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Top 15 Durable Travel Designer Luggage for Women in 2018

Top 5 Durable Travel Designer Luggage for Women in 2018

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

A quick Google search of the words travel and fashion would result in an endless web resource of tips and tutorials on “how to travel in style.” There are different variations of no-makeup makeup routines, chic lounge wear airport attires, to-pack lists that include face wipes, scarves, hands-free bags, comfy flats, and so on and so forth.

But stop thinking about all those altogether. What these tips and tutorials miss is that there’s one thing that really makes you stand out while traveling: a trusty luxe luggage. What you bring, how you pack them, and especially where you store them in is as much a reflection of your travel fashion style as your physical appearance is. Before getting to your destination, make sure everything in the process is as polished as your perfectly curated travel outfits.

Check out these 15 designer luggage that won’t only deliver your belongings in style, but make you stand out (in a good way) through the dreary security and immigration process in the airport at four in the morning.

  1. GLOBE-TROTTER Safari 20” leather-trimmed fiberboard travel trolley

GLOBE-TROTTER Safari 20'' leather-trimmed fiberboard travel trolley

Price: US$1,690.00
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Constantly changing your luggage every flight you take is almost impossibly wasteful, not to mention impractical. So for something that you’ll likely use for years on end, the choice of brand is equally important as the style and material. Globe-Trotter has been a pioneer in manufacturing luxurious luggage, and it continues to stay relevant with additions such as this Safari trolley that satisfies our generation’s pastel craze. It’s crafted with sturdy fiberboard and secured with the internal straps and a lock to keep things in place.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA Majolica print trolley

DOLCE & GABBANA Majolica print trolley

Price: US$6,645.00
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Waiting amidst a crowded baggage claim area is only one of the hassles of traveling, especially when you aren’t blessed in the height department. You have to keep a watchful eye to spot what luggage is exactly yours, because you wouldn’t want to be one of the very few who are caught trying to take what’s not theirs. Make sure it doesn’t happen when you have a luggage that’s recognizably yours from any distance. This Dolce & Gabbana trolley’s Majolica print guarantees it. Don’t worry about being too flashy, it comes with a key fob to ensure security.

  1. Rimowa North America Salsa Air Cabin Multiwheel® Spinner Luggage, Pearl Rose

Rimowa North America Salsa Air Cabin Multiwheel® Spinner Luggage, Pearl Rose

Price: US$495.00
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We’ve heard the horror stories about our luggages being thrown carelessly into the plane’s storage. It’s evident in some people’s warped luggages at the airport; proof of what might happen after check-in. However, Rimowa is known to be somewhat immune to that kind of ugly damage with their hard and durable polycarbonate material on the exterior. This one is in pearl rose, which means it dons a satiny glow, for those who are attracted to things that shine.

  1. OOKONN Printed leather-trimmed hardshell suitcase

OOKONN Printed leather-trimmed hardshell suitcase

Price: US$360.00
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“Au revoir” is almost synonymous to an ecstatic goodbye, thanks to French enthusiasts on social media who use it upon embarking on a dreamy, tropical vacation. The phrase as it appears on Ookonn‘s circular suitcase makes us all the more excited than we already are about the idea of packing and leaving for a distant destination. If not for that, this hardshell carry-on proves to be a practical investment for its versatility and durability. It can be used for going out of town or out of the country, and will likely last you a lifetime if you return the same care it does for your belongings.

  1. LOUIS VUITTON VINTAGE Vintage Luggage Monogram 1900-1930’s

LOUIS VUITTON VINTAGE Vintage Luggage Monogram 1900-1930's

Price: US$14,346.00
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The allure of vintage pieces comes from the unknown stories that remain obvious in their worn-out appearance. This Louis Vuitton Vintage Luggage Monogram 1900-1930’s demonstrates that in all its imperfections, from the fading print and aging brass hardware to the torn leather on the handle and trim. Despite the signs of use, this particular piece is a treasure whose life and adventure most likely began long before yours did. It now transcends style and fashion so when you get it, it will just be about the story behind it and the one you’ll contribute to its existence.

  1. GUCCI VINTAGE GG supreme luggage bag

GUCCI VINTAGE GG supreme luggage bag

Price: US$2,518.00
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Easily spot your bag at the luggage carousel with this vintage Gucci supreme bag. It has very eye-catching light grey, red, and black stripes and colors that instantly pop amongst the sea of black bags that you typically see people have. To carry it, you’ve got a sturdy top handle. To lock it, you’ve got a twist lock and buckles fastening. And to style it, you’ve got a leather tag and gold hardware that you can match with your outfit. Just a quick note, this is a vintage beauty from the 1980s so there might be some minor imperfections.

  1. Kate Spade New York New Yorker Carry-On Luggage

kate spade new york New Yorker Carry-On Luggage

Price: US$630.00
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People usually gravitate towards plain, boring colors when it comes to buying luggage, but considering its huge importance (i.e. carrying your trendy OOTDs, your beauty essentials, and the gifts you bought for everyone else back home), your travel bag definitely deserves to steal the spotlight once in a while. If you agree, then this playful but still refined Kate Spade carry-on will be perfect for you. Crafted from robust fiberboard, this bag has contrasting brown leather straps and red detailing on the handle and wheels. But the magic comes inside with vibrant printed compartment, and functionalities such as toiletries bag that is detachable, as well as numerous pockets to keep you sane and organized.

