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Best-selling White Designer Bags for Women in 2018


August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

This talk about the power of black clothing to make you look thinner got us all wearing all-black ensembles. In the dreadful cold of winter, that’s also practical. But even in the scorching heat of summer, you see so many covered in it from head to toe, complete with their oversized black sunglasses, huge black bag, and black coffee.

However, in a world like fashion where black rules all, there’s nothing more extraordinary than wearing white. It may be more common in garments, but with bags, opting for white is an unusual, sometimes tricky decision. And it’s stunning as much as it is unexpected. So here are top best-selling white designer bags to get you started on your new obsession.

White Shoulder Bags

  1. OFF-WHITE Sculpture flap bag

OFF-WHITE Sculpture flap bag

Price: US$1,240.00
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At Off-White, everything is inspirited with a youthful characteristic from patchwork designs to graphic shirts. This well-structured Sculpture flap bag is almost contrary to the usual Off-White signature if not for the clip at the front. It adds a funny element to the bag, but also makes you think of its artistic meaning.

  1. Prada Glace Rabbit-Print Medium Shoulder Bag

Prada Glace Rabbit-Print Medium Shoulder Bag

Price: US$2,200.00
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Prada‘s Resort 2018 bag collection features a bunny print, thanks to the genius creation of artist James Jean. Made to appear like whimsical sketches, it radiates a casual elegance on its own, although it’s even more enhanced as a result of being printed on a white Prada bag.

  1. LAURA B Box Disco bag

LAURA B Box Disco bag

Price: US$995.00
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Mesh tops gave a good rep to the sheer trend, even to the more conservative types. If you haven’t found the guts to try it out, maybe branch out a little bit. Laura B‘s Box Disco Bag is made of metal mesh in white and gold. It’s reminiscent of disco, as in its name, but not when you repurpose it as a go-to bag for a night of dancing at the club.

  1. Valentino Garavani Candy-Stud Medium Shoulder Bag

Valentino Garavani Candy-Stud Medium Shoulder Bag

Price: US$3,175.00
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This 2018 is the year to shell out all your shopping funds for colorful items, but stay loyal to neutrals. Valentino Garavani balances out the two with this Candy-stud bag. Rainbow-colored studs are decked out on the intersections of this quilted white bag so you’re achieving a perfect symmetry, even if you want to pair it with an all-black outfit.

  1. TOM FORD Natalia Medium Alligator Shoulder Bag, White

TOM FORD Natalia Medium Alligator Shoulder Bag, White

Price: US$22,000.00
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The Natalia Alligator bag from Tom Ford (learn more) is a new release that boasts of its exceptional gold-tone turn lock that resembles the more subtle T clasp on their Tara crossbody bag. All the while, the white material on the rest of the bag is made of alligator and creates a nice backdrop.



Price: US$795.00
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Show your commitment by opting for an all-white bag. This Mansur Gavriel shoulder bag is in a perfect circle shape so you’re on time with the circle purse trend. Don’t worry about the dirt, you can keep this white by using the added dust bag in every purchase.



Price: US$300.00
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If branching out to all-white from a black-dominated wardrobe is a little drastic, take it a step at a time with this shoulder bag from Diane von Furstenberg. The black rim and strap provide a feel of your comfort zone when the white seems a little too bright.

  1. ANTONELLO TEDDE embroidered shoulder bag

ANTONELLO TEDDE embroidered shoulder bag

Price: US$455.00
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We know at this point in winter, you’re starting to think about spring and all the day trips you’re going to take. Make your vision somewhat of a reality with a bag that reminds you of picnic-appropriate weather. Get this embroidered Antonello Tedde shoulder bag not only to prepare for spring, but to get you through the freezing months.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Box Bag 16 croc-effect leather shoulder bag

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Box Bag 16 croc-effect leather shoulder bag

Price: US$1,790.00
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With Alexander McQueen grungy chains and leather black bags, you wouldn’t think he would create something associated to the opposite of his aesthetic. But he surprises us so with this white version of his box bag. It’s embossed with a croc pattern and finished off with gold hardware so you can wear the brand even for your more demure looks.

  1. GIVENCHY Off White Antigona Small Bag

GIVENCHY Off White Antigona Small Bag

Price: US$2,290.00
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Givenchy‘s Antigona is already a timeless classic, but when it comes to these bags, people tend to go for the black option. Get the white, so even if you have something that everybody else owns, you know yours is still unique and different than most out there.

  1. GUCCI chain designed shoulder bag

GUCCI chain designed shoulder bag

Price: US$4,900.00
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Gucci‘s signature bamboo design takes center stage as the fastening of this white leather flap bag. Everything’s nature-inspired as the studded top handle sports a bright green color. Carry it through the handle or attach the accompanying white chain strap to go over your shoulder.

