pair with. You can wear it with plains or with prints. Whether bright or dark colored top, it will go ideally with this impeccable item.  Indeed, you cannot go wrong adding a suede mini skirt in your wardrobe. This will surely boost your confidence all day and night.

  1. Gucci Lovely Metallic Floral-Jacquard Mini Skirt

Gucci Lovely Metallic Floral-Jacquard Mini Skirt

Price: US$1,400.00
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Another mini skirt that will blow you away with its design that you cannot possibly say no to. You will absolutely fall in love with it at first glance not only because of its beautiful floral motif but also because of its perfectly tailored structure. Its fit is very lovely that it brings out the woman in you. This is a no-brainer deal because just by the looks of it, you can guarantee that it is an investment. Aside from its undeniably amazing design, you can also ascertain that it will last long in your possession since Gucci is a reputable brand in terms of quality and durability.

  1. Balenciaga Stylish Asymmetric Checked Wool-Blend Mini Skirt

Balenciaga Stylish Asymmetric Checked Wool-Blend Mini Skirt

Price: US$995.00
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This mini skirt by Balenciaga is the manifestation that fashion is boundless. It has a very contemporary look that made it one of the fashionista’s top picks. Playing with symmetry, this fashionable item is a hit in the modern fashion scene. Looking unique, edgy and cool all at once can easily be achieved with this piece of clothing. This is the type of mini skirt that will keep the crowd’s attention on you. Wearing this at work or any other corporate events will surely keep them buzzing. Pair it with a structured plain top and a pair of sleek yet striking boots and you will definitely rule your working place.

  1. Chloe Gorgeous Glossed-Leather Mini Skirt

Chloe Gorgeous Glossed-Leather Mini Skirt

Price: US$1,795.00
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Looking cool and sexy with this leather mini skirt by Chloé won’t be a challenge. This is the ultimate fashion item that you are looking for if you want to captivate people’s attention. It has an appeal that sticks to the people’s minds because it possess the charm of the classic. As what fashion enthusiasts always believe, the classic never goes out of style. Don’t dare deprive yourself of this holy-grail item by Chloe. Do not underestimate the magic an iconic mini skirt like this can cause.

  1. Alexander Wang Fashionable Leather Mini Skirt

Alexander Wang Fashionable Leather Mini Skirt

Price: US$1,230.00
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Another essential piece of clothing by Alexander Wang that you can count on in any day of the year. Alexander Wang is always known for their youthful and striking items that are really hard to resist. This one comes in jacquard knit fabric that has a nice feel on the skin. Inspired by the 1980s punk rock music, this one is a successful modern approach of print, structure and fabric. Rock this skirt with a refined dark top and a pair of bold stilettos or boots.

These luxurious and high end fashion staples will take your wardrobe to a whole new level. Whether you are preparing for a date night or a casual day out, you will look effortlessly lustful without trying too hard. Possessing one or all of these will bring out your personal style. Do not be afraid to be quirky and playful because that is the true essence of modern fashion.

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