  1. BERTONI 1949 studded luggage bag

BERTONI 1949 studded luggage bag

Price: US$4,760.00
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Up for something that has the right amount of edgy and sophistication? This Bertoni 1949 luggage will definitely not only make sure your belongings are safe and sound, but also keep you looking fresh and put together—even after going through the grueling TSA and being stuck on air for hours. Made from calf leather, adorned with gorgeous silver hardware, and buckled enclosures, you are guaranteed a tough and resilient punk rock-inspired bag that will survive numerous rumbles and tumbles you surely always encounter when you venture out into the world.

  1. TUMI International Carry-On aluminum suitcase

TUMI International Carry-On aluminum suitcase

Price: US$995.00
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Bringing a heavy (or not) carry on with you doesn’t have to be a struggle. Making sure everything feels light, orderly, and of course, stylish is this pretty and functional Tumi luggage bag. With its aluminum-made exterior and multiple pockets and straps interior, you will love how much efficiency this will give you when you pack and unpack. Carrying it around will also be a breeze, thanks to the three-stage handles, two locks, and four wheels.

  1. MCM Voyager Visetos Travel Trolley/Rolling Carryon Suitcase, Pink

MCM Voyager Visetos Travel Trolley:Rolling Carryon Suitcase, Pink

Price: US$1,480.00
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Put some sweet and upbeat spin to travel fashion with this cotton candy pink MCM luggage. Pretty sure, the first time you saw this, your heart melted. Why not share the same feeling with everyone else? From airport staff to hotel crew, this bag will surely soften even the most rock-hard hearts with its muted cuteness and bold elegance. This bag is made from the fashion house’s icon Visetos-print canvas and trimmed with luxurious leather. Bringing it along with you will be fuss-free because of the zip closure, safety keys and padlocks, four wheels, and every anal person’s favorite: two zip and slip pockets inside!

  1. LOUIS VUITTON VINTAGE Pegase 55 luggage bag

LOUIS VUITTON VINTAGE Pegase 55 luggage bag

Price: US$3,448.00
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The nostalgia that any vintage find offers is truly incomparable. No doubt, giving this Louis Vuitton luggage a chance to shine once again, wherever you choose to travel, will not only turn heads but will also make you feel glamorous and contented. From wallets to luggage, with Louis Vuitton, you are assured of great quality. This brown leather beaut is adorned with the signature monogram, a huge front compartment, and noticeable gold-tone hardware. Being vintage, there might be some minor imperfections. But imperfections are what make everything beautiful, yes?

  1. Bric’s Riccione 30″ Spinner Luggage

Bric's Riccione 30 Spinner Luggage

Price: US$499.00
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If your jam is wanting to stick to dark colors but don’t want to add another black luggage to your collection, then you will love making your first steps to the world of colors with this shiny dark blue luggage from Bric’s. Crafted from very light polycarbonate, you will never worry about the bag’s weight already eating up your available check-in kilograms. You know what else you will not worry about? Your stuff getting wet and jumbled around because it has water- and stain-resistant nylon inside, and stretchable straps and zipped compartments.

  1. LOUIS VUITTON VINTAGE Cotteville 60 luggage bag

LOUIS VUITTON VINTAGE Cotteville 60 luggage bag

Price: US$26,067.00
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Another Louis Vuitton vintage that is reminiscent of the early excitement of exploring the world is this Cotteville 60 luggage bag. Aside from the very classic structured design, the best part will have to be the colored monogram prints that flawlessly transform this luggage to a gem. There’s a round handle at the top for easy carriage; a clasp fastening for quick enclosure; and finally, a zipped pocket inside for fuss-free organization. Coming from decades ago, please expect some small imperfections from this very chic luggage.

  1. Pink Monogrammed Duffel Luggage

Pink Monogrammed Duffel Luggage

Price: US$168.00
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Going on a road trip or a short haul flight to spend a few days somewhere, this Pink monogrammed duffel bag will be just right for you. Made from cotton canvas, this will flawlessly carry all your belongings for a quick R n’ R away from the busy and fast phase of city life. Strengthened by polyester lining and trimmed with faux-suede, you will love the top leather handles, stylish tussles, side pockets, and shoulder straps for another way to handle it.

  1. Rimowa North America Salsa Deluxe Electronic Tag 29″ Multiwheel Luggage

Rimowa North America Salsa Deluxe Electronic Tag 29 Multiwheel Luggage

Price: US$810.00
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This list will never be complete without an effortlessly and eternally go-to luggage color of choice: black—and this one will not disappoint: a Rimowa. Packed with style and usability, the folks at Rimowa know how to get and stay ahead. This bag uniquely features electronic tags that let you check in your luggage at your convenience—whether that’s from home, your hotel, or basically anywhere, as long as you have your mobile with you. Now isn’t that sweet? Aside from that, you have four wheels, top and side handles, and a main interior with multiple compartments.

Before the fun and games that you get when traveling, there’s the behind the scenes: the packing which most people are really not keen on doing, probably explains why many are last-minute packers. With this list of cream of the crop luggage in the market right now, traveling and all that comes with it are made more convenient and exciting. You didn’t only do away with the tired and dull look that’s typical of people in the airport, but you’re suddenly transformed with a celebrity-like airport style worthy of paparazzi attention—because truly, the packing that happened before you set foot on the airport was a breeze!

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