  1. JW ANDERSON logo purse bag

JW ANDERSON logo purse bag

Price: US$1,370.00
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JW Anderson is another British brand that epitomizes English chic styles. Their nautical-inspired logo is one that we wouldn’t mind decked out largely on each of their accessories. We definitely don’t mind it being the main attraction on this sophisticated white purse. The bag offers two divided compartments and an interchangeable gold chain or adjustable leather strap.

  1. TOD’S Double T leather shoulder bag

TOD'S Double T leather shoulder bag

Price: US$1,845.00
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While we don’t mind showcasing our branded clothes and accessories through their exaggerated logo designs, this logomania trend is becoming out of hand especially if you don’t know how to keep track of what’s good and what’s excessive. We appreciate Tod’s Double T bag for toning it down a little with the white leather logo on the front flap, which disguises itself enough against the white leather background of the bag’s exterior.

  1. FURLA Rialto shoulder bag

FURLA Rialto shoulder bag

Price: US$404.00
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A bag can’t stand on its own without any kind of trimming to keep its structure. Furla‘s Rialto bag takes advantage of this to create a little balancing act on the all-white appearance through its black trims. A woven effect makes the top handle look busy enough to contrast the smooth white leather. It’s finished with gold accents on the hardware and micro logo.

  1. PHILIPPE MODEL Petit model shoulder bag

PHILIPPE MODEL Petit model shoulder bag

Price: US$544.00
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We’ve come to fall in love with square or boxy bags. The popular trend and designer brands have made it easier to do so when it gives us something like this Petit Model bag from Philippe Model. The round top handle that encompasses half the length of the bag makes it easy to just grab and go. Always carry the shoulder strap in it so you have a backup when holding it with your hand gets too hassle.

  1. PRADA Pionnière two-tone leather shoulder bag

PRADA Pionnière two-tone leather shoulder bag

Price: US$1,970.00
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Traveling is the best opportunity to show off trendy outfits and newly-acquired designer pieces. Prada‘s Pionnière may not have come from the latest collection but it goes along with the two-tone trend that applies to all accessories but most especially bags. Color blocking white and midnight blue, this bag mixes all the elegant colors and finishes it off with gold accents. A detachable canvas strap even makes it so convenient for when you’re exploring a new city.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY adjustable waist bag

STELLA MCCARTNEY adjustable waist bag

Price: US$616.00
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Surely, you’ve heard of belt bags and fanny packs. Well, you get the two in this single Stella McCartney bag. The adjustable strap makes all the magic happen as it can fit around your waist or be extended to go around your shoulder. It doesn’t include any bulky buckles, but instead use studs to allow readjustment and also go along with the muted white color and the overall snake pattern.

  1. LITTLE LIFFNER crocodile embossed shoulder bag

LITTLE LIFFNER crocodile embossed shoulder bag

Price: US$500.00
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What you see is yet another croc-embossed shoulder bag but what we see is a clever mix of a tote, handbag, and bucket bag in one. Little Lifner‘s creation includes all the features that we like in each bag variation and puts it together to create a chic everyday bag. The open top gives easy access to all your belongings in one slip of the hand, it has the size that can carry enough, and has a thin strap with silver studs that complements the crocodile effect.

  1. NICO GIANI Frerea leather shoulder bag

NICO GIANI Frerea leather shoulder bag

Price: US$570.00
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Niccolò Giannini’s win on the Who is On Next? competition in Rome last year is just the icing on the cake because his brand Nico Giani brings out such impeccable bags and accessories. Just look at how the Frerea bag pops amidst this colorful outfit! It’s an all-white bag that’s structured like a binocular bag. Nothing in fashion can ever be considered odd, but in everyday style, it is and you’ll get used to standing out when you wear it.

  1. VERSACE Medusa Tribute shoulder bag

VERSACE Medusa Tribute shoulder bag

Price: US$1,995.00
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Versace‘s Medusa emblem is the perfect symbolism for the brand’s audacity when it comes to challenging fashion norms. The Medusa Tribute bag doesn’t only pay homage to the emblem that drives the brand’s image but it’s a gift to women who are as tough and edgy in an elegant way. This bag features two Medusa logos on the front and a padlock decoration.

  1. SAINT LAURENT Kate tassel wallet

SAINT LAURENT Kate tassel wallet

Price: US$1,650.00
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Saint Laurent‘s signature tassel makes a salient appearance in their Kate bag as one of the main eye candies, together with the brand’s logo, on this plain white purse. The tassel extends from the center of the front flap where the snap fastening lies underneath. It opens to a main compartment, card slots, and a zipped compartment for the absolute essentials like your phone.

