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Vans Gum Old Skool Review

Vans Gum Old Skool Sneakers Review 1

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Vans Gum Old Skool Sneakers Review 1
Vans Gum Old Skool Review
The iconic Old Skool style is a classic for a reason. After long years, the shoe has transcended its humble roots and was able to survive against new sneakers. The timeless design is its greatest feature. Available in different color schemes and priced competitively, the Vans Gum Old Skool is a great addition to your sneakers collection. 
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The skateboarding world favored one particular shoe brand over the years, making its symbol remarkably iconic – the Vans Sidestripe. Started as a random doodle by Vans founder, Paul Van Doren, the Vans Sidestripe is identified by legit skaters around the world as a symbol for skate shoes. The legendary trademark, commonly referred to as the “jazz stripe,” graced some of the brand’s celebrated footwear. It first appeared in 1977 with the debut of the first ever skate shoe that incorporates leather in its construction, the Style 36 or known to many as the Old Skool.  

The fresh and innovative low-top structure of the Old Skool became an instant favorite among skateboarders during the Dogtown Era. In fact, the Old Skool was incredibly popular that it managed to stay in the hearts of many, even to those who do not come from a skateboard background. Fast forward to today, the iconic shoe is popping more and more often thanks to Vans’ revamp initiatives of its all-time classic footwear – one of which is the Vans Gum Old Skool, a low-top lace-up skate shoe with gum-colored signature rubber waffle outsoles.

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Release Year: 2017
Retail Price: US$55.00

The arrival of designer Rian Pozzebon in Vans around 2012 prompted the company to look into its signature styles and reintroduce it to the public. This includes the Authentic, Era, Sk8-Hi, Slip-On, and Old Skool. In 2017, the Vans Gum Old Skool, was released to everyone’s great anticipation.


The new take on the classic Old Skool features a rubber gum sole that provides a stylish contrast to the iconic silhouette and monochrome look beloved by many. Its design, although arguably simple, is flexible when it comes to styling as it matches with almost any type of casual wear. As such, it makes it easier for anyone to pair it with a variety of outfits especially since it is available in many colorways.

One notable feature of this model is the comfort it provides to the wearer. Its supportive collar at the back of the heel area is padded to keep the feet protected and comfy. For those who have a narrow or wide feet, you will be happy to know that the shoe promises an excellent fit. Wearers will surely have no problem in the comfort arena. Plus, its waffle gum sole also provides an excellent grip that is helpful for skateboarders.  


Some might say that the revamped look of the Vans Gum Old Skool is hardly different from  the original design. No added features or attention grabbing design was incorporated to the latest addition to the Old Skool line. Further, while this shoe is  both simple and stylish, its durability and performance is in question. Skateboarders may think twice in purchasing this shoe as some complaints suggest that after a few months’ worth of tricks and jumps, the shoe, unfortunately, breaks apart.  

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Vans Gum Old Skool Sneakers Review 2

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