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20 Must-have Women’s Burberry Accessories If You Are a Fan

Burberry Storefront in Amsterdam

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Accessories are as essential as clothing. They help accentuate our personal style and taste. They complete our look and turn our dull outfits into something really striking and gorgeous. Thus, wearing suitable accessories takes our appearance to the next level. We enjoy mixing and matching these pieces along with our basic clothing.

And finding unique and quirky accessories is a lot of fun, too! We love fashion hunting for these pieces and we choose brands that complement our personal style.

Burberry, a luxury British brand famed for its classic trench coats, continues to amaze us with their skillful craftsmanship. Their genius and unique style has evolved elegantly over the years. Their excellent craftsmanship translates and reflects to the fashion accessories they produce for us to enjoy in every outfit that we don. So take a look at these iconic items from the label, and we bet each one is a statement piece on its own:

  1. Burberry Checked Scarf

Burberry Checked Scarf

Price: US$350.00
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Scarves are important part of our wardrobe as they change the way we look in a matter of sec. In cold days, they just don’t keep us cozy but fashionable as well. This Burberry scarf is created from 100% merino wool with fringe embellishment and designed with its classic checked pattern. Play with this scarf as this will give you different look with just one piece.

  1. Burberry Leather-trimmed tartan Cotton-canvas Clutch

Burberry Leather-trimmed tartan Cotton-canvas Clutch

Price: US$695.00
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Travel in style with this Burberry Leather-trimmed tartan cotton-canvas clutch. With its iconic checked pattern, this cotton canvas clutch is perfect for organizing your travel essentials. Crafted from black and red cotton canvas and a zip fastening on top, you can get your stuff with ease in an instant.

  1. Burberry Fringed Check Wool Scarf

Burberry Fringed Check Wool Scarf

Price: US$295.00
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This fashionable wool checked scarf from Burberry will definitely give your outfit a touch of class once you put it on. The contemporary style and subtle silhouettes are perfect. This scarf pairs nicely with jeans, a simple top and a black coat. Yes, you can mix this with any outfit as this can go well with every basic piece.

  1. Burberry Embellished Checked Cashmere and Tartan Wool Keychain

Burberry Embellished Checked Cashmere and Tartan Wool Keychain

Price: US$250.00
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Featuring a lobster clasp with ring fastening, this teddy bear keychain will give your bags an endearing appearance no one can resist. The cute little bear is made of beige and black cashmere with stylish multi-colored wool for a unique Burberry look. You can’t help but just adore this checked cashmere and tartan wool keychain from Burberry.

  1. Burberry the Classic Check Cashmere Scarf

Burberry the Classic Check Cashmere Scarf

Price: US$480.00
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Created from cashmere with Burberry’s classic checked pattern, you can effortlessly pair this scarf with your coats, blazers, and sweaters. There are a variety of fun stylish ways to wear this cashmere accessory and this will absolutely be your next favorite autumn statement piece.

  1. Burberry Checked Cashmere Keychain

Burberry Checked Cashmere Keychain

Price: US$250.00
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Give your totes and backpacks an adorable flair with this Burberry teddy bear keychain. Creatively designed in dark-brown and camel cashmere with lobster clasp, this teddy bear keychain is both fancy and cute, people will surely stare at it with admiration.

  1. Burberry Cashmere Check Bandana

Burberry Cashmere Check Bandana

Price: US$517.00
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No matter how you wear it, this checked bandana from Burberry will give your wardrobe an elevated look. Made from 100% cashmere with fringe embellishments, this piece is a perfect neck wrap during fall or layering accessory in the winter days.

  1. Burberry Studded Leather-trimmed Patchwork Cashmere Keychain

Burberry Studded Leather-trimmed Patchwork Cashmere Keychain

Price: US$350.00
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This studded patchwork bunny keychain from Burberry is a sharp accent to your bags. Featuring the fashion’s house classic checks in multi-colored cashmere and black leather, the metallics studs with a ring fastening and lobster clasp. The metallic studs adds real character to this item, your backpacks will undeniably be charming as ever.

  1. Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarf

Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarf

Price: US$435.00
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The elegant and classic checked pattern in this Burberry cashmere scarf will definitely enhance your look and personal style. A statement of its own, this scarf is made out of 100% cashmere with fringes on its edges. You can wear this scarf in any season and be fab every time.