  1. Wandler Hortensia smooth and textured-leather shoulder bag

Wandler Hortensia smooth and textured-leather shoulder bag

Price: US$890.00
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With a half-moon shape, Wandler‘s Hortensia bag features an attractive color blocking using different types of leather. The front flap is made of smooth white leather while the rest of the bag is a creased cream leather, except for the patch pocket at the back, which is in taupe as well as the top handle. It’s long enough to hang from your arm but this bag includes a shoulder strap for another option.

  1. MAISON MARGIELA chain strap shoulder bag

MAISON MARGIELA chain strap shoulder bag

Price: US$920.00
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Even real leather can’t always hold up in harsh and wet weather. Of course, there are ways to dress smarter to evade outfit-ruining weathers and this Maison Margiela is a bag made with that intention. You might think it’s just another envelope-looking flap purse but the flap is actually a transparent PVC material to protect the white leather bag underneath. A button snap fastening won’t open without a little effort so your things are safe inside the two-compartment interior.

  1. ZANELLATO embroidered flower shoulder bag

ZANELLATO embroidered flower shoulder bag

Price: US$1,016.00
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Despite your abundant and ever-growing handbag collection, we’re willing to bet you don’t have anything that looks even similar to this Zanellato bag. It takes a different approach to spacious as it offers a short and shallow compartment but a really wide one. The white leather is decorated with white embroidered flowers to keep a girly vibe.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM Half Moon Box color-block leather shoulder bag

VICTORIA BECKHAM Half Moon Box color-block leather shoulder bag

Price: US$1,620.00
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Though Victoria Beckham‘s Half Moon Box has been around for a couple seasons already, it’s still the bridge to two of our favorite trends this season: the circle and box bags. The esteemed designer gives us a treat as the bag adds in a little color blocking in the black strap, white flap, and brown inner layer.

  1. ZADIG & VOLTAIRE Rocky Creased shoulder bag

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE Rocky Creased shoulder bag

Price: US$398.00
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It takes a lot before women can leave the house, literally. There’s a reason handbags are made super large and totes are a go-to. For those ladies who can’t carry anything smaller than an average tote, Zadig & Voltaire will spoil you with their Rocky shoulder bag. It’s a lot smaller but offers so much space with their four-compartment bag. Two are zipped in the flap and in the interior it opens up to and the other two have an open top.

  1. FENDI By the Way small satchel

FENDI By the Way small satchel

Price: US$2,200.00
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From Fendi‘s SS18 collection, the By the Way satchel is a brand-new charmer in the bag department. Don’t be fooled by the name because this bag won’t be the last to catch your attention. The snake-patterned and –embossed top handles pop out from the structured white bag, both literally and figuratively. The sliders on the side allows it to pop out to function as a handle or slide down to flatten on the bag and make way for the optional shoulder strap.

  1. OSCAR DE LA RENTA TRO embellished leather shoulder bag

OSCAR DE LA RENTA TRO embellished leather shoulder bag

Price: US$2,870.00
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Oscar de la Renta shines a light on the gardenia with bags that feature the beautiful and magnificent flower. The boxy bag is just left in the background of their TRO bag and for good reason because all attention is on the gardenia leather appliqué trimmed in silver on the front flap. The chain strap can be tucked in for a clutch, adjusted to be a top handle, or let all the way out for a shoulder bag.

  1. MOSCHINO Botanical Teddy shoulder bag

MOSCHINO Botanical Teddy shoulder bag

Price: US$695.00
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The Botanical Teddy bag features Moschino‘s adorable bear icon on a wooden swing surrounded with flowers, greenery and butterflies. The cute illustration breaks the conventional white leather and chain strap bag design and offers something a little more relatable to the independent and sophisticated women who are also young at heart.

  1. PROENZA SCHOULER Hava mini whipstitched leather shoulder bag

PROENZA SCHOULER Hava mini whipstitched leather shoulder bag

Price: US$1,650.00
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There’s no better contrast for a mini bag than exaggerated details. This white mini Hava bag from Proenza Schouler is full of them. It may have decreased in size but it obviously did not hold back with the statement-making whip stitched design in a contrasting black color. A large hinge fastening secures the flap in place, but it opens to two compartments inside. For immediate needs like your phone and money, a zipped one at the back will keep them easier to reach.

