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ShopBAZAAR 2019 Review

ShopBazaar home page screenshot on April 5, 2019

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ShopBAZAAR 2019 Review
ShopBazaar is the online e-commerce website owned and maintained by the editors of Harper’s BAZAAR. What makes it such a heavenly online shopping destination is that its content is usually tied to what’s featured in the magazine, which only has the most covetable pieces from premium designers. The high-end magazine itself is used as the catalogue, making shoppers know that whatever they get from the online shopping site is something approved by experts in the fashion world.
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ShopBAZAAR has a huge edge over other online luxury fashion sites because of its highly-edited shopping content, which is inspired by the actual content of the Harper’s Bazaar magazine. The website’s shopping content encompasses both casual and couture, with around 50-150 products showcased every month.  

The items in the shopping website aren’t pieces that anyone can easily find elsewhere, as they are especially handpicked by the magazine’s editors among the best of the every fashion season. This allows shoppers to sit-back and relax while shopping, as they won’t have worries about going off the trend. The website gives them a beautiful selection of pieces, from clothing and accessories, bags and jewelry, to shoes and beauty.

First shoppers of the website are given a 10% off when they sign-up for membership. The website also promises to have your items shipped within a few days and lets you return your items within 14 business days. These offer are great, but a few of the website’s customers have expressed their no-so-good experience shopping with the website, including lack of response to item issues. However, these might be just some isolated cases, as many other have been fully satisfied with the website’s services.

Save at ShopBazaar

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How to use Shop Bazaar Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Shop Bazaar
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area below the product.
  5. Enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Shop Bazaar

Introduction to Shop Bazaar

A few years ago, esteemed and historical American fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar launched an e-commerce website that was supposedly a companion to its publication. Dubbed the ShopBazaar, the shop generated much buzz, even partnering with 150 retailers. But soon the market became saturated and it found itself unable to distance from other companies similarly branding themselves as online retailers for luxury goods. They disappeared from the spotlight, causing those who seek the magazine for fashion advice to wonder.

But it seemed that the team behind the site really needed to take a step back and refocus.

In 2017, the site was relaunched with a drastic cut of partners from 150 to 10 and kept its eye on the audience Harper’s Bazaar had through the decades. It decided to play up its status as an authority in fashion instead of congregating luxury brands into one place which other companies were better at doing. Instead of just being another site people went to for their luxury fix, ShopBazaar wanted to stay true Harper’s Bazaar vision and deliver to its niche.

Read, appreciate, buy

For Shopbazaar, the desire to have everything was reexamined and changed into offering just the very best. To them, the best meant showcasing the very products featured on Harper’s Bazaar’s pages. After all, this was what propelled the launch of the site in 2012: To make purchasing easier for readers inspired by the content without having to wait a considerable amount of time for items to be available from a designer. The magazine becomes a catalogue which would open the gates to the website through links and codes the reader could access through a smartphone. The website in turn will be the ultimate destination should one decide to heed the magazine’s advice.

Visitors to ShopBazaar would notice how the site feels completely in sync with the magazine, in terms of appearance, structure and content. The carefully curated site keeps the featured products to a minimum, which could be as few as 50 and plenty as 150, reflecting those that are featured on the current issue and selected by magazine editors themselves. They’re premium and exclusive, but with the bonus of having the affirmation of a team revered for their style.

A win-win situation

ShopBazaar maintains a close relationship with the select boutiques it works with. It directly communicates with buyers from boutiques, so that the items on the magazine would reflect what seems to be modish for the season. Every month, editors from ShopBazaar and representatives from its small clique of boutiques will convene to figure what would be best featured on both the site and the publication.

This helps them address the problems readers had before with hunting for items that are on the magazine. All they have to do is go to the site, purchase the product, and the boutique with enough inventory will be tapped to ship the item. The boutiques do not reserve a number of items just for ShopBazaar, but they can adjust accordingly when an item of theirs is featured and sales are to be anticipated.

This process eases the burden for ShopBazaar and gives exposure to small retailers. Other luxury marketplaces are already saturated with brands, making it hard for those tinier in scale to fight for equal exposure. Plus, specialty boutiques are also different than larger companies, in that their picks are specialized and can really reflect what Harper’s Bazaar wants to feature in their magazine. The success of one is also felt by the other.

Knowing the reader is top priority

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of e-commerce companies wanting to snag not only the best, but everything there are. This is what pushed ShopBazaar’s editors to distance themselves from the project after its first ascent in 2012. But they found their direction again by paying attention to those that they already have: loyal readers and customers who trust Harper Bazaar’s judgment in fashion and style. Getting the coveted items became a secondary goal. While they may not be the first to sell luxury items online, they are among the pioneers in coordinating content with selling.

This approach worked so far for them as the site became an alternative source of revenue, getting commission from their few retail partners as well as gaining from advertising. It also allowed the team to stay true to what Harper’s Bazaar is. What’s more, editors from Harper’s Bazaar also gained insight on the kind of audiences they attract: stylish, in the moment and savvy.

For the classy and the cultured

By trimming their selection, ShopBazaar achieved a shopping site where one could get the impression that the items are selected by the best among the best, and that everything is well thought of. Instead of just adding items to increase the selection, they are more concerned about getting their reader’s style right and fitting for the season. This way is understandably not for everyone. But for those who take inspiration after the magazine’s content, both the magazine and the website can lead them into having more polished looks and greater appreciation for the finer things in life.

ShopBazaar catalog page screenshot on April 5, 2019 ShopBazaar product page screenshot on April 5, 2019

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