  1. Burberry Textured-leather and Checked Coated-canvas Cardholder

Burberry Textured-leather and Checked Coated-canvas Cardholder
PRICE: US$190.00
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Stop worrying about bulky wallets anymore. Burberry’s leather and checked cardholder has multiple card slots with the brand’s name stamped in gold lettering upfront. The cardholder is stylish and practical; it can fit to small bags and pockets, and hassle-free to carry.

  1. Burberry Doris the Frog Cashmere Charm

Burberry Doris the Frog Cashmere Charm

Price: US$395.00
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Doris the frog keychain from Burberry is crafted from calf leather, polyester and wool. The back is designed with the brand’s signature check pattern and is playfully fashioned with studs and a front zipper as the frog’s lips. This playful design will add a unique charm to your everyday bag.

  1. Burberry Textured-leather and Checked Canvas Wallet

Burberry Textured-leather and Checked Canvas Wallet

Price: US$525.00
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Burberry’s textured leather and checked canvas wallet is both practical and functional. It features multiple slots for your cards, a space for your bills and a zipped pocket for your coins. Crafted only from the finest of materials, this wallet is a total must have especially to those who love organizing their stuff.

  1. Burberry Checked Purse

Burberry Checked Purse

Price: US$580.00
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A timeless and a versatile piece, this iconic Burberry checked purse will certainly give you a fashion forward look. Its soft neutral color tones can match with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Made from 100% leather featuring Burberry’s classic check, this piece has passed durability test and strict quality control.

  1. Burberry Checked Wool and Silk-blend Scarf

Burberry Checked Wool and Silk-blend Scarf

Price: US$395.00
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Created from mulberry silk and wool, this scarf from Burberry is definitely a fashion must-have. The style and cut is perfect for layering. So wear it over a sweater and jeans and casually toss it around your neck and it will work magic to your outfit.

  1. Burberry Creature Appliqué Card Case

Burberry Creature Appliqué Card Case
Price: US$275.00
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Made from leather calf and cotton, this appliqué card case features multiple card slots with a cute creature design on the front. You can put this into your mini bags and pockets. You can Get this item if you’re looking for less bulky and easy carry case accessory.

  1. Burberry Embossed Zip-around Wallet

Burberry Embossed Zip-around Wallet

Price: US$575.00
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The simple design on this Burberry wallet gives this piece a sophisticated and contemporary look. Embossed with the brand’s name in chestnut brown color, this wallet is highly functional because it is equipped with multiple slots and zipped coin pouch in calf leather.

  1. Burberry Thomas Bear Charm with Beachwear Detail

Burberry Thomas Bear Charm with Beachwear Detail

Price: US$270.00
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This beach themed teddy bear keychain will certainly give your summer bags a bouncy vibe. Burberry’s Thomas bear charm is crafted from fine materials of leather, cotton, cashmere and polyester. All ready for the summer, the bear features its shorts in Burberry’s signature checks, heart sunglasses and water wings that is delightful and cute to the eyes.

  1. Burberry Vintage Check and Leather Folding Wallet

Burberry Vintage Check and Leather Folding Wallet

Price: US$490.00
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Showcasing Burberry’s signature check, this vintage leather wallet is created from calf leather, polyamide, and polyurethane. This iconic piece features multiple card slots and space for your bills. With its slim fold wallet, you can fit this piece into fit your bags effortlessly.

  1. Burberry Plaque Buckle Haymarket Check Belt

Burberry Plaque Buckle Haymarket Check Belt

Price: US$325.00
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This Burberry’s Haymarket check belt is a versatile piece you can easily pair any outfit ensemble. With its simple yet very sophisticated accent, this belt can help break the transition between your top and your bottom. It highlights your waistline and can also define your gorgeous curves. This is a statement piece that can stand on its own.

  1. Burberry the DK88 Charm

Burberry the DK88 Charm

Price: US$575.00
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Made from 100% calf leather and polyamide, Burberry’s DK88 Charm is a stunning piece. The delicate design of this charm in honey-ochre yellow color tone gives a superfluous dash of character into our everyday bags. So if you want to personalize your bags in style, this fancy little keychain will certainly do the trick.

The different colors, styles, patterns and silhouettes of these Burberry accessories will totally upgrade your appearance. You can look fab and cool without even updating your clothing pieces. Just choose the perfect item and make a distinctive outfit ensemble from this catalog.

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Featured image credit: Burberry Storefront in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kaspars Grinvalds

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