White Leather Totes

  1. VALENTINO Valentino Garavani Rockstud shoulder bag

VALENTINO Valentino Garavani Rockstud shoulder bag

Price: US$1,527.00
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Any Rockstud bag from Valentino Garavani is proof of the design’s timeless appeal. It’s been around for years, and continues to be used for other types of bags that are only now rising in popularity. Having one in white allows for the black trimming to outline, and therefore, highlight its rectangular shape for a professional look fit for a day at the office.

  1. DANSE LENTE Lilou leather tote

DANSE LENTE Lilou leather tote

Price: US$455.00
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Danse Lente‘s Lilou bag may be on the smaller side as far as tote bags go, but it’s not flat, both literally and figuratively. A bit of width allows you to fit more inside than you would anticipate from a front angle, and the beige leather handle can be hidden to make way for a chain strap when your things get heavy.

  1. SIMON MILLER large white Birch tote bag

SIMON MILLER large white Birch tote bag

Price: US$1,309.00
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We love it when designers take into consideration the many scenarios you use a bag for, and they purposely give you options to cater to those differing situations. This large Simon Miller Birch tote bag is originally square in shape, but with a lighter load, you can tuck in the two top corners to keep it from looking too large.



Price: US$2,710.00
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Everything seems extra fancy with Prada‘s triangle logo on it. On a white bag, that logo, which comes in gold hardware, is magnified ten-fold. So, entrust your outfit to Prada’s white Paradigme tote because it will carry the whole look, and you’ll be set for any occasion.

  1. ROKSANDA Neneh leather tote

ROKSANDA Neneh leather tote

Price: US$1,182.00
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Roksanda‘s Neneh tote is the manifestation of what happens when different art mediums from different artists’ works are combined in fashion. The bag is made from beautiful ivory leather, but the circular handles—one in dark wood, the other in tan leather—add an interesting touch to the overall output. The bag is an art piece in itself.

  1. MM6 Maison Martin Margiela White PVC & Paper Receipt Tote

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela White PVC & Paper Receipt Tote

Price: US$345.00
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A straw through the nose of a sea turtle, a cotton bud underwater in the deep ocean, and a bundle of plastics in the stomach of a struggling, vomiting whale on the edge of death should be enough to scare you off single-use plastics for ever. Eco bags are great, but sometimes it takes away from the essence of the experience while shopping. This tote was made exactly for that dilemma. It resembles the typical shopping bag, and even adds a witty detail with the receipt.

  1. BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE Prism tote


Price: US$784.00
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The design on this Prism tote allows it to adapt to the shape of its contents without ruining the bag. If anything, the bulkiness adds to the design, and makes it look different every time. Somehow it’s formless, but in the best and cleverest way.

  1. BALENCIAGA Shopper leather tote

BALENCIAGA Shopper leather tote

Price: US$1,995.00
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If you’ve seen any Balenciaga tote, you’d be familiar with how skillful the label is in making them. Their technique involves maximizing minimalism to make a subtle statement, and this white shopper is no different. It’s an accurate reflection of a paper bag, but it’s made with the best Italian calf leather so you can use it for years, something a normal paper bag wouldn’t be able to do.

  1. CORTO MOLTEDO medium ‘Costanza’ tote

CORTO MOLTEDO medium 'Costanza' tote 

Price: US$2,040.00
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Bring out your camel coloured wool coat this Spring and wear it with this white Corto Moltedo Costanza tote with your leather ankle boots, basic white t-shirt and dark skinny jeans. The white nappa leather of this bag will surely enhance your trendy outfit. And did you know that this bag also has a wide short length strap that you can hook over your shoulders or just simple hold it by its top handles.

  1. Cave Canem Daphne Tote

Cave Canem Daphne Tote

Price: US$2,560.00
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Be as unique as you can be with your beige trench coat, denim jeans and nude heels and this white Daphne tote. This white leather shoulder bag from Cave Canem is absolutely one of a kind. It opens on the top and both sides with gunmetal colored zips and has tiny laser-cuts on the sides that makes this piece even more interesting. The side zips open fully showing the pretty printed cotton lining that is truly adorable.

  1. FENDI small 3Jours tote

FENDI small 3Jours tote

Price: US$2,200.00
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Brighten up your grey coloured dress and black ankle boots with this Fendi 3Jours tote in small size. It is made of 100% leather with round top handles, detachable strap and leather hang tags in a contrast brown that really stick out with the white body of this adorable bag. Your essentials are secured with a magnetic closure and inner zips. You will never go wrong with this bag that you can take just anywhere.

  1. Roger Vivier Pilgrim de Jour Small Tote Bag, White

Roger Vivier Pilgrim de Jour Small Tote Bag, White

Price: US$2,395.00
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This pristine all-white Pilgrim de Jour small tote bag from Roger Vivier is such a stunning piece. This somewhat boxy bag comes in calf leather with adjustable shoulder strap, round top handles, push-stud tabs on the sides and a white buckle that loops over the top to secure your most essential items for the day. You will look really chic and trendy with your floral printed midi dress, flat sandals and this tote to complete your cool spring/summer look.

