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Puma Women’s Basket Platform Core Review

Puma Basket Platform Core Women’s Sneakers 1

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Puma Basket Platform Core Women’s Sneakers 1
Puma Women’s Basket Platform Core Review
The sleek sporty casual overall feel is the major takeaway for shoe enthusiasts that make the Puma Basket Platform Core sell like hotcakes. The excellent choice of materials in making this shoe is also impeccable. With a leather upper and thick gum sole, it’s reassuring how the shoe manages to remain lightweight and comfortable. No wonder, Puma Basket Platform Core stands out in a crowd of sneakers in the same material, style, and price range.
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Fashion comes and goes, so goes the old adage. Since the past years, it’s apparent how a part of the style reminiscent of the 90’s has made a comeback – think unisex plaid flannel shirts, ribbon and lace chokers, and hoop earrings.

In keeping up with the recent trends in the shoe department, German brand PUMA, the third largest shoe manufacturer in the world, released a pair of sneakers that is largely inspired by the grunge hype that emerged in the 90’s: the PUMA Basket Platform Core Women’s Sneakers.

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PUMA’s nature of being a risk-taker in the shoe industry and its commitment to innovation has brought the German sneaker brand to the release of PUMA Basket Platform Core in 2015 – timely release for the 90’s teens.


PUMA Basket Platform Core is a successful combination between two movements at various eras in the footwear industry – the ‘60’s basketball scene where it was originally used as a warm-up shoe and the ‘90’s grunge movement where it easily transitioned from a sportswear to a fashion staple by the hip hop crowd. Apart, of course, from the bold fusion of leather and rubber in one sneaker silhouette.

Released specifically for women, PUMA Basket Platform Core is sure to bring a sporty swagger vibe. With its thick platform gum sole with ridged tooling at the toe, this shoe shall take anyone who wears it to greater heights, quite literally. Despite its thick rubber sole,  though, the PUMA Basket Platform Core is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. It also features a lace closure to ensure snug yet unrestricted fit along with a high quality thick leather which grows softer over time, making it more flexible. The PUMA Basket Platform Core comes in neutral colors, but no worries, thanks to its smooth leather upper, any dirt comes off easily.

The PUMA Basket Platform Core boasts a leather upper with a touch of suede details intended to balance its edgy feel with a more sleek touch. PUMA also takes pride in its excellent craftsmanship in all its footwear offerings, and with the Puma Basket Platform Core’s stitchwork and logo details, this fact is clear to the sight.

The sporty casual aesthetic of the low-top PUMA Basket Platform Core is also complete with the signature PUMA Formstrip and PUMA Basket callout at lateral side aside from the PUMA logo label at tongue of the shoes.


PUMA Basket Platform Core is commended for the quality of materials used in manufacturing it, along with the comfort it offers, although some would love it more if only it runs true to its size. It was designed specifically for women, whose known to having smaller feet than men, hence a pair that runs large and wide isn’t the most flattering. PUMA could also pay more attention to details, as with the case of the off-white color, stiffness, and plastic coating on the laces of this shoe. The drawbacks to these sneakers may be minor – customers can just go a size lower or purchase a different pair of laces – but the shopping experience would more rewarding if they do not have to deal with tiny inconveniences.

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