  1. SAINT LAURENT small ‘Rive Gauche’ tote

SAINT LAURENT small 'Rive Gauche' tote

Price: US$1,990.00
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This small Rive Gauche tote from Saint Laurent is perfect for your trips to the mall. It is made of off-white leather with a hanging tag, round top handles and an adjustable and detachable straps that you can just leave your bag hanging to keep your hands free when you go further inspect that pretty dress you saw hanging on the rack. The top zip closure keeps all your essentials inside and that YSL logo in silver toned hardware will earn you admiring looks for your great taste in bags. Keep it casual in a chambray shirt and skirts so it’s easy to take it on and off when you try on that pretty dress.

  1. TOD’S Wave mini studded textured-leather tote

TOD'S Wave mini studded textured-leather tote

Price: US$1,995.00
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This Tod’s Wave tote is real pretty with a rust colored coat and white leather sneakers for your fall wardrobe. The white leather of this bag would really show off your pretty fall coat. You can wear this bag across your body or just hold it with its round top handle and those signature rubber pebbles really give this Tod’s bag a really nice texture to its plain white material.

  1. GUCCI White Sylvie Small Leather shoulder bag

GUCCI White Sylvie Small Leather shoulder bag

Price: US$2,350.00
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There is always something appealing with a white shoulder bag especially if it’s a Gucci Sylvie. IT is made of premium leather in white with blue and red canvas at the flap that really brings out the white material of this bag. Bring it to work with your smart beige satin blouse, black slacks and leather pumps.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM Gazette small leather tote

VICTORIA BECKHAM Gazette small leather tote

Price: US$1,495.00
Buy It

You will definitely feel like one of the Spice Girls in this Victoria Beckham gazette small white leather tote. This bag fastens at the top with a tie and has round top handle and detachable leather strap. It is roomy so you can bring more than just your essentials. Now you can bring your favorite book that you can read while you’re waiting or sitting on the train.

  1. TOD’S Wave medium tote bag

TOD'S Wave medium tote bag

Price: US$1,765.00
Buy It

Feel pretty and carefree this Spring in your floral printed shirt, navy blue trousers and white Mary Janes with this Tod’s Wave medium tote bag in white. The round top handles are beautifully attached to the bag by and with Tod’s signature rubber pebbles at the bottom is a brilliant detail to this piece. Make sure to bring this bag when you go meet your friends to flaunt this beauty this Spring season.

  1. ALAÏA Appliquéd laser-cut leather tote

ALAÏA Appliquéd laser-cut leather tote

Price: US$4,960.00
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An all-white ensemble of white knee-length dress and studded white leather sandals calls for a white handbag to complement your clean minimalist look for the day. And this Alaïa appliqued laser-cut tote is just the exact thing to bring. The laser-cut perforations forms a round pattern with tiny little flowers and studs that are way too adorable. Look calm and cool on a hot summer day in white.

  1. JIMMY CHOO Sofia star studded tote

JIMMY CHOO Sofia star studded tote

Price: US$1,450.00
Buy It

You will absolutely feel like you’ve seen the milky way galaxy with this Sofia star studded tote star from Jimmy Choo.  This white leather tote has a medium length top handle that you can just hold in your hand or sling over your shoulders. The body of this bag is filled with star studs in different sizes and colors of silver, dark grey and gold. Pair it with your navy blue Coat and denim jeans while you go off on your next adventure or trip.

  1. LOEWE Fringed printed leather tote

LOEWE Fringed printed leather tote

Price: US$1,890.00
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This Loewe fringes printed tote in white leather is just the thing to enhance your music festival outfit this season. Go wear it with your favorite ripped jeans or shorts, a pretty top and long cardigan to boost your carefree and cheery vibe. Those lovely fringes will definitely sway with you while you enjoy dancing to your favorite tunes live!

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY Falabella reversible tote bag

STELLA MCCARTNEY Falabella reversible tote bag

Price: US$995.00
Buy It

Go to work with this Stella McCartney ‘Falabella’ reversible tote. It is made of white material with silver-toned chains that run on top and form the handle. Or you can opt for another look using the reverse side in blue. Now that’s two styles in one bag! It comes with a detachable pouch for your phone, wallet and keys so you don’t have to go digging for them in this sizeable handbag. Look extra gorgeous at work in a dark colored jumpsuit or co-ord set, a pair of strappy sandals and this stunning